View Full Version : aerator selection help

06-01-2010, 05:23 PM
I am currently looking to purchase an aerator to add to my aresenal of equipement. I am mostly a solo operator who offers the full line of services mowing, applications, etc. I took a chance a few years back and bought a z-spray which has allowed my to increase my applications. I may not have paid for it in sales, but it sure has save me in the wear and tear on the operation (me!).

I am really interested in a ride on. I know it will cost much more, but being a solo operatore figured it would save me time and help get the job done quicker. I currently rent one, so it makes for a long day of aerations. If I had one in the shop I could do them when I got a chance.

Any suggestions? I am in NC and treat fescue, bermuda, and centipede. so I use an aerator 2-3 different times a year. I have estimated that I have about 330-450 1000 sq ft a year. There doesn't seem to be any ride ons close to me to look at so it will take some effort to find one.

06-01-2010, 06:35 PM
I really like the ride on's mainly because very little effort is involved in using them. What about the split drive walk behinds. Are they as easy to use as the videos I have seen? I started out using the 26 inch clausen and moved down to the 19 inch mainly because it wore me out and I got tired of man handling the thing.

What are the best brands to look at? Which ones do you guys like the best?