View Full Version : Spark Plugs

08-26-2010, 11:40 PM
Any one having problems with their machines with spark plugs? My 2cycle lately are not starting or hard starting with the spark plugs J8 and cj14 anyone else having problems? I know the gas has been a problem with global warming al Gore?

09-08-2010, 11:29 PM
Unless this is an older 2-cycle that runs with "flat tip" plugs, you have the wrong plug in it.

Most newer 2-cycle units run with an extended-tip plug, such as the Champion CJ8Y, NGK BPM8Y, or the Autolite 2976.

Gas for a 2-cycle will usually only be a problem if not mixed when you bought it, or it's really old (most mixes have stabilizer in them).

You could have other problems - blocked spark arrestor or muffler port, clogged air filter, even wasp nests in your muffler's exhaust.