View Full Version : little wonder extended hedge trimmer,problems

09-04-2010, 11:45 AM
i have a little wonder extended hedge trimmer its about 3yrs old. the problem is the trimmer keeps binding up(it stops cutting) motor runs but blade stops. i have lost some bolts in the blade and some around the gear box. i know i have to replace them first.i called a local dealer and he said blades arent aligned? if i losen the bolt that goes threw the gear box the blades work. but as soon as i turn the trimmer on the side it stops again? the gera box is working,and i know i need the bolts. but is their anything else i could try? thanks

09-06-2010, 08:25 PM
anyone have any info? thanks

09-06-2010, 09:34 PM
I had that trimmer.... always had similar problems as you are describing. My dealer was always able to some how adjust it in a way that I couldnt to get the blades moving again. The gear box finally died on me this year and was told that a new gear box on them is very pricey... like $250.00+ so I went with a new one instead. Dont dump too much money into this trimmer. They stopped making it a couple years ago and parts are getting harder to aquire im told.

09-09-2010, 08:34 AM
thanks i will keep that in mind. what brand trimmer did you buy?