View Full Version : Another Quick mower question.

05-28-2010, 04:28 PM
And yes I have used the search option and read every thread I could find. I am reading a lot about the quick 36 mower not doing well in tall wet grass ect. Based solely on pictures, the quick 32 seems to have a deeper front to back deck and only two larger blades instead of three smaller ones. The basic specs also show the mowers overall length is much longer than even the larger models, thus seeming to confirm the deck is deeper. Wouldn't this in theory greatly improve its cutting quality in those conditions mentioned? Does anyone have a quick 32 and can tell me their thoughts on it? I really think I need a quick 32 to be able to fit through most smaller gates anyways. Is there significant build quality difference between the 36 and 32, most things seem to be the same other than the deck size.