View Full Version : Small belt wb's...price shopping

08-01-2002, 05:37 PM
Most guys get there wb before there first Z, however I'm a little backwards. Got Gravely 260z begginning of this season b.c of the larger accounts. Good news is that I paid it off in the first 2.5 months!! Anyways, I want a small wb for a solid setup. It'd be used for smaller yards and gated backs.

1. I'm leaning towards a 36"
2. Most likely gear driven b.c this will not be the primary mower and hydro doesn't seem ecnomical for a wb that size.
3. I like the exmarks metros's alot.
4. I've been turned into a gravely fan also.
5. I did a search on ECS, and I like what I heard.
6. I'm in no hurry to buy one till next season, so I watching for deals till then.

So guys, when can I get the best deal, maybe this winter? Also what is a 36" metro ECS 15hp going for in your area? I've searched and found $2100... I'd like to get the best deal possible.

I also heard the new Gravely 36" is a tank, how much does that go for? The only down side is pistol grips for me... I also like those Hustlers, I just dont' think I need hydro... but would they run for?

Thanks, if you guys hear of any good deals let me know.

Tony Harrell
08-01-2002, 09:52 PM
If you're wanting it for gated yards, consider a 32. I haven't found a gate I couldn't get through yet. I'll probably always have it unless the Hustler Gatemaster turns out to be all it's promissed to be.