View Full Version : Compostwerks Exhibit and Conference Schedule

Compostwerks LLC
12-16-2010, 07:10 PM
Hello friends;

I finally got around to updating our Exhibits and Conference (http://www.compostwerks.com/Exhibits-and-conferences.html) schedule for the next several months.

At these events, you'll be able to view our lineup of compost topdressing equipment, compost tea brewers, diagnostic tools (http://www.compostwerks.com/Microscopes.html), compost tea sprayers (http://www.compostwerks.com/Commercial-Tea-Sprayers.html) and several different types of compost (http://www.compostwerks.com/Our-Compost.html).

We will have literature and information about our o2 Composting Systems (http://www.compostwerks.com/o2-Composting-Systems.html), TopTex Composting Fleece (http://www.compostwerks.com/Toptex.html).

Some smaller items will be available for purchase such as our books, DVD's (http://www.compostwerks.com/Books.html)and other interesting items.

For those of you on the west coast, please don't feel left out. We have upcoming events there too. Please stay tuned.

I will personally be available to answer any questions at all these events. Bring samples of your soil and compost for a free visual assessment via direct microscopy and informal consultation. We're here to help and support.