View Full Version : dead clippings where they shouldn't be

07-19-2002, 08:43 PM
one of my customers lawns is a nice dark green, and appears to be very healthy. however when i mow it i get a trail of completely dead leaf blades following behind the mower... i'm quite perplexed because i don't see any dead blades before it's cut... in the bagger i find dead blades mixed in with the rest, but on the ground it's not leaving any green blades only dead ones

07-20-2002, 05:08 PM
Is it a thatch problem:confused: Sometimes if you start the year out cutting at certain height and never raise the deck you will see last years growth. It may be different on the other side of the US. For example:If I scalp a yard at 1" I can't keep cuting at 1". I will Raise 1/2" end result cutting height 1 an1/2"

07-20-2002, 06:56 PM
i don't think that this is a thatch problem.. this lawn was installed about two years ago and it has maybe a 1/4 inch layer of thatch... it also has an automatic sprinkler system that is set correctly and is fertilized regularly

07-21-2002, 12:40 AM
Are you using a different/more powerful mower, different/sharpened blades, different height of cut, different direction of mowing, or having this happen at any of your other sites?

07-21-2002, 12:43 AM
this is the only house this has ever happened at. i change directions of cut every week, and have tried changing blades too... even cleaned out my bagger completely so i'd have the best air flow possible and still can't figure it out

07-21-2002, 12:50 AM
How long have you had this account? How long has this "dead leaf trail" been occuring? How come you're home on a Saturday night in Modesto?

07-21-2002, 12:55 AM
i've been doing this house for two years, it started this trail 3 weeks ago.. did it last summer about this time too i believe.. and i'm home because i'm staying with the baby while the wife is at a figure skating show..since you asked :)