View Full Version : Split dump body/ 2 houses 1 load of mulch

04-03-2010, 12:29 AM
Ok well yesterday I was asked to deliver 11 yards of mulch..big load!!
Also i have to split the load between 2 neighbors.(7 yards at one house, 4 at the neighbor's) Never done this before..... Do you guys do this??
And i'm guessing I hav to shovel off the 4 yrds....what do you guys do?
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04-03-2010, 12:43 AM
Could you separate the two amounts with plywood? I don't know what type of truck you're using so it's hard to say what to recommend. Just a thought.

04-03-2010, 12:49 AM
I will be using my buddies truck it looks like this except he has sides that go up to about the cab protector.
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04-03-2010, 10:57 AM
well your not going to get 11 yards in one shot with that truck. you wil be pushing it at 7, most ive had in mine is 6 yards. you are going to have to make 2 or 3 trips.

04-03-2010, 11:36 AM
Yeah at least 2 trips if you have high sides on the truck

04-03-2010, 12:29 PM
What's a shovel?