View Full Version : 12 month contracts - Invoicing individual items

01-25-2011, 01:31 AM
How do you guys invoice your 12 month contracts? Last year I listed the contract price on the invoice as "Landscape Maintenance Monthly" and then the price, and put all of the individual tasks under it as $0.00 so they could have records. Any better way of doing this? I'm considering just putting on there "Individual service log sheet available at your request."


01-25-2011, 02:27 AM
I don't break it down individually, I just send the monthly invoice with the weekly service charge price, times four. So you list individually your charges for mowing, trimming, edging, blowing?

01-25-2011, 03:24 AM
No, I include services such as weekly maintenance (mow, trim, edge, blow), wed control, fert, flowerbeds, seasonal color, mulch, etc... So I list these on there in the month they are done.