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CAT powered
04-21-2010, 08:26 PM
Afternoon, everybody. I run a mulch yard and am looking for suggestions as to how I can make my yard more attractive to LCOs and also more convenient for them.

This is how my facility is:

In front there is a big brush pile and windrows of leaves. They have to be out front as I'm operating the site for the town and grinding brush/composting leaves. In the back of the facility I've got a few mulches.

I've got:
single ground - 5/yd
double ground - 19/yd
red - 31/yd
brown - 28/yd
The above are all recycled wood
hardwood bark mulch - 32/yd
pine - 34/yd

screened topsoil - 30/yd
screened compost - 20/yd

I load mulch with a 1yd bucket and topsoil/compost with a 1/2yd bucket and haven't heard any complaints.

Anything you guys would like to see a mulch yard have that I don't have listed? Cedar is a little too expensive for me to carry and my prices are as low as I can get them for my area. I know for a fact I'm 10/yd cheaper on red mulch than a place a couple miles away. Since my prices are already as low as I can get them I can't do any contractor/volume discounts or I'd be losing money.

Suggestions very welcome. Thanks.