View Full Version : walking and spraying per 1000 sf.

09-03-2002, 11:14 PM
i know it depends on walking speed,ect....

i calabrated my tank sprayer to put out 2 gal. per. 1000 sf.(lesco chem lawn gun 120 psi)
which comes out to 2 gal. per min.walking normal

sound normal?
i don't have much tank sprayer experence.(picked up a used 50 gal. lesco last yr. and like it)

09-04-2002, 01:22 PM
I seem to walk a little faster than some folks.
I cover 1500 sq ft per minute. With your 2 gpm Yellow nozzle, I'd get 1.33 gals/M.

I think that pressure guage is off, though it doesn't really matter. The yellow nozzle should deliver 2 gpm @ around 25psi. The gun shouldn't be able to work properly at 120 psi. The shut-off spring isn't strong enough to return the handle & valve back to "off" at that high a pressure.

Blue = 1.5 gpm @ 15-25 psi (herbicides)
Yellow = 2.0 gpm @ 15-25 psi (insect & fung)
Green = 3.0 gpm @ 15-25 psi (insect & fung)
White = 4.0 gpm @ 15-25 psi (tank mixxes w/pre's)


09-08-2002, 12:31 PM
Fill you tank to the max, then walk n spray for 1 min. then re fill with a measuring cup to determen how many gallons you used.

I found the same as tremor, as I walk a little fast.

BTW use plain water to do this.

PS if you have a gas pump, the pressure gauge will most likely not go below 100-200psi when off. and if you were at 120psi that spray would be more of a mist than a droplet and drift like heck.

When spaying lawns you run from about 40psi and down.