View Full Version : Lumpy final grade after spring thaw

04-22-2010, 06:05 PM
I'm getting a few complaints from last year's customers. Their sod and topsoil installtions are looking like the topsoil sunk and heaved up randomly in their yards.

Its not foundation settling, but I'm wondering if there is something wrong with our process. After subgrad excavation, we install the soil with a bobcat Wheels), smooth it out with the bucket, then drag it and add more soil by hand. After its generally level, we roll it and then fine tune from there.

Do you think where the bobcat tires compacted the new topsoil will not settle as much as the areas that were only packed with the water filled roller?

What else might cause this lumpy appearance?

What do you recommend?

Most of the new developments have small yards so its fairly awkward doing single units, most of the time we have 4 or 5 homes in a row to be more cost effective.