View Full Version : noob.. what am i missing

02-15-2011, 02:27 PM
So a few months ago i decided to use my knowledge and open a landscaping business.. I have the truck and open trailer and waiting to purchase equipment (which my previous employer is selling me and we have worked out a price). I have approx.. 3yrs of lawn maintenance experience and 2.5yrs of construction experience. So far i will be using legal zoom to take care of documents and legal matters to get the business established. Advertising is taken care of since my family owns a bulk mailing and advertising business. I will be opening the business in only my name but have a buddy willing to help out till we really get the wheels turning.

Now for things I know i still nee
1 - How to bill?? Send out invoices at end of month??
2 - Should I have a lawyer right up my service agreements??
3 - Will apprx. $4000 be enough overhead?
4 - I live in North Jersey... Generally when do you start cutting and stop cutting so I can include this info in the service agreement.
5 - Any opinions??

lol and try an be easy on me here