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12-02-2010, 08:32 PM
Here are photos of the back of the same property as previous post. Any and all design suggestions are welcome and appreciated!! Thank You.


12-03-2010, 11:25 PM
Bobbi is it? tough to point you in a clear direction with out more info. What are your clients needs? What are their lighting likes/dislikes. What's their sensitivity to lighting? How old are they? Is this their primary home? How much do they entertain? Do they have kids? How old? What outdoor rooms do they want you to address? I'm guessing the pool area etc. but is that it? What's behind you? What's around them? Is it a new unestablished neighborhood or are there houses all around with lighting? What kind,if any, ambient light is around? These are some questions that pop into my head at the moment that would be helpful to have answers to before I could offer helpful advice.

12-03-2010, 11:36 PM
Don't mean to hit you with a lot of questions, but in my opinion, if you don't have some or most of these answered you might end up with a great design but for who? for you? for someone else who might respond to this thread? Only IF the design reflects the clients desires, molded by you, will you truly be able to create a work of art that they will be willing to pay good money for. Short of that you might find yourself battling in the trenches with all the others. This reads more uppity and opioniated than I mean it to be. You might have conducted a thorough interview with your potential client, if not, that would be might first design suggestion.

12-04-2010, 01:58 AM
See Next Post - photo didn't show up

12-04-2010, 02:01 AM
Here is a quick photo of the demo I setup tonight. The camera battery died so I only got this one photo of the back. The wife really likes it - the husband is out of town until Wednesday. can somebody verify for me that Unique's Expedition fixture has a longer sided top to block that glare. What I am using in the demo is a Saturn path light on two brass extensions because to get the fixture at least ten feet from the edge of the pool it has to go into the shrubs that are about 2.5high. This is only part of the lighting scheme for the back - I am planning to put Unique's Nova fixtures at the base of each of the columns around the patio side of the house. Any and all suggestions and comments are welcome and appreciated!!


Thank You - Have A Great Day!!

RLI Electric
12-04-2010, 08:15 AM
Those Floridian plants are tough for me to imagine working with but I think I would leave the small palm on the right unlit. If you can't balance the scene on the left side of the taller palms it appears to me that you are just lighting stuff. Looking at the daytime shot standing at the far side of the pool I would imagine that scene uplighting and downlighting from the larger palms. The large windows with light create way too much visual distraction. Uplighting the columns, just a thought and I don't know how it would look but what about instead of focusing on the column go to the center of the arch and use a wider beam so the columns arent the typical blown out thing and the arch is brought into it. It's just a thought, this is not the architecture in my area so I don't know how it would appear. I think Vision 3 may have a fixture for that.

12-05-2010, 12:21 PM
not enogh info to give you opinion based on this photo. The one thing you did say that, in the end, matters most...She really likes it. That's the most important part. they have had lighting so you're not dealing with an uneducated person who has never seen lighting on or around this property. Will you leave this for husband to see Wednesday?

The Lighting Geek
12-05-2010, 09:43 PM
Bobbi, try the brass knight Lancer 6, I believe, and use just one extension and it will really help with glare. I like to be no higher than 36" high if I can help it unless we are using them in a rose garden then I go higher. Just my 2 cents :-)

12-06-2010, 11:11 PM
Hi Bob - Thanks for your input. I love all the Florida plants and such. It will be a great education learning what lighting effects look best on what plants and I am looking forward to the challenge. The photo above is only a partial plan as I don't have a big enough demo kit to set it up completely. To finish it out I will have lighting on the house around the left side from the Nova lights I plan on putting in front of the columns. Placing the lights under the arch will create a tripping hazard I think because the covered patio is only about 1/3 of the total patio area and it is through the archways that you access the rest of the patio on both sides. And then on the right side I will be using at least one PAR36 well light to light up through a bougainvillea and catch the right side roof line. The scene from inside the house is very beautiful and she commented again today how nice it looks.

12-06-2010, 11:16 PM
Hi Tommy - Thank You for your input. The shrubs in that bed where I am going to have to put the light, because of the 10foot from the pool rule, are at 24"-30" now. What is the best height above the shrubs to get maximum light distribution distance?

12-06-2010, 11:30 PM
Hi Chris - Thank You for your input. Too many questions to remember but, the owners mentioned about three times in our initial meeting that they were most disappointed in the fact that you couldn't get a sense for the height and largeness of the house from the lighting they already had. I didn't ask if they had children and did not see any evidence of the existence of them - they do have three small dogs though and the wife commented on not being able to see them at night when she let them out because it was so dark in the yard. They are in their early to middle 50s I would say and they didn't answer when I asked about entertaining and the activities they enjoy doing on their property. Yes, I will be leaving the lighting up until after the husband comes home on Wednesday - the wife said she would love for him to see it so I threw a timer on it.
Any and all comments/suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

12-07-2010, 08:55 AM
I wish you well on this one Bobbi, the possibilty of getting your foot in the door in a nice neightborhood is a hope all of us on this site share. were you able to see the lgithing system they had/have? I'm assuming they were making the "height and largeness" comment about the front of the home as you drive up to/past it, correct? Or is the back seen from another road? sounds like the mediterranean subtle look is out :) Maybe the shadowing too. were you able to put any lights on the front? Looks like the lack of homes around this one will aid you in making this one stand out at night. Might try mr-16's, with frosted/spread lense on front...mr-16 should help with projection of light to higher elevation, the halogen should make the lighter lines of the home pop while spread lense should soften lines. If he wanting the house to "pop" I might do little lighting of landscape in front of the house. Less about the landscape, more about the house at night..per there request. maybe illuminate sides to spread out view. looks like might be somewhat challenging as it looks like the home is seen from several angles. He'll be home and see it tmrw night, correct?

12-08-2010, 11:07 AM
I see tall tall gutters which makes me start thinking about downlighting oppurtunities

You also need to consider one more aspect when using any type of pathlight around pools. When people are in the pool they will be MUCH lower than they are when on the pool deck etc. This opens a whole new element to glare control you MUST adress. This is why I would downlight that bed and do my bed to control the glare from it. It also will provide a much smoother light without the WHAM you now see from the tall pathlight.

I am all for the tall pathlights in alot of situations. I use alot of unique islanders but I make a habit when using them near pools to place a simple switch near by so they can kill the lamps in them if they are trying to relax in the pool or spa. Keep in mind any direct light cast into the pool area will also make the glare bounce off the water itself as well.

Mike and I wrote a pretty good article altho it was edited on lighting in and within pool and water features in last months Turf Landscape Hardscape Design and build magazine ...It was titled "the Light that Dances"