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11-07-2010, 06:05 PM
Any of you guys have problems with it going haywire. The CD has been problematic since just after I installed it last year, then it just quit. Mike sent me a link that downloaded great, worked up until this am. Damn thing refuse to save a night scene. 4 hours later I figure, I would move the pics to the laptop via flash drive, windows seven. Installed from same link, it won;t even open the damn pics.

So had 5 I was supposed to get done today, freaking software goes to sh!t, new windows seven is a fantastic pita trying to get everything to run on that. I give up.

I am so pd off and disgusted right now I am ready to say to hell with all of this. I have three more estimates lined up already and people are expecting to be able to see the designs, and low and behold modern technology shoves it right where it hurts the most, my wallet.

Sorry about the rant, ready to throw the computer right out the window!!!!!

David Gretzmier
11-07-2010, 11:50 PM
I have played with the software but I don't use it. I wish I had a solution for you other than erase the software and re-install it. on your meetings, I'd mention your computer was not working properly, bring garland and a lightlink or two, and the HBL catalog. talk them through the different options while looking at their home, narrow those options, take the photo of their home, measure, and offer to do the digital design at home. email the photo to mike m and ask him to create the effects you guys talked about. he honestly may not have time, but he will if he can. he can then email you back a photo you can print with the designs they asked for on them. or you can email it to your client and you guys can view the different options on the computer screen while you present a bid. it is 2 appointments instead of 1, but it is better than not doing the software at all.

11-08-2010, 05:41 AM
Thats exactly where I am at right now. I talked with Mike yesterday, sent him one of them and it wouldn't work for him either. All I can figure is somewhere in the background there has got to be a file that is corrupt. I have deleted it over and over, no luck. It worked at one point towards the end of my patience last night, then when I tried to do it again, it stuck it's tongue back out at me.

Mike is going to sync my computer later and see if he can find it with remote access. It is really disappointing to have it go wacky. I have one I am chasing that I am even playing with the profit margin on to get into the neighborhood, and when I run it through the software, it is beautiful. Then when I try to save it as a night scene, it revert back t day. I must have done it at least 100 times yesterday. It will save the hhd file appropriately, but will not convert when yo save to a jpeg. Then factor in the laptop which I bought to cut down some of the travel I dealt with last year, and that seems to be a $700 waste. My wife tried her laptop last night, and the software seems to work, so of course, my memory card for the camera erased after downloading, but I have transferred the pic of the on house to a flash drive and am going to try hers later today. Got my fingers crossed. I have to look at a landscape project this am, meet with a radio station salesman at 1130, meet with potential client at 4 and then a school fall sports dinner for my son at 6. Crazy day.

11-09-2010, 07:26 AM
All said and done, back up and running.

What a nightmare. I could not get it to work, Mike tried to do them for me without luck. Must have been the way the picture got augmented when it was trying to convert. Mike to the rescue - anyone who knows him will know it is no surprise. While speaking with Mike on the phone, I went through, searched any and every HBL file and wiped it out. Then I ran registry mechanic to make sure there were no issues. Got back from plowing last night, Mike sent me a new link. I downloaded it and works great - have to resize in MSPaint before it will accept the initial JPEG though. Either way, back at it! thanks for the thoughts and suggestions. Mike, as usual, thank you!

David Gretzmier
11-11-2010, 12:04 AM
you know, this post does not exactly encourage me to get into the whole photography software thing. what a mess. I do hope you get the customer. my fear has always been the time thing and the breakdown thing that you are experiencing.

11-11-2010, 07:07 AM
I wouldn't look at it that way. Unfortunately for me, I have such minimal experience, it is my closer. I use it to get people all fired up even after they see the light links in the demo kit, and the MN garland, the first thing they see is a 48" MN wreath (Thank you for those tips!!). Then when I show them the design, they ask if this is what their house will really look like, I tell them no, actually better. There are limitations with the software with lines and such, your house will be even more beautiful.

You know so much more about all this, have probably forgotten more than I could learn that I would venture to say for you it would be another tool, and not a primary one.

Fortunately I have my friends on here, yourself, Bryan, HotRod and some new ones that will offer suggestions, guidance etc and then the ace in the hole 1500 miles away with Mike. He has even used remote access to fix issues with the software I have run into. Your description of him when I first popped up on here last year was so accurate. He is always right there to try to help, and will do anything in his power to help you get through what ever row of bumps anyone runs up against.