View Full Version : Kohler Carb Issues?

06-18-2010, 10:38 PM
Good evening, i am hoping some of you experienced mechanics can give me a hand with this mower i have.
Scag 61 inch hydro walk behind with a kohler CV20S.
I bought it sitting for app. 1-2 years.
I have installed new spark plugs, fuel line, filter, oil change & filter, Cleaned carb and replaced all parts included with a rebuild kit. (floats, gaskets, mixture screw, soaked in carb cleaner Etc) Carb looked very clean but when i took it apart the mixture screw was all the way in. I installed the new one at 1 turn out.

It fired right up, and ran fine at idle, but once i got it out of the garage and throttled up it cut out, just like the key was turned off. Starts right back up and will idle forever, but once wide open throttle it will do the same thing.

I believe (obviously if i knew i would have it going lol) it has something to do with the choke, I am a little confused as to me the choke always appears to be closed. I would greatly appreciate any ideas and pointers. I have tried to adjust the mixture screw with no change.

Thank you!