View Full Version : Best method for leaf loader chute into dump bed

01-25-2011, 10:26 PM
For those of you who have your leaf loader mounted on your trailer with the discharge going into a dump bed on the truck. What method or material do you use where the chute goes into the leaf box? Flexible tube or rubber boot. If you use flexible hose where did you obtain it? The good and bad of each.

01-28-2011, 10:07 PM
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SDLandscapes VT
01-28-2011, 11:18 PM
have a flex tube 8" from J-Thomas connecting loader on trailer to bed of truck. Works fine with simply a hole cut in the plywood tailgate.

01-29-2011, 12:41 AM
If you put any serious hours on a loader at all the debris is going to wear threw the rubber and have a blow out. I use 3-4 hoses every fall but mine runs all day long 6 days a week in the season.
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SDLandscapes VT
01-29-2011, 09:10 AM
I use mine fairly seriously 6-7 days a week and my hose is going on into its third season.

01-29-2011, 10:48 PM
Can one of yall post a pic of your setup?