View Full Version : CAST LED Update

06-16-2010, 09:43 AM
Here's an update on where CAST stands with LED fixtures.

1. LED Path Lights. All our path lights (http://www.cast-lighting.com/products/fixtures/) are now available with an LED lamp. We also have a retrofit kit available to convert older versions into LED. The lamp we use is the Dynasty 1156 (http://www.cast-lighting.com/products/lamps/landscape-lighting-led/187/), single contact bayonet base, 1.5W.

We selected this LED lamp for several reasons:

It is an extremely reliable and durable lamp with IP68 rating. That means it is practically waterproof and will withstand the type of water intrusion and abuse typical with path light installations.

It carries a 4-year warranty and etsimated useful life of 35,000 hrs.

While it is dimmer than the 25W incandescent it replaces, we precisely position it under the path light hats so it directly projects onto the ground without reflecting off the underside of the hat. The resulting pattern is wider than the incandescent version and still provides sufficient illumination for most applications.

Still, installers should be aware that the lower brightness may not be acceptable for some homeowners.

2. LED Engineered Wall Light - available Sept. 2010. This LED version of our popular wall light is the result of several years of research & development and represents the first in a series of CAST Integrated LED fixtures. It's light pattern and brightness will be superior to the existing wall light; it will contain a water-resistance LED module; and be reasonably priced.