View Full Version : 400 SB for sale

02-21-2000, 04:11 AM
SBC 400 engine in a '79 Chevy truck and runs fair to good. Does not smoke or knock. It can be test driven. Mileage unknown. Does not come with brackets, but does come with a new flexplate(with weight).<br>Located in Nashville, Tennessee, (865)584-2820, Keith, $550 obo, red450ih@netscape.net

02-26-2000, 04:01 PM
You may want to post your 4-sale at: http://dosxxs.off-road.com/wwwthreads//wwwthreads.pl?action=list&Cat=&Board=offroadchevstandard Someone there is usually looking for a 400 small block.<p>GREG<br>'77 G35 GMC 4x4 van<br>