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01-22-2011, 04:19 PM
Looking at getting this mower---->http://www.tractorhouse.com/listingsdetail/detail.aspx?OHID=5975057

Serial # 06080989
Is this really a 44 or is it a 48?

The manual for 2008 says's C-IZT integrated pump/motor <-- is this a ZT2800?

Is $2500 out the door a good price with 500 hrs?

PJ, can you tell me when this unit went it to service? Is there any warranty left?

I have to drive 4hr's to get it,, and want to know what to look for when I get there? Any hints?

After searching the forums, for Fastrak,,, I am only seeing 54's or 48's,, not Any 44's,, thats why I'm asking, but using the serial number to get a manual with PJ's link I see 44/52 on the info sheet.

So it seems that the 44 was a bastard size only for a few years if that, and was dropped. Any info would be great,, and ALL My questions answered would be Super Great!!! Thanx

01-24-2011, 11:43 AM
What you have there is a 18/44 FasTrak, model # 926519.
We made this mower from 2002 to 2006.
It is a 44" cut, we only made 2 deck sizes in the FasTrak those years, 44 and 52 inch cut.
The hydro's are the C-IZT integrated pump/motor, they are not ZT2800's, the 2800's didn't come into play until late 2006 when we came out with the current version of the FasTrak in 48 / 54 / 60 deck sizes.
The C-IZT on this model does have a internal filter that you can change along with the hydro fluid.
The 44 was not a bastard size, it was common those years.
The unit was built in August of 2006 and the original owner put it into service on 1/11/08 and was bought and used by a municipal cemetery, the warranty expired on 1/10/09.
When looking at the unit go over the basics, deck, spindles, engine hydro's etc.. being used by a cemetery it could of been subject to hitting headstones / markers.. etc..