View Full Version : i just have questions, please help quick

06-24-2010, 04:28 PM
I have been putting up a lot of posts about mowers, because i have questions. I have a 60 front deck ztr, that doesnít fit into small yards, so to expand do i need something that does? I think so, if Iím wrong tell me.

I have been looking at standers, ztrs, walk behinds, and commercial push mowers. i like the standers, and walk behinds. i would like to avoid another ztr. The push mower isn't a bad idea, but i have no idea if I will outgrow it, and will need to replace it. Just shoot me some advice.

I have looked at ferris, snapper, scag, john deere, kabota, honda, cub cadet, and have no clue with where to go. I know scag is solid, but the dealer is folding. Iím not interested in a john deere, i just really donít know what to do. I have been looking at dealer support, but they all kind of suck.
This is just that stuck between a rock and a hard place time for me and have no clue what to do.

I am a solo operation, but have lots of down time, because I donít have that many mowing accounts. I do some landscape maintenance but not enough. I donít have a real job anywhere so this is my income, except when I help a local carpenter.

help please.