View Full Version : Need Muffler and Recoil Start Kaw FH430V

11-22-2010, 06:42 PM
Hi I have a Kawasaki FH430V-CS05

I need the exhaust Manifold/Muffler System for it as the heads are bare now.

From what ive gathered, I need:
KAW 11060-7021 Muffler Gasket $1.13x2
KAW 13271-7023 "Plate" $3.00
KAW 18088-7002 Exhaust Pipe $72.02
KAW 49070-7024 Muffler - Comp $83.86
KAW 92072-7012 "Band" $3.75
KAW 92170-7002 Clamp $0.60

Does that seem right? My engine came with the KAW 11054 Bracket and some hardware which is why I did not include them.

Also trying to add Recoil Start to the same engine.

From what ive gathered, these are the parts I need:
KAW 49088-7012 Recoil Starter $39.43
KAW 49080-7001 Starting Pulley $7.54

My main question is, does part number include all of the following parts? KAW 13165-7001, 14020-7001, 32099-7001, 46075-7001, 59101-7001, 59106-7005, 92210-0003, 92145-7006, 92145-7007, 92145-7008, 92151-7008, 92200-7004, 92200-7005. The parts diagram makes it seem like it does. Actually, the parts diagram makes it seem like 49080-7001 is included, also. Is that the case?

And finally, this engine is going on my Ferris Hydrowalk HW48KA. The pulleys are stuck to the bottom of my old motor so I need replacements there, also.

From what ive gathered, these are the parts I need:
FER 5042620 SPACER, 1.13 x 1.50 x .19 $3.09
FER 5050407X20 KEY, 1/4 SQ X 2-1/2 $0.80
FER 5020817 ENGINE PULLEY $41.68
FER 5042597 PULLEY, Transmission Drive $40.69
FER 5025239X50 BOLT, M10 x 50MM $1.51

Does all this seem right? And are there any current LawnSite discount codes? Thanks!