View Full Version : Snapper price and comparison

08-07-2002, 10:53 PM
What do ya'll think about the Snapper Pro Cruiser? Does anyone out there use it for their commercial needs? I'm looking at one with the 52" deck, 23hp kohler v-twin, I can get it for right at $6300. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated. I will be mowing a medium sized subdivision, 4 or 5 yards, and a 3 acre lot to start, not to mention the other business that I will drum up when I get my new mower, whichever brand I choose. How do ya'll think that this mower compares to similar brands/models?

08-07-2002, 11:59 PM
I can't comment on the Z-riders, but when dane scagg was with the company in the early 90s i bought one of there 52" Walkbehinds with the Loop Steering and 16hp Vanguard and its been the least trouble free mowers ive ever had, i still use it for leaves in the fall,it detroys those leafs with doubles, on the Z riders i like the toros,exmarks,grasshoppers,Dixie Choppers, well the proven machines. If it was me id look into the exmark or toro riders both cut great and the price is not outrages... Marks Mowing Service