View Full Version : building gate- expanded metal go on top side??

05-03-2010, 11:45 PM
Picked up all the steel today to build a 6'x4' gate for trailer. My old trailer had the expanded metal on underside of angle on both sides..was always broke loose. Should I just build entire frame then weld expanded metal completly on topside? or will ends get hung up with mowers?..any pic's of yours? Won't start until I get some better Ideas or pic's to go by- Thanks! Geno

05-05-2010, 09:21 AM
Definitely put expanded metal on top side of gate (the side your equipment rolls on)

05-05-2010, 09:27 AM
Why would there be expanded steel on both sides of the gate? what is the purpose of putting it on the underside? It may make the gate more rigid, but not worth the extra weight or cost in my opinion. All the gates Ive ever seen have it on the top side only. If rigidity is a concern, lay more weld on the expanded or add support pieces to the actual gate. If you could post a pic of this gate, Im curious why it was built like this????

05-05-2010, 11:52 AM
I was just wondering if the expanded metal was to be welded on top of the outer frame of gate (angle iron) or under the edge of the angle iron. Mainly on the outer perimeter..the expanded metal would of course be on topside of the braces. My fault- sorry..I didn't get very specific. My old ramp was that way- but all around the edges it would break loose because no support on edges except the spot welds to the mesh underside. Anyway- New gate is built (many braces as 3-wheel scag going up it) and I got the expanded metal ready to weld onto the top side. It is same dimensions as the gate. I'll try to figure how to post a couple pic's. I'm starting new thread on how many hinges?..Two most have..but my 3-wheel has load bearing in center wheel also going up..although not much..maybe 100#. Geno

05-06-2010, 08:48 AM
Oh, OK, I understand what you are talking about now, yes, definitely weld the mesh to the top side, that way, all the weight is being applied to the angle steel frame, not just the mesh and the spot welds. As far as hinges go, you dont need 3, even if you have lots of weight in the center, as long as the gates main angle steel frame piece is decent and fairly thick, 1/8" is good enough for the type of equipment we run, you will be fine with 2 hinges. I always make my own hinges for the gates, I hate the typical bullet type hinges on most open trailers, I use a 1" dia cold rolled pin and use 1" ID pipe, 1/4" flat stock to construct the hinges with, they are much stronger than any other hinges, they may be a bit overbuilt, but Id rather overbuilt than under anyday! I can post a pic of mine if you like? they are very cheap and easy to make, if you can weld a little bit.

05-06-2010, 11:05 AM
Mike..If you could post pic that would be great. I understand the pipe over the solid stock for hinge..but not sure what the flat stock is for?..I was going to use solid round (3/4") into pipe..but the inside of pipe was quite loose over the solid round..maybe that is just the way it has to be?