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08-03-2002, 09:10 PM
Yesterday I added my second BLADERUNNER to my fleet, it is a new 27hp diesel 72"! I bought it for my son because he decided that he wanted to cut grass with me! It is great having him there with me! I am really impressed with the machine I really expected it to be really lacking in power compared to the 32hp BLADERUNNER that I bought last year. Boy was I supprised it really does the job, and it came with the factory strip kit, wow what a difference! I am going to order one for my 32hp monday. Just thought I would let you guys know that I am really happy, hopefully we will continue to get some more rain to keep the grass gowing.

08-03-2002, 09:33 PM
Hey rebel I guess I know who is making all the money in this town! JUST KIDDING! By the way I saw you this morning mowing the fair grouds common area's I did a double look when I saw you and your son mowing great job, and congrats on your newest machine! I plan on buying a 72" this fall but for now I am praying for rain!

Give me a call I'll take you to lunch!

08-03-2002, 11:08 PM
Yea he'll need someone to buy his lunch after getting that machine :p :p :p

Congrats on your purchase, hope you get many long years out of it.
How does the pricing of these compare to similar machines?

08-04-2002, 12:43 AM
Congrats on the new toy! Those are nice machines...even if the discharge is on the wrong side ;). Just kidding. Sounds like biz is good. Right on! :)


Are you a AMC fan? I remember the ol' red, white, and blue Rebel Machine that AMC produced back in the good ol' days...when cars were CARS! Just wondering.


08-04-2002, 02:27 AM
hey........wait a minute........that was mine!!! lol


the 27hp's are nice!

08-04-2002, 02:30 AM
look like this?


08-04-2002, 01:39 PM
Geez, they even use the same seat that is on my Dixie Chopper. How can a mower MFG copy so blatenly off off another company?:rolleyes:

08-05-2002, 01:09 AM
Evan I looked at a dixie chopper and hustler before I bought my bladerunner. Yes there is some similarity between a dixie and a bladerunner but there is alot of diffrences to. You need to see one parked next to a dixie to see the diffrence. Besides I thought the hustler looked really similar to a lazer. But again there are a lot of diffrences.

Congradulations Wrebelmachine on your latest bladerunner!:)

08-05-2002, 09:45 AM

Congrats on your new machine and on your son coming to work with you. I had a chance to work with my father on a couple of projects. It was a great time for both of us.

08-06-2002, 07:38 PM
Evan better take a closer look at the two machines!

Prices are very similar to the rest or at least they are around here!

Congradulations wrebel! I eventually will own two bladerunners as well!

08-06-2002, 08:07 PM

look at some of the pics at their web page, very different!

blade runner page (http://www.americanbladerunner.com)

stronger frame work, easier access, heavier deck, and the list goes on.....ohhhh....and fasterrrrr

08-06-2002, 10:49 PM
As you know - I am tied in with Dixie Chopper, and if all you can do on this thread is compare to the Dixie Chopper, that is great because it means you are comparing to the best and that is great..

Thanks, Brad

08-07-2002, 10:09 AM

Actually yes I am a AMC fan! Actually this is how I found my dealer, he has a collection of AMX's and some Javelins.


This mower is on a specilal at $11,200.00 and then I traded in one of my older machines on top of that. I got a great trade in and really great mower!

My son and I mowed a 10 acre property monday started at 7:15 and was loaded and leaving at 7:48! granted there was not much trimming envolved and no blowing, but I have never been able with my silver and black machines mow that place that fast with two of them most of the time we use four mowers.

So you can see why I really like these machines they are saving me time, they are saving me expense not only because of the deilsel engine but also in man power! Less employees more production less downtime= more money!

08-07-2002, 10:51 AM
By the way there is two buildings on that property so it is actually less than 10 acres of grass.

08-08-2002, 10:36 AM
Wrebelmachine did you buy your bladrunners in springfield or k.c.?

08-08-2002, 05:16 PM
Farm boy I bought both my bladerunners in springfield.