View Full Version : Leaf Cleanup Advertising (NJ)

08-13-2010, 04:13 PM
Not limited to NJ, but does anyone advertise specifically for leaf cleanup in the fall to residential/commercial accounts outside their weekly mowing accounts? I'm talking like another round of door hangers, flyers, post up ads in supermarkets, HOA newsletters, etc...

I want more work, and I have a feeling this could be a good foot in the door for additional lawns next season and snow plowing this winter.

Does anyone advertise for specifically leaf cleanup in the fall? If so, how has it worked out for you?

08-14-2010, 09:09 AM
It is done all the time, you will likely get some work. Your customer base however will be do it yourselfers mostly though so little chance of getting additional work out of it. More like you will be competing with other doorhanging lowballers and have to deal with pita people, you know the type that when you arrive to price they want this bed only cleaned and then when you go to get paid they wanted that bed cleaned also for the same price. My suggestion is make sure you got all your regular customers taken care of first, then if there is extra time add in a few one times. Where in NJ are you and what is your intended approach to quoting these?

08-18-2010, 03:55 PM
I'm in western NJ, near Whitehouse, NJ. My plan of attack is door hangers, flyers, and ads in the paper. You are right though, all "contract" or "weekly" mowing customers most likely have fall services added into their contract or service plan, so the cutomers you'll pick up are the do it yourselfers.

My regulars will take priority, most definately.

08-18-2010, 11:00 PM
I think I am going to try it the next few weeks. I'm actually going to do a 3 part ad. Fall Cleanup, Aeration and Snowplowing. I actually just signed a snow plowing contract for someone that received my snow plowing ad last fall. Although these people might not be good customers for lawn mowing they might need aeration, hedge trimming, mulching, snow plowing, fertilizing. I think any customer is a good customer. We had one small driveway last winter turn into a $5,000 mulch, fert and aeration customer this year. Never underestimate the value of any prospect.

08-18-2010, 11:09 PM
Never underestimate the value of any prospect.

The majority of our high dollar accounts started out as pita small project clients. Sometimes people will use the small BS stuff to weed out the contractors so there is some truth to your statement.