View Full Version : Market Your Company or Market Particular Service?

06-04-2010, 03:21 PM
We offer commercial and residential maintenance contracts, landscape/hardscape design-build, irrigation, outdoor architectural living spaces, outdoor kitchens, and lawn care (fertilizing and weed control)

I have comprised a list of 'target customer' areas. Thinking of having a nice 8.5x11 glossy flyer made and my salesman go door to door passing them out to market our company in general. Or do mailed postcard marketing which may not get as noticed, however cheaper and able to do 2-3 to each resident a year. One maybe early spring about maintenance contracts, another in 4-6 weeks about a landscape makeover for landscapes hardscapes, then maybe one for irrigation.

I have found that about 50% or less of customers come to you because they know they want something and they come to you for help, the other 50% or more you have to get them interested in something and how it will benefit them. For instance a paver sidewalk/patio, a lot of prospects are not even aware of pavers but maybe they look at your site for maintenance work then they see the hardscapes page and become interested. Or you do a paver job or retaining wall and a neighbor sees it and likes what it is and wants a price.

That's my thinking for marketing a particular service, to catch someones attention on something and hopefully spark their interest.

Any opinions?