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Eric ELM
01-27-2000, 06:48 PM
I am from the Chicago area, far west suburbs and this is our full time, all year long income. We aerate in the Spring and Fall, mow only 2 plus acre lawns all summer, 95% residential and plow snow on 60 plus big residential driveways during the Winter.<p>I started out with:<p>72 Bronco w/6.5' Western Plow<br>Home made enclosed trailer 6' X 6'<br>1985 John Deere tractor with a 38&quot; deck w/bagger.<br>Murray 21&quot; push trim mower<br>$95 Homelight trimmer<br>$100 Sears hand held blower<br>and some other junky tools.<p>We now have:<p>Truck: 1997 F250 Heavy Duty 4X4 with Western Pro 8 ft. plow.<br>Trailers: 24 ft. Hallmark enclosed and a 14 ft. open landscaping trailer.<p>Equipment:<p>2001 XWD2600 60&quot; Diesel Dixie Chopper<br>1990 - 430 diesel John Deere with 60-inch deck, 54-inch plow blade, 48-inch 2 stage blower, and a home made heated cab.<br>3 point hitch attachments include 42 inch Lesco Core Aerator, 60 inch Spike Aerator, 48 inch Box Scraper, 48 inch Cultivator and a retired home made 22 bushel Lawn Vacuum. <br>2 Dixie Choppers with 60 inch decks, 93 and 95 models, very dependable and we use 6 blades on each.<br>1996 John Deere 21 inch trim mower 14SE <br>1999 Red Max 62CC Blower (great blower)<br>1999 2-T270 Shindiawa string trimmers, replacing the 2 T27s that were stolen during the winter.<br>1999 Shindiawa PB270 Power Broom and cultivator attachment<br>2000 Spread4Mow electric spreader for the Choppers.<br>55 gallon Northern Sprayer w/boom

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01-28-2000, 09:14 PM
Ok here goes again, Ill be sure and join being I started the one on the old forum.<br>I am Jim Creager from Harrison Arkansas, I am part time with around 30 mowing accounts. Thats all I can do with out help. The name of my bussiness is Natural Lawn.<br>I am fulltime Firefighter for the city of Harrison. We are located 30 miles south of Branson Missouri.<br>My equipment is as follows, I know its not all commercial equipment but its paid for and does me a good job.<br>I started out with...<br>A 1987 GMC 12 ton pickup<br>a 1982 sears 10 hp 38&quot; cut gear drive rider, and a lawn boy push mower. <br>a 5 x 8 trailer<br>I now have.<br>the same pickup<br>a 1999 25 hp 61&quot; Great Dane Chariot<br>a 2000 20&quot; 5.5 hp honda trim mower<br>a 14 x 6 12 trailer<br>a 1997 sears 15 12 hp 42 &quot; cut hydro<br>a 1998 Cub cadet Z 42<br>a 1995 yazoo 24&quot; mulching mower<br>2601 and a 2400 echo string trimmers<br>fs66 stihl brush cutter<br>ryobe split boom string trimmer with pole saw<br>50 gallon sprayer<br>and this, that, and other.<p>This year I am handeling an organic fertilizer, I am using this on some residential lawns that I have taken care of for a few years. I am hopeing to turn this into a more fulltime bussiness in the next couple of years but will have to hire help, unless it just gets too good. I hate to give up a retirement Ive worked for by quiting the fire dept.<br> I do have one regrete though, thats that I mowed lawns from age 12 to age 17 and I wish I'd never given it up to &quot;go to work&quot; but I listened to my mother, &quot;you cant make a living cutting grass&quot;. I guess shes been proven wrong.<br>My hobbies are my wife of 16 years, my 3 year old son, my 2 12 year old daughter, my horses, and every now and then I get to go hunting or fishing.<br>Well thats all I can think of for now. <br>Jim<p><p><font size="1">Edited by: naturalawn

01-29-2000, 11:07 AM
Hate for you two guys to be all out there by yourself.<br>Neil from Northcentral Alabama signing in. We are located about 30 miles north of Birmingham and won't even go close to the City limits. We are strictly in the Lawn Care side and don't even think about cutting grass. Heck, I even have been able to get my wife (of 22 years) to cut the grass at the house. Had to buy her an Ariens GT with hydro and power steering, but its been worth it.<br>Currently operating from a Chevy C30 1 ton van, with 200 gallon lawn tank and a 100 gal.<br>ornamental tank. Hypro pump on ornamental unit and Udor on lawn. Bought Lesco hydro fert spreader last year, and it sure made my life a lot more pleasant. We currently service 150+ customers, and should add 100 more in 2000.<br>Two great girls, ages 9 and 6. That just had to play in our 3&quot; snow fall yesterday. (I know that you guys North of the Mason Dixon aren't very impressed with that snow fall, but it was the most we have had in 4 years.)<br>Thats about it as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for a great forum, it helps alot.

01-29-2000, 11:14 AM
Greetings everyone;<br>I'm Dylan from a small town in Ontario,<br>Canada. I've been cutting for about 9 yrs<br>and I'm 21. I work full time from May to Sept and go to college all winter. I blow 12 residental drives in the winter and have 83 clients in the summer. My two brothers and friends help out on busy days. My equipment includes: <br>Mazda B2200<br>6'x 8' trailer <br>Mtd Pro 14hp 48&quot; gear drive wb<br>3 lawnboys, (1 new, 2 over 20yrs old)<br>3 push mowers of various makes<br>stihl & husky trimmers<br>hedge trimmer<br>CO-OP rototiller 8hp<br>Mtd snowblower 8hp 26&quot; <br>chainsaw<br>drop & broadcast spreaders<br>ladders, tools, shovels, rakes, etc. <p>This a great forum. I learn something new everytime I come here. It's good to hear about everyones experiences and have some advice available. I am especially interested in hearing from those who do organic lawn care.<br>Feel free to drop me a line at Dylan0567@hotmail.com<p>Dylan

01-29-2000, 12:16 PM
O.K. Eric, <br>My name is Homer from south east Alabama.I am 38 years old. I operate a full time Lawn Maintenance business in a town of 20,000. I maintain 5 schools, several commercial sites and numerous residentials. We have concentrated on mowing only to this point in order to establish a good customer base for future endeavors. I have around 80 accounts all together but not all pay year round. Our Focus in 2000 will be to gain more yearly accounts and drop off the seasonal customers who cannot see the benefit. From reading the forum and doing some research our next service will be aerating. I will be pushing this a little closer to spring and see where it goes. We will target the higher end areas in and around our town to gain a higher per customer average. My ultimate goal is to do less for more and downsize our travel radius.<p>Family: 3 kids, 2 daughters 18 & 14, 1 son, 7. Been married for 20 years in June, started early with the kids. I started out part time in '96 and worked it as a side job for extra money. The business grew until something had to go, in May of '98 it was the full time, secure, great benefits job! Call me crazy but I had to get outside, life is just too short. I don't have any regrets so far, I still eat everyday.<p>My equipment list:<br>(1) 1999 Dixie Chopper 72&quot; City Slicker<br>(1) 1997 Dixie Chopper 50&quot; Flatlander<br>(1) 1996 Scag Super Z 48&quot; w/Trac-Vac Bagger<br>(1) 1995 Airens 40&quot; lawn tractor (still going)<br>(3) Stihl Trimmers<br>(2) Stihl Edgers<br>(1) Stihl Backpack blower<br>(1) Echo Backpack Blower (good boat anchor!)<br>(1) Stihl handheld blower converted to mini bagger<br>(1) Husqvarna hand held blower (p.o.c.)<br>(1) Snapper 21&quot; self propelled<br>(1) Tanaka Trimmer<br>(1) Tanaka hedge trimmers<br>(1) 2000 Dodge Quad Cab, 5.9 Cummings Deisel<br>(1) 1984 Chevy Silverado swb.<br>(1) Trailer world 8x20 open trailer <p>And one big hope that I will hit the Fl. Lottery real soon! Until then I will be working as hard as I can to pay all this off, so I can buy something else, like 40 acres in the country!<p>Homer<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: HOMER

01-29-2000, 02:21 PM
I am in central Florida. We don't have as many lawns now as we have in the past. We do a lot of landscape and irrigation work, so we dropped some of the less profitable mowing accounts to have a little more time to do the other stuff. Almost all of our accounts are year round. <p>We started with: <p>A 21 Lawnboy in the trunk of the car... and thats it. <p><br>We currently use:<p>1999 Y/K ZTMax 25hp, 61&quot;<br>1994 Grasshopper 721 52&quot;<br>1997 Exmark Metro 36&quot;<br>1989 Ransomes 14hp 54&quot; (back up)<br>Shindaiwa edgers and trimmers<br>Maruyama, Tanaka, and Echo hedge trimmers<br>Stihl blowers<br>16' traliler<br>and bunch of other stuff (tillers, extended reach trimmers.<p><p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: Keith<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Keith

01-30-2000, 05:08 PM
Greetings to all. Well, my small operation is not nearly as exciting as the rest that frequent this site. I am in north central Illinois, about 90 miles SW of Chicago. About 7 or 8 years ago my sons started mowing lawns in the small town we lived in at that time, and used the &quot;family&quot; Lawnboy for the job. Moved into a larger town about 5 years ago and one son decided that this was a good way to make money and work around his other activities. Well, along came college and I inherited the lawns that fall. Last year I took them on in the spring and he did a couple over the summer, but for the most part, it was my &quot;business&quot;. At the present, I have 2 very small residences that take me about 45 mins. each (right across the street from each other, nice!). 1 apartment and small business owned by the same people, about 1 1/4 hr each, and 2 larger homes that takes about 1 1/2 to complete. Equipment as follows:<p>12 year old Lawnboy push.<p>1 year old self propelled Lawnboy.<p>Extra Lawnboy engine for the push mower. (easier to change the engine and just repair the bad on on the bench!)<p>John Deere rear engine rider, 34 inch cut, 8 hp Briggs engine. Only use this for larger lawns. More of a pain in the neck to load and unload than what time you save. <p>Homelite string trimmer. About 10 years old, the smallest size they make.<p>Weedeater brand blower, which I wish I had never laid my hands on. Doesn't like to run very well when the temp is above 70 deg.<p>I carry this massive inventory of equipment around in a Chevy S-10 pick up, and did have a boat trailer converted to a flat-bed, but sold it and am in the market for a utility/snow-mobile trailer to replace it. <p>I really like the Lawnboy mowers for the work I do. If I get an opportunity I will pick up another push model, and retire the 12 year old model. (or sell it at a garage sale!!)<p>My &quot;real&quot; job allows me a great opportunity to work the lawn side. I work from 4:00 a.m. until about 1:00 p.m., so there is plenty of time to hit a lawn or 2 before I whip up dinner.<p>Enjoy this site a lot, and like to see what type of operation everyone else has. Full of information and ideas as to what a person could do if going into this full time. Thanks to all.<p><br>

Davis TLC
01-30-2000, 09:50 PM
I am from southern middle Tennessee. I do lawn maintenance part time. I started in 1995 with a few accounts. In 1996 I bought a ZTR mower which helped me to increase my accounts. I currently have 12 accounts with expectations to add more this year. <p>My equipment consists of:<p>1992 Dodge Ram250 4x4 diesel<br>18 ft. trailer with trimmer trap racks<p>(1) 2000 XW2500 60 inch Dixie Chopper<br>(1) '96 Rich 20 hp 61 in ZTR mower eqipped with 6 blades &quot;FOR SALE&quot;<br>(1) John Deere 318 50 in deck with bagger<br>(1) 21 in JD commercial SP push mower<br>(1) 18 in rear tine rototiller<br>(2) Stihl string trimmers<br>(1) Stihl hand held blower<br>(1) Stihl hedge trimmer<br>(1) Agri-fab aerator<br>(1) Agri-fab pull spreader<br>(1) Agri-fab push spreader<br>Various other tools, wheel barrows, shovels, rakes, pruners, etc.<p>Family includes 2nd wife of 4 years, 19 year old stepson, 14 year old daughter, and 10 year old son. Hobbies include collecting 1/64 scale farm toys, reading, computers, and NASCAR racing. Full time job is running Quality Control for Aluminum recylcling operation which supplies the auto industry. Hope to go full time in the future. I really love the information that is shared in the forums.<p><p><br>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.townserver.com/dtlc/&quot;&gt;Rich@Davis Total Lawn Care&lt;/a&gt;<p><p>

01-31-2000, 09:07 AM
hey eric how do you stripe your yards i've seen on the net that baseball diamonds use a roller? anyway i live in eastern iowa and do a little of everything i have a 30x96 stuppy greenhouse and a 8x16 starter house and raise about 3000 hardy mums for fall retail and wholesale sales. i also build decks and arbors ,trellises, and outdoor funiture. last year i started landscaping comm and res. i've been thinking of starting a comm maintence program with a twist i raise alot of annual flowers that would look great in front of customers businesses i found this site and really like it everyone has trade secrets !

01-31-2000, 11:38 AM
I'm Jeff owner operator lawncare business in SW Missouri<br>Equipment-<br>97 Ford F-150<br>16' trailer<br>36&quot; JD walk behind<br>42&quot; Toro ZTR<br>60&quot; Lazer<br>Shindaiwa trimmers and stick edger<br>Shtil Br400 backpack blower<br>Echo hand held blower<br>Misc. other <br>Over 100 accounts 70% residential 30% commercial <br>I have been ready and sharing what little I know at this site for a couple months. GREAT information. I can't wait till Spring!

01-31-2000, 12:33 PM
I'm from a small town in Northwest Tennessee called Dresden. My son and I do lawn care on the side. My full time job is in industrial maintenance (electrical, mechanical, and hydraulics). I work for a metal stamping plant that serves the automotive and heavy truck industry. My son is a truck driver for American Freightways. My son may eventually do lawn care full time, but I'll probably stick with my full time job (pay and benefits are too good to walk away from). Currently we have between 20 to 30 accounts, which is about all we have time for. The average size of the lawns that we do is about 1 acre (some smaller, some larger). Our equipment is as follows.<p>1999 Grasshopper 721D G2 61&quot; deck<br>1998 Scag Hydro Walk-Behind 52&quot; deck<br>1973 Cub Cadet 129 hydro<br>1985 Lawnboy Push Mower<br>2ea. Shindaiwa T230 Trimmers<br>1ea. Shindaiwa T260 Trimmer<br>1ea. Shindaiwa EB240 Blower<br>1ea. RedMax EB6200 Blower<br>18ft. Utility Trailer<br>60&quot; GPC Water Fill Spiker Aerator<br>48&quot; Agri Fab Spiker Aerator<br>125 Agri Fab Broadcast Spreader<br>Mantis Mini Tiller<br>Husqvarna 350 Chainsaw<br>Stihl HS80 Hedge Trimmer<br>R.B.G. 2181-P Rotary Blade Grinder<p><br>----------<br>Doc Shank<p><p><p><br>

01-31-2000, 02:11 PM
My name is James and I am a partner in a small business in the Rochester, NY area. I think the people that read this can relate, that this is one of the more diverse exciting occupations out there. I would rather do nothing else. <br>We currenly offer several services, our more popular ones being: lawn service (professional word for mowing) fert/pesticide programs). We used to take on more services but we were easily overwhelmed. We have been in business for seven years and I can say every year has and always will be a learning experience.<br>We have several turf tigers a couple of belt driven walk-behinds and stihl equiptment across the board. We also have a 200 gal. lesco sprayer, for those weed and feed applications. We are licenced with the state and fully insured. Seems as though lots of small businesses attempt to cut corners around here. Definately not the way to go. I will not bore you and end up writing a novel about us. By the way everyones backround was very impressive. A very modest bunch here.

01-31-2000, 05:22 PM
My name is Mick. I own a outdoor equipment repair shop in NE Indiana. I also deal in used equipment sales. I play around in the winter by logging, cutting firewood, and plowing snow. I got a 1979 GMC k2500 4x4 with a 7.5' Meyer plow. I also repair plows in the winter however Im still learning about plows. I have a large collection of outdoor equipment includes Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Homelite, John deere, Wheelhorse, Bolens, Gravly, Cubcudet, Noma, Poulan, Kabota, Woods. These are the ones I can spell hehe. There is much more. I have several landscaping services as customers and do a little landscaping myself. I been married 15 years 2 children both girls one 11yr one 13yr. My hobbies are outdoors and power equipment and of course the web. I enjoy corresponding with you folks. I learn something new each day.

02-01-2000, 08:21 AM
Hi, My name ir Bedros I am from West Bloomfield Michigan and its my first year doing it on my own. Im also a partner for a drywall company. I have about 20 accounts and cut 2 apartments for another landscape company. I also plow snow for another lansdcape company. I will add to my equipment if I pick up more customers. I love this job and hope I can do it for the rest of my life.I live with my parents and keep the equipment in the garage which barely fits.(my mother had a heart attack when i brought it all home at once from the dealership)lol.<p><br>My equipment is as follows:<br>87 Ford F250 w/western pro plow<br>84 Chevy K10 w/western plow<br>52&quot; scagg walkbehind<br>60&quot; exmark turf tracer<br>21&quot; honda commercial mower<br>16' trailer<br>1 shindaiwa trimmer<br>1 red max blower<br>stihl hedge trimmer<br>stihl chainsaw<p>

Chuck Smith
02-01-2000, 12:20 PM
I'm Chuck Smith, owner operator of AC Grounds Maintenance. I'm in Northern New Jersey. I have been in business myself for the past 5 years. I have been plowing snow for 16 years now. I have my own residential and commercial accounts, and team up with my younger brother on his larger commercial accounts, or ones he doesn't have time for. He works 2 jobs not including plowing, so it gets hectic. <br>I plow with a 1980 GMC K/25, with a Meyer 7.5' E-47 powered pump. The plow came new on the truck in 1980. I welded on a bracket to mount a third trip spring, like newer Meyer plows have. It helped with tripping when scraping up hardpack and ice. The blade used to lean forward, no more. I've added a few goodies, and minor things to make plowing easier. Most of it is on my web pages, under &quot;simple mods&quot;. I've written a Snowplowing Handbook too, but you'll hear that more than enough I'm sure ;) My truck has a cast iron NP 205 gear driven transfer case, and a 14 bolt GM rear axle, rated at 7,000 pounds. Up front, it has a 10 bolt GM rear, which has held up well to plowing. I do need to get the splines replaced on my front driveshaft though. My trans is a rebuild, with less than 5,000 miles on it, and my engine has less than that on it as well. It's a Remanufactured 350 I got from Jasper Engines and Transmissions, located in Jasper Indiana.<br>My brother plows with a 95 Dodge Ram 1500, with a Meyer 7.5' , E-60 pump. He has a Meyer tailgate spreader too.<br>His truck has a 360 motor, and auto trans. At 98,000 miles, he blew a hole in a piston, due to a lack or servicing his EGR valve. Got a rebuilt 360. Then less than 1,000 miles later, the trans went. He got a rebuild. We're ready for the snow!<br>We plow 4 commercial accounts this year for sure, we had more, but businesses change owners, so and so doesn't pay on time, etc. We are hoping for more this year. I keep nine residential; accounts myself, and my brother has close to 20. These are all accounts we've harvested over the past 7 years or so (My brother has been plowing since 92). We have weeded out all the back drag driveways, saving only pushbacks, with no cars in the driveway. The commercial accounts are less than 1 mile apart. All my residential accounts are within a 1 mile radius too. My brother chooses to go as far as 5 miles or more to plow. Another reason I end up plowing his local accounts often.<br>We run a 5 HP Craftsman blower, and a Ariens ST-8 24.<br>Who are you, and what do you plow with?<br>LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW!!!<p>As far as lawns, I'm looking to get out. I still have lots of equipment though.<br>1997 6.5' x 12' single axle open trailer<br>1992 Bobcat 36&quot; walk behind (12 HP Kawasaki, gear drive) With leaf plow, and front mount Agri-Fab dethatcher.<br>1990 Green Machine string trimmer (Love it)<br>1997 Echo SRM-2400 string trimmer (Hate it)<br>1994 Echo 6&quot; Hedge Trimmer<br>1975 Power Trim 3.5 HP edger<br>1990 22&quot; Murray self propelled trim mower<br>1975 Snapper cast aluminum deck self propelled trim mower<br>1992 Echo PB 400 E back pack blower<br>1993 Stihl BR 320 back pack blower<br>1992 8 HP Little Wonder wheel blower<br>1995 5 HPCraftsman shredder/chipper/vac/blower<br>1990 Stihl 18&quot; Chainsaw<br>1950(?) Wheel Horse 8 HP tractor with 2 snowplows, a dirt blade and a scraper/york rake.<br>Agri-Fab 125# spreader<br>2 Echo pump sprayers<p>~Chuck<br>AC Grounds Maint.<br><p>----------<br>Chuck's Chevy Truck Pages - Snowplowing Central<br>http://members.aol.com/csmith669/plowcentral.html

02-01-2000, 12:33 PM
Hi,<br>I'm Wade Mattingly. I am starting up new this year. I have already posted this but, I guess this is going to be a permanent thing here. <br>I am currently in the second of four semesters of a horticulture degree at Univ. of Kentucky. I already have a bio. degree in a well thought of Liberal Arts Univ. here in Lexington, KY. This is also where I currently reside and plan to offer my services. <br>What I have:<br>48&quot; Exmark Viking wb<br>5x8 open trailer<br>5.5 hp Murray self-propelled mower 21&quot;<br>0 Accounts<br>What I expect to buy if my loan goes through:<br>89 Chevy 3/4 ton<br>6x16 open trailer<br>Exmark 60&quot; Lazer Z<br>Echo 2100 comm trimmer<br>Echo 2100sb split boom trimmer and edger<br>Stihl Backpack blower<p>I may sell the wb and get another hydro wb if I get a justifiable amount of accounts. I plan on keeping the 5x8 and using it for landscaping and small lawn accounts in the second year. In the first year I won't be able to handle many accounts. Maybe 30-40.<br>I will update this as needed later.<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY

WorkForce Intl
02-01-2000, 07:15 PM
Hi. My name is Elisama of Houston, Texas, and my company is WorkForce International. Our mission is to provide various industries, including the Green industry with INS approved seasonal laborers. The company is growing and currently have a branch office in the Austin area. Presently we are dealing with 14 accounts, which is normal volume for us. Most of the accounts are L&L, but we target the construction, building maintenance and restaurant industries as well.<br>I drive a Chevy Suburban, and try not to look at the fuel bill if I can help it.<p>You can contact us at:<br>(713)923-5564 (Business)<br>(713)923-5517 (Fax)<br>WorkForceIntl@aol.com (E-mail)<br>or you can visit us at our website:<p><br>

02-01-2000, 09:46 PM
My name is Larry. I live in a town of 1000 in Central Illinois. I drive a school bus twice a day, clean a large church, mow lawns, tune a few pianos, and detassel seed corn for several weeks in the summer. I've been mowing since 1989 and have about 26 accounts including one cemetery.<br> I've been married for 26 years and have four boys (24, 22, 19, and 14) and one grandson (13 mo).<p>Equipment list:<p>Dixie Chopper XFD 2600-60 Flatlander<br>Echo SRM-2100SB Grass Trimmer<br> Edger attachment<br> Power Pruner attachment<br> Hedge Clipper attachment<br>Echo ES-2000 Shred 'N' Vac<br>Echo HC-1500 Hedge Clipper<br>Shindaiwa PB270 Power Broom<br> Tiller/Cultivator attachment<br> Grass Trimmer Conversion Kit<br>AgriFab pull behind Core Aerator<br>AgriFab pull behind Tine De-Thatcher<br>AgriFab 38&quot; lawn sweeper (seldom use)<br>Craftsman 20&quot; 3 H.P. Trim mower. The<br> original purchaser died in 1970. The<br> engine is on the 3rd deck and has been run<br> over by my trailer and still starts on 1st <br> or 2nd pull in the summer.<br>Toro CCR 2500 GTS Snowthrower<br>12' LB Custom trailer pulled by 1989 Ford <br> Aerostar van<p>I live three miles from the Illinois sales rep for Dixie Chopper and have been on both jet powered mowers several times. I do more reading on this forum than input and enjoy all the ideas and information.<br>I originally started out in 1989 with a used Dixon 424 42&quot; cut ZTR, an Echo 2200 GT curved shaft trimmer, a Lawn Chief 21&quot; push mower, and a snow mobile trailer pulled by a car.<br> <p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: weve<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: weve

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02-02-2000, 12:48 PM
Hello, I really enjoy reading the posts on this site. It kind of gives you a perspective of where you stand with your business.(thats something I've always wondered)<br>I am in San Antonio, Tx. I have been mowing lawns for about 7 years, but only really have treated it like a buisness for about 3. Once I started doing that, revenues really increased.I have around 110 accounts/ 100 residential and 10 comm. This past year I mostly took myself out of the labor part of the business. I have 2 year round employess and 2 more for the seasonal time. <br>I have:<br>1984 chevy 1/2 ton<br>1991 Chevy s10<br>8ftx6ft Magnum Trailor<br>32in Snapper walk behind w/ velke<br>32in Howard Price walk behind<br>2 Makita weedeaters<br>2 Echo backpack blowers<br>a few hand held blowers <br>2 Toro mulching mowers<br>A warehouse full of old snapper and assorted mowers<br>Various other equipment<br>I share a warehouse with a landscaper, so we exchange maintenance and landscaping work.<p>I have a stay at home wife of 5 years. She takes care of my son who is 2 1/2 years old.<br>she is pregnant and is due in July.(right in the middle of the busy season) My hobbies are music and sports. I love the Houston Astros. I grew up near Galveston so I love the beach and surfing as well. I play bass guitar when I can. Actually I have played in a lot of bands(everything from punk rock to some country)<br>GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE THIS SEASON<br>Rob

02-09-2000, 09:28 AM
Hi I'm Karl based in Brisbane, Australia.<br>I am an owner operator slashing(bush hogging)<br>and mowing contactor.I've been operating for<br>4 years and have approx.200 clients.<br>Equipment includes:<p>Deutz DX310 50hp tractor<br>Superior LX5 slasher with 400hp gearbox<br>Kubota T1760 ride on mower with catcher<br>Stihl FS 106 & 108 brushcutters<br>International ACCO 6 tonner truck with<br>V555 Cummins 210hp<br>About 5 miles of irrigation gear<p>Am looking to buy another ride on mower soon<br>and another truck. I enjoy the posts<br>on this board as they are a very usefull<br>source of new info.<br>All the best<p>P.S. I've since bought a Mitsubishi<br>Canter 3 tonner with 15' tray,and<br>a new Walker 26hp efi with 48&quot;GHS<br>deck.<p>Karl<p><br><p><font size="1">Edited by: southside

n y snow pros
02-11-2000, 09:14 PM
My name is John,we are asnow plowing co.which originally started out as a lawn maintenance and plowing co.After 3 years in this bussiness i changed our focus to snowplowing and have had great success in the snow plow business.We are located in Poughkeepsie New York in Dutchess county about 80 miles north of NYC.We sell sand and salt to contractors out of our 8000sq ft warehouse where we can house 200 tons of material inside.Our equipment consists of the following 1987 1 ton with a permenantly mounted 98 Henniker sander,96 FORD 545 tractor,97JCB 409 loader,99 JCB 426 loader,99FORD350 with Henniker v-plow,2000 F-350 with a Fisher 9ft plow and Downeaster sander,90 4400 I NTERNATIONAL dump with a Harder spreader and 10ft Western plow,4 John Deere snowblowers 10hp with 32&quot;cut,Woods mowin machine with cab and plow blade,Suzuki 500 quad with plow blade,2 leased 914 Cat loaders,4 Protect pusher boxes 12 to 16 ft lengths,and a pant load of snow shovels.<p>----------<br>J PARKER<br>914-485-4200

02-13-2000, 07:17 PM
I am a Lawn Care Foreman on Long Island, NY.<br>We use 5 walker GHS riders<br>2 bobcat 36&quot; walkbehinds<br>4 snapper trim mowers<br>Echo weedeaters and backpacks<br>giant vac ground blowers<br>Ryan overseeders and areators

02-13-2000, 11:16 PM
I am 15 years old and i live in northern New Jersey. I have been cutting grass and doing cleanups since i was like 13 or so. I have been shoveling snow since like 11. This year my friend who is 17 got a '95 dodge 2500 v8 with a meyer plow on it, so I have been plowing with him this year. I just blow the walks and touch up, we do about 20 drives. My equipment consists of-<br>'94 scag 36 inch belt drive w/14hp kohler<br>'99 Stihl br400 backpack<br>'87 Echo pb 400 e backpack<br>'87 Stihl String trimmer<br>'80 something little wonder wheel blower.<br>We put a '76 meyer plow blade on the Dodge because the truck didnt come with a blade when he bought it, so my father had it aroud so we gave it to him. It has plowed strong so far knock on wood.

pro cut
02-14-2000, 12:18 PM
I had to get my two cents in also.Im from a small town in Wyoming.I just started my lawn co. last summer with the last 50 bucks I had and no equipment except 1985 chevy 1/2 ton and a 8x8 sled trailer.I barrowed my freinds mower and trimmer to get the jobs done.Two months later and Gods help, I had a comercial snapper aluminium deck,Two Homlite straight shaft trimmer,3.5 B.S power edger,Homelite blower,and various hand tools.I currently have 60 accounts 50% commercial 50% residental. I have that same freind help me mow.I have discoverd that in small towns like this one (50,000 people)its not exactly what you know but who you know. Born and raised here I know a few people.I try to just stick with just lawn mowing and avoid the clean-ups.This next summer I will have my aplicators lic. so I will Fert. to be more full service for my customers.Im going to purchase some new equipment this year also( areator, dethacher, leaf vacumm ).I worked full time last summer mowing lawns.I enjoy the work and it gives me time to think.<br> I'm 27 years old and an electrician by trade but burned out on making money for other people and would rather make money for myself.I have a very supportive girl freind of 5 years and we just bought a new house, no kids just a dog.<p>Good luck to all ,

02-19-2000, 10:26 PM
My name is Jake I am 18 and from Fl I have been mowing for 8 years now after school my dad drove me around and showed me how to high quality work I will graduate this year and plan on going full time this year scince I am known in the mowing profesion I mow about 20 yards could do more but like the free time while I have it. Right now I am just mow but plan on going to a community college so I can keep my buisiness going, to take up landscape architecture and maintance so I know a little more and can give a professional answer when someone ask me a question. In the next few years I plan on changing my clintel to commercial and high end residential only. My equipment consist of:<p>99' Toro 44&quot; 17hp ZTR<br>echo power pruner<br>echo chainsaw<br>5 gal sprayer<br>85 k/10<br>gravely 36&quot; WB<br>sthil fs85 trimmer<br>sthil edger<br>echo hedge trimmer<br>echo handheld blower<br>troybilt leaf vac<br>echo chain saw<br>honda 21&quot; commercial<br>snapper 42&quot; 16hp rear engine rider(for leaf)<br>5x12 trailer<br>Sthil HS45 hedge trimmer<br>Lawnboy 21&quot; mulching mower<p>Exquisite Lawn Services<p><br>Eric asked us to tell what we started out with so here it is I started out with my dads 21&quot; honda and a craftsman edger thats it. <p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: snake1040<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: snake1040

MJM Landscaping Inc
02-20-2000, 01:36 AM
My name is mark, i have been in buisness for 8 years. I own the company with my younger brother.(im 31 he's 28) Our first year in we grossed aprox.$12000.00. I have learned alot since then. I don't think I know everything about this buisness (and don't think any one person ever will)But im more than happy to share anything i can. Why? Because the sooner people are on the same page(pricing, quality ect.) the nicer life all of us will have. If i can help you have a higher profit, i am really allowing myself to have a higher profit. That 12000.00 is now 350,000.00.(im not bragging, I know i have been very blessed)I have been helped by many companies in my area and 1 piece of advice when viewing this forum: Read it all, then THINK, none of us are GOD, take all advice with a grain: there is alot of good advice here but remember what works for one might not work for another. This forum is GREAT!!!! I wish it was here when i started but it wasnt so i will help where I can. If anyone want's to talk 1v1 <br>smusolf@home.com<br>equipment<br>2000 (1) dixie chopper 60&quot; 25hp<br>1999 (1) dixie chopper 60&quot; 25hp<br>1998 (3) dixie chopper 60&quot; 25hp<br>1997 (1) dixie chopper 60&quot; 22hp<br>2000 (3) toro walkbehind 52&quot; 16hp (sold all the old ones)<br>year unknown Kubota 22hp diesel (for snow removal only)<br>1995 kubota 18hp 60&quot; (for sale, not used in 3 years!!)<br>1993 trac vac 11hp (leaves)<br>echo trimmers srm2100 thru 3000<br>echo blowers<br>stihl blowers (blower of choice for me now)<br>stilh chainsaw (1995?)<br>meyer plows (3)<br>toro single stage 5hp snow throwers(changing over to 2 stage next year)<br>(3) 18' open trailers<br>(1) 10' open trailer<br>diesel dump (1)<br>chevy 1500 PU (2)<br>ford 150 PU (2)<br>echo pole hedge trimmer (1) (great investent for those wide and tall shrubs!)<br>air compressor (a must !!)<br>numerous dead equipment (but great for parts)<br> Mark A Musolf<br> MJM Lawn & Landscaping Inc.

02-21-2000, 07:51 PM
my name is chris<br>my company name is cjc landscape management<br>i am located in central florida(winter haven)<br>my equipment:<br>mower snapper 48&quot; hydro wb/with velke<br>edger and weedeater shindaiwa t230 and te230<br>blower. red max back pack<br>trimmers tanaka(i know, its all i could afford at the time)<br>chainsaw mac.<br>hand sprayer<br>hand spreader<br>trailer 8x12<br>truck '91 ford explorer 4x4<p>

02-23-2000, 09:16 PM
Hello to all:<br>Ny name is Ken and I live in N.E. Philadelphia I just mow on weekends(afraid to leave the security of Day job) I have four children 2 at home and 2 on their own. The two at home are still in school one in College the other a seinor in High School. I need the insurance from day job for them still, but I love to maintain lawns. <br>I have <br>1987 Dodge Ramcharger 4+4<br>5+9 Trailer<br>2-21&quot; Lawn-Boys<br>2- Homelite Trimmers<br>1-Homelite Hand Held Blower<br>1-Eoch Trimmer<br>1-Stilh Chain Saw<br>1-Weedeater Hedge Trimmer<br>1-Honda 22&quot; Single Stage Snow Thrower<br>1-Troy-Bilt 30&quot; Two Stage Snow Thrower<br>and various hand tools.<br>This year I plan to buy a 36&quot; Exmark Metro HP<br>and a Lesco Trimmer (the Dealer told me they were built by the same company that was building Stilh's). probally in 2001 I will go and take the BIG step and go full time.<br>I have 15 Resindential's and one Commercial.<br>I really enjoy this Forum<br>Ken<br>Lightcap's Landscape Service <br>

02-24-2000, 12:35 AM

02-24-2000, 03:51 PM
Hi, I'm Foster Iversen and I live in Chamberlain, SD. I am a groundskeeper for St. Joseph's Indian School by day and for myself at nite. My business is called Wild Hare Gardens. Started out growing and selling dried flowers and quickly found out that there is no money in that! Bought a tree sprayer and made some money. Not too many people or trees in SD! Last year, I got my first truckload of trees in to sell. Was nerve racking for me but they all sold. Purchased a polaris atv and started spraying weeds with it and that part is taking off. So far, the most profitable. Purchased 3 truckloads of trees this year, a digital camera and a imaging program and then got cold feet. Just too much to do and keep a 'real job' at the same time. Canceled all but one load, returned the design program (designing is hell for me, can never make up my mind) and gonna concentrate on weed spraying. The rate around here is $50-75/hr for spot spraying. <br>Equipment so far:<br> 1992 ford heavy half w/flatbed<br>old pickup box trailer<br>225 gal high pressure sprayer(8hp honda, udor pump)<br>EZ dig digger skid steer attachment<br>1999 Polaris 500 ATV<br>Jackrabbit sprayer on the ATV w/boombuster nozzles<br>single axle trailer 20' w/225 gal nurse tank<br>Really enjoy this forum.. by far the best I have seen so far. Thanks for letting me be a part of it.

03-01-2000, 10:04 PM
Haven't bothered to post here since I posted info in the old forum thread, but I'm bored so I'll repost. <p>Myself and my partner own full service, year-round company in Southern Ontario. We're both 30 and have been friends since age 12. I'm married and have a new baby boy born January 18th. We've been in business since 1991 but have been seriously full time since 1994 when we finished university. I've got a degree in Physical Education and at one time planned on teaching but I love working outdoors and being my own boss. Last year we serviced 200+ properties for lawn cutting (commercial and residential) and 40 fertilizing properties. This winter we have 30 commercial properties and 10 driveways for snowplowing and salting. Last year we had 5 employees besides myself and my partner. My partner and I plus my dad (retired) handle the plowing. <p>Our equipment: <p>1989 Chevy 3/4 ton 4x4 with 7.5' Snoway plow<br>1989 GMC 3/4 ton 4x4 with 8' Meyers plow<br>1985 GMC 3/4 ton 4x4 with 7.5' Snoway plow<br>(the two 89's have Buyers tailgate salters)<br>6'x14' landscape trailer<br>6'x12' landscape trailer<br>5'x10' landscape trailer<br>52&quot; Toro Z-Master<br>54&quot; Ransomes gear-drive WB<br>three 36&quot; Ransomes gear-drive WB's<br>21&quot; Commercial Hondas<br>21&quot; Commercial Lawnboys<br>T-260 Shindaiwa Trimmers<br>Shindaiwa Hand and Backpack Blowers<br>Backpack Sprayers<br>10hp 26&quot; Snowblower<br>Usual other small stuff<p><p>----------<br>Dave in S.Ontario<br>

03-02-2000, 04:10 PM
My name is David from Hampton Va. I too posted on the original thread but feel it's important for us to &quot;know&quot; each other. We have been in business for 11 years with the last 5 &quot;full&quot; time. I still work full time as a Captain in a local fire department (21years). We presently service 120 accounts from the little old ladies (60%) to the HOA and cemeteries. <br>Our equipment is as follows<p>Started with;<br>86 F150<br>21&quot; Snapper self propelled<br>year?? John Deere 116 ($500)<br>McCullough trimmer and hh blower<br>2 wooden ramps<p>NOW<br>97 Dodge 2500 cummins<br>90 Dodge 250 with EZ Dumper<br>86 Dodge 350 12' Dump<br>87 Ford 350 Diesel with landscape/equipment <br> bed (just put together)<br>16'trailer with side gate and custom tool <br> storage<br>12'trailer<br>2 Dixie Choppers 60&quot; (buying new 50&quot;)<br>3 Toro Walk Behind<br>echo pb6000 blowers ( I like the anchors )<br>echo 2501 and 2601 trimmers<br>echo hedge trimmers (20&quot; and articulating)<br>Little Wonder and Giant vac push blowers<br>Billy Goat Leaf loader and vacs<br>aerators -Ryan and Spyker<br>spreaders - Big Foot and Agrifab<br>sprayers - Shindawa<p>Thanks to all of you for making this a great place for ideas and information. A special thanks to those who run this site. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Chuck.<p><p><font size="1">Edited by: Getmow

03-06-2000, 10:03 PM
Hi my name is Tom, I have been in business for almost 3 yrs. We do 60% consruction & 40% Lawn Care. We are located in Massachusetts. I am 25 and have either landscaped for someone or have worked in a nursery since I was 13. <br>Started out with<br>1989 3/4 chevy <br>16X6 trailer<br>snapper 48&quot;<br>murray 21&quot;<br>ryobi trimmer<br>echo hand blower<br> Equipment includes 1999 Chevy 3/4 <br>1994 GMC Top Kick <br>60&quot; Lazer <br>48&quot; Snapper <br>48&quot; Lesco <br>16' open trailer Design Imaging Group Program <br>2 Push Blowers <br>1 Leaf Loader <br>1 Rototiller <br>Echo & Stihl (trimmers backpack blowers, hedgetrimmers, cut off saw) <br>I find this forum very helpful, and addictive especially in the winter.<p><p><font size="1">Edited by: EDL

03-06-2000, 10:22 PM
Well alot of new people have come to this site since I posted back on the old forum, so I thought that I should repost and tell a little about my company and what we do. <br>My frim builds Parks and Forest preserves in the Chicago area. Over half of my work involves hardscaping with specialties in large stone installation in rivers and lakes.<br>The equipment list is long so here is a rough list:<br>3 97-00 ford F450-F550 dumps<br>1 Sterling 29,000 gvw flat bed<br>1 85 gmc Dump (spare truck)<br>1 dodge 2500 4x4 (my office on wheels)<br>4 skid loaders (New Holland<br>2 mini excavators<br>2 ford tractors (a new JD is comming in two weeks)<br>4 equipment trailers (flat beds)<br>2 Enclosed trailers ( hardscape equipment)<br>1 9 ton roller<br>If you want to see what I put in the enclosed trailers just go to the landscape forum and look for paver tools.<br>About myself; I have been in landscaping for over 25 years (no I'm not old but started young) I have a wife and two daughters, insterests are Deer hunting with My oldest daughter (younger one whats to go this year)and cars (just bmw's fast ones)<p><p>----------<br>paul<br>

03-06-2000, 11:46 PM
Hello, name is steve and I'm from N. West Jersey, the farm country. And for all of you out there, yes, there is some of that left in Jersey, though were losing it quick.<br>Im 26 and only been in the business for about 5 years. Went to college to study engineering, but couldn't speak chinese, so I switched to something that a simple country boy could understand and went with landscape construction. Currently Im employed by Morristown Municipal Aiport as a ground specialist. Basically in charge of all aspects from maintenance, construction, designing, etc. I kind of stumbled on the oppurtunity, but am really enjoying the it. Its hard to believe I get paid to sit in a air conditioned case 5130 and watch planes all day. <p>Besides the airport, I also do landscape design work on the side. I currently do designs for local contractors in and about my area. They range from choosing 1 tree to 100K plans. My equipment...<p>1 computer<br>1 scanner<br>1 HP1120c inkjet<br>1 copy of intellicad (too cheap to buy autocad, but convinced the airport to buy it and will steal a copy from them)<br>1 drafting table<br>and 1 box of worn out drafting supplies<p>(just figured i'd make my list a little diff't)<p>My future plans are to go into business for myself. I don't know if I want to just stick with the design end or move into construction also. I just bought a 90 dodge rack body dump with 65 thousand on it for 3k before winter and plan to put it to work on the weekends. I've been using my 99 sonoma, but figured it was just a matter of time before ther rear bumper wore off from having a yard of mulch in the back. Enjoy doing small paver jobs and and weekend plantings. Also, what works out good is I can trade designs for equipment with my clients. A lot of times I do plans and exchange them for a tractor rental for the weekend. Works out good for both of us that way.<p>For now though, I just want to figure out exactly what I'm doing and what I want to do before I make the plunge. Taking risks with someone else's money is definetely safer than using your own. (I know you owners love to hear that one....lol)<p>Anyway, this forum is great and have enjoyed everything you have all said. To tell you the truth, I learned more here in a week than I did in 4 years at collegel......Thanks all.<p>steveair <p><p>

Richard Martin
03-15-2000, 05:52 AM
I have been in business about 5 years in Mayo, Md. The name of my company is AM Lawn Service and I work primarily in grass cutting. I also do limited landscaping for selected customers.<p>My equiptment consists of:<p>1995 F-150 5.0 XL<br>1997 6X12 Landscape Trailer<br>1990 Woods 36&quot; Hydro (retired this week)<br>2000 Exmark Metro 36&quot;<br>1998 Modified Gravely Pro 150 50&quot;<br>1999 Stihl BR400 Blower<br>1999 Shindaiwa T-230 Line Trimmer<br>2000 Shindaiwa T-230 Line Trimmer<br>1996 Husqavarna 36 Chain Saw<br>ect... <br>

ProCut Lawn Service
03-22-2000, 07:17 PM
My name is Kevin and I am the owner/operator of ProCut Lawn Service here in central Florida. Im 22 years old. I usually work solo in the winter and hire friends in the summer to help out. I have been in business for about 3 years, but have been mowing lawns ever since I could ride a mower. I work full-time and have commercial, residental, and HOA accounts.<p>My equipment is:<br>(1) '94 F-150 converted to a flatbed dually<br>(1) 16' Trailer<br>(1) John Deere 655 54&quot; rider<br>(1) John Deere Deluxe 48&quot; WB w/ Velke<br>(1) John Deere GS30 36&quot; WB w/ Velke<br>(1) 21&quot; Toro 2-Cycle<br>(1) 21&quot; Sarlo<br>(2) Echo Line Trimmers<br>(4) Stihl Line Trimmers<br>(1) Echo Stick Edger<br>(1) Stihl Stick Edger<br>(1) Stihl Brushcutter<br>(1) Echo Backpack Blower<br>(1) Stihl Backpack Blower<br>(1) Homelite Backpack Blower<br>(2) Stihl Hedgetrimmers<br>and lots of other misc. stuff<p>Hope to be talking to you guys soon!<p><br>----------<br>ProCut Lawn Service<br>Lakeland, Fl<br>

04-03-2000, 08:36 PM
I'm Ed and the solo operator of Bay Area Lawn Care in the Green Bay Wisconsin area. I started out 5 years ago with some non commercial equipment and soon learned why its non commercial.<br>My starting lineup was <br>Toro17HP Hydro Lawn and Garden Tractor w/bagger<br>6.5 Craftsman 22&quot;walk behind<br>Homelite Trimmer<br>Singer hand held blower/vac<br>homemade trailer 6x10 w/added gate<br>1985 Jeep Cherokee Chief - rest its soul. <br>No idea on how to price any of the work I was doing.<br> I currently have expanded into granular fertilizing on a small scale. I service 22 accounts per week and about 50 to 60 spring cleans. I fertilize only 12 customers as of 4-1-2000. I do the lawn stuff about 16 hours per week and another 56 hours per week I'm a firefighter/paramedic. I NEED to do lawns and appreciate the job that all of us do for whatever reason.<p>I HAD a 1998 Walker MTGHS25 with a cursed kohler 25 that I've had nothing but problems with.<p>2000 Walker MTGHS26 EFI 42&quot;deck and no catch deflector - comfort seat and 9.8bbl catcher. 6-1-2000<br>Traded old 98 in and feel great.<p>1999 Toro Proline 44&quot; Kohler 15hp hydro that is an accountsaver when the Walker is down. Also great for hills.<br>I use 2 cheap, light homelite trimmers<br>1 Husky backpack blower<br>1 lawnboy 21&quot; trim mower<br>1 backup Crapsman 22&quot; slow hi-wheel trim mower<br>a 14' trailer w/2 gates<br>1998 Chevy Z-71 Silverado that I already scratched but I really need.<br>I have been in the G.B. area for about 10 years and still think the Packers suck. Bear fan forever. But the Packers are trying to get a .5% sales tax passed for a new stadium so I used this threat to increase my prices. Just kidding. <br>Stay safe, be careful, go home and have fun.<br>Lifes is too short to worry.<p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: MOW ED<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: MOW ED

04-04-2000, 10:32 PM
Hi my name is Eric and I own Eric's lawn service. I have been mowing for about 7 years now, I do mostly com accounts but I do some yards for my friends. I am from Gainesville Fl. <p>I mow about 500+ acres a month<p>1995 f-350 power stroke 4X4<br>John Deere 4630 (150hp) with cab a/c and radio I use a Rhino 15foot bat wing with it<p>2000 john deere 620 with a 54inch deck<br>Ferris 52 WB<br>Scag 48 Wb<br>15 foot trailer<br>Echo weed eater 2400<br>Echo blower<br>Sthil edger<br>Echo hedge trimmer<p>

04-19-2000, 06:29 PM
Who: toroguy-34 years old-no kids<br> Owner/Operator<p>Started with a 21' MTD, weedeater trimmer and blower. All purchased at Target with an employee discount. Hauled in the trunk of a 1984 Ford Tempo that I purchased at a tax lien auction for $50. End of first year I had seven customers.<p>Current equipment: 2000 Exmark Metro HP walk behind<br> 1999 21&quot;commercial Lawn Boy <br> Shindaiwa T-230 trimmer<br> Homelite blower<br> JRCO tine dethatcher<br> Grass Gobbler clippings can<br> 5X10 trailer<br> weedeater hedge trimmer<br> 51 customers <p>Where: Third year. Wright Co. MN.<p>Wants: More customers, especially <br>celebrity types, a Chopper or <br>Lazer as I grow. New blade sharpener. Aerator. A Viking Super Bowl win.<p>Im memory...Homelite trimmer R.I.P<p><br><p><font size="1">Edited by: toroguy

04-19-2000, 07:32 PM
hey all-<br>time to post after Eric's plea to the rest of us.<br>Owner & operator of The Yard Smith Lawn & Outdoor Services. Age is 31. (I feel old saying that) Been in bus. since spring of '94. Worked part time, with avg. of 25-28 accts. max that we could keep properly maintained with equip. we had. Had a full time job 'on the side' as a machinist/ tool & die type of work. Considered getting more schooling & get a Journeyman's card, but around here that'll only get you $15-18 an hour. I was already doubling that part time in lawn care! This is our first year full time!<br>Located in North Central Ohio, between Cleveland & Columbus. <br>Equipment as follows:<p>87 Chevy Silverado 4x4 1/2 ton beefed up & Meyer's 7' plow<br>79 Chevy 1/2 T short/flat bed with older Boss V-plow (winter beater)<br>Buyers salt spreader<br>20 ft. Tandem axle H&H trailer with 2 gates-rear & side<br>99 Bobcat ZT200 25hp 61&quot; cut<br>Steiner 220 20hp 60&quot; cut<br>Honda 13hp 48&quot; Hydro WB w/ Lesco-Cub Cadet sulky<br>Honda 21&quot; comm. push mower<br>The above mowers are what goes out with me each day; other mowers are in storage (locked up tight);<br>Simplicity ZTR 16hp 54&quot; cut (FOR SALE!)<br>Another Honda hydro WB 13hp 48&quot; cut (FOR SALE!)<br>Simplicity Sun Runner 8hp 36&quot; cut with bagger-MINT! (FOR SALE!)<br>2-Yard man &quot;commercial&quot; push mowers-held up good for me<br>misc. 1 or 2 push mowers for add. backup<br>Stihl FS85 weedeater/brushcutter<br>Stihl FS75 dedicated tall weed cutter<br>Stihl BG75 hand blower<br>Echo pb1000 blower (old/backup)<br>Stihl HS86 hedge trimmer from h*ll<br>Lots of rakes, shovels, hand pruners, wheelbarrows, spreaders, etc.<p>WE STARTED OUT WITH:<br>1985 toyota 2wd pickup with (in the back):<br>10 hp Ariens rear engine rider/30&quot; cut Forrest gump style mower<br>older 22&quot; PUSH mower<br>used & abused Homelite curved shaft weedeater<br>used Echo pb1000 leaf blower-we were really big time once we got a leaf blower! :)<p><br>We do about a 60-40 mix- 60% res./ 40% comm., & always looking for more good properties. <br>Tend to specialize in mowing; also provide annual landscape renovations & spring cleanups to customers & new/ one timers also.<br>Trying to get my route down to a smaller geographic circle; may take awhile, as I can't get the right people to call all the time.<br>----------<br>Smitty <p><p><p><p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: yardsmith<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: yardsmith

04-20-2000, 04:28 PM

eagle lawn services
04-22-2000, 10:50 PM
I am in Brooksville Florida, my name is chris, and I own a small lawn and landscape maintenance company called Eagle Lawn Services. <br>The truck is a '97 dodge ram 2500 diesel (love the truck)<br>My mower is a Howard Price 360Z and a 36&quot; bobcat for backyards.<br>Blowers are Shindaiwa as is the edger.<br>Weedeater, hedgetrimmers, and chainsaw are all Stihl. I will be moving everything to stihl equipment as it needs replacing.<br>I use a 16' trailer with 4'sides,it is a tandem axle.<br>Our services include, mowing, edging, weedeating, blowdown, hedges, palm trimming, roundup, landscape installs, cleanups and hauling, and fertilizing.<br>I have about 50 accounts currently although we are growing rapidly. I just moved here from a hundred miles south of here. I am looking to rebuild my business locally to around two hundred or so.

04-24-2000, 11:33 PM
I am Jonathan and my partner, Lawnforce2 is Anthony. We started up about a year and a half ago after my partner told me I needed to get out more. We are semi-fulltime. We are in Knoxville, Tn. <p>We started out with a five thousand dollar loan from family members.<p>We started with:<br>'52 Scag Zero Turn WB<br>'48 JD belt wb<br>Murray 22 pusher <br>McCullUGH trimmer<br>6X10 unknown brand trailer <br>'72 Chevy C10 (inline 6 with that damn column shift)<p>We have added:<br>2 RedMax 6200 blowers<br>3 Honda 4 stroke trimmers<br>1988 Ford F-250 4X4<br>2 Solo backpack sprayers<br>Bunch of misc. tools (pitchforks, shovels, spades)<br>2 Jungle Wheels (we don't ride unless we are pinched for time)<p>We started out with four accounts and now have well over 50. <p>We do mostly commercial and are looking for ways to get more bids. <br><p><font size="1">Edited by: lawnforce1

04-25-2000, 11:36 AM
We are in Sullivan County NY, the southern part of the Catskills. Service about 55-60 accounts, 95% residential. 6 month season may-oct, get about 23 cuts out the the &quot;weekly&quot; accounts, things slow down alot after the dry part of the season and when the colder weather moves in after Labor Day.<br>Equipment:<br>1994 Ford F-150 302v8, 2wd, auto, AC!<br>14'x6.5' tandem axle landscape trailer<br>12'x6.5' single axle landscape trailer<br>1999 SCAG Turf Tiger 61&quot; 25hp kohler<br>1998 SCAG 48&quot; belt drive w/ 17hp kawi<br>shindaiwa t-230 trimmer<br>husky 225RJ trimmer (just expired)<br>husky back pack blower<br>husky hedge trimmer<br>husky chain saw model 272xp <br>husky chain saw model 41 or 42, i4got<br>husky sucks<br>homelite 25cc blower (5yrs old and still kick'n)<br>Billy Goat HTR 16hp Leaf Loader (get one!!)<br>2&quot; Honda water pump w/ all the extras<br>2000 psi pressure washer 5.5hp Honda,CAT pump<br>10'x20' portable garage, to keep the mowers out of the weather during the mowing season<br>just in:<br>RedMax EB6200 back pack blower<br>RedMax(strato charged)trimmer<br>RedMax CHT2300 30&quot; hedge trimmer<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: TylerAssociatesLLC

CA Enterprises
04-26-2000, 07:33 AM
My name is Adam and I live in Clovis, NM. I started in lawn care 6 years ago and have enjoyed expanding, however I am also a Weather Forecaster in the Air Force so moving from OKC has dampened the expansion. I haven't ran into much problem getting business in this area. In fact I go to church with one of the local lawn companies owner. He has passed on some jobs that he says he doesn't have time for. Still, they are pretty good, pay that it is. I will part the Air Force in 2003 and plan on trying to go full time with Lawn Care. I am still working on educating myself and getting better equipment. I have one guy that helps me. I have 41 accounts and during the summer when business is good I find it hard to have any free time.<p>My equipment is:<p>2000 John Deere 48&quot;(just replaced a 1994)<br>1996 Craftsman 22&quot;(hope to get rid of it this year as well)<br>1998 Stihl Trimmer & edger<br>1998 Ryobi Trimmer<br>1998 Ryobi Blower<br>1977 5x15 Trailer(good shape but needs paint)<br>1998 Chevy C3500 Crew Cab with 8' bed<p>Let me just add that I certainly have a long way to go to get as good as the rest of you. I appreciate all the forums though I don't post alot, I still learn.<br> <br>Thanks,<p>Adam :)

04-26-2000, 04:40 PM
Ill just copy what I posted previously at the Hall of Forums:<p>&quot;Posted by thelawnguy on Aug-25-99 at 03:42 PM (EST) I work full-time by myself, seven years now, and mow 60 lawns a week, with 25 driveways in winter and a 2-acre Industrial Park parking lot. Formerly spent 8 years as a Manager for a new-car dealer. Tired of 12-hour days seven days a week. I have a 95 Dodge 2500 4x4 with 8 foot Fisher plow and a small tailgate sander, a 5x10 trailer with custom enclosed 24 inch side panels. I use, in no particular order, a 52-inch Turf Tracer with mulcher, a 38-inch John Deere with bagger, a 21-inch Lawnboy, Billy Goat 8 hp blower, Echo handheld blower, Stihl stick trimmer, Husky 41 chainsaw, two Echo HC2000 hedge trimmers, a Simplicity 8-28 snowblower and a toro CCR2500 blower. Also a myriad of<br>handtools, ladders, sideboards, leaf boxes, you name it.<p>My only regret is that I didnt get into the business sooner! In winter I buy and sell on eBay under &quot;thelawnguy&quot;, look me up from Dec to Mar. and say &quot;hi&quot;.<p>Bill &quot;<p>Only difference for 2000, the tailgate sander is gone, and I scrapped the lawnboy for a 21 inch toro salvaged from a customer.<p>

04-27-2000, 12:45 AM
Hi everybody back east.<br>My name is Jean-Louis Curutchet. I have been in both the landscaping and the maintenance side since age eight, except for 2 years as a California Highway Patrol officer. Got hurt on the job, decided enough was enough. Bought a small route from my father, been working on my own for the last 13 years. I work in the San Francisco peninsula region, here in California. The work is all year around, but we loose about a month due to rain. <br>On the maintenance side, my route is over 150 strong, with the average size yard of 900 sq.ft. The landscape side, I specialize in doing residential sod and sprinkler installations. Im lucky that both my father and uncle are in the same business. Makes it handy to cover for each others business.<br>This is the best forum of other people in the Landscape/Maintenance business. Just wish there were more people from the west coast that would use this forum.<br>From sunny California,<br>Jean-Louis (Gusbuster) Curutchet<p>What I started with:<br>69 3speed on the tree 1/2 ton pu<br>sears utility trailer<br>1 19&quot; lawnboy<br>1 toro edger<br>echo blower<br>misc hand tools.<br>all tools were bought used from my dad. He also paid for my first months gas. <p>Equipment most used:<br>1 helper every Saturday<br>89 ton Chevy Pick up with dump<br>Small Sears Utility Trailer<br>2 21 self propelled Lawn-Boys<br>Shindaiwa T-230<br>Redmax Hedge trimmer<br>Echo articulated pole hedge trimmer<br>12 Garden Master Rototiler<br>Trench Master trencher<br>And other small machines. Just purchased recently a 21 Hoda Commercial model HRC216K1HXA plus mulching kit. I only wish my yards were big enough to run a hopper, lazer ect..:confused:
<p><br>----------<br>J-LC Landscaping & Maintenance Gardening<br>C-27 Ca Contr# 770044<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: gusbuster

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04-28-2000, 09:05 PM
I'm the owner/operator of The Lawn Company. I'm located in Newport, WA. About 40 miles outside of Spokane. This is my first year in business. Previously farmed in North Dakota.<p>Equipment:<p>1978 F250 4x4(dana 60's front and back, mild 460, c6, 205 t-case, 35&quot; tires)<br>1999 Lazer Z 52&quot;<br>2000 Honda 21&quot;<br>2000 Shindaiwa T270 trimmer<br>2000 Shindaiwa LE230 edger<br>2000 Shindaiwa EB500 blower<br>1980's Stihl FS36 trimmer<br>1990's Stihl 044 chainsaw<br>2000 Echo HC1500 hedge clipper<br>late 60's or early 70's JD 110 rider<br>mid 80's Ransomes/Bobcat 36&quot; wb (not in running order yet)<br> Various tools (welder, torch, compressor etc..)<p>Interests: Anything automotive, flying, Vikings football.

04-30-2000, 10:20 AM
Hi, I'm Rob I am in the snowplowing buisness only for about 3-4 yrs now. Just starting in the construction side lately(trying to find something to do with the equipment). We are in the south suburbs of Chicago,IL. Equipment includes:<p>1- 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 w/ 8'western plow<br>1- 1999 Dodge Ram 2500 w/ 8'western plow<br>1- 1994 Chevy 3500 dump w/9'western plow<br> and tailgate spreader.<br>1- 1988 IH 1900 truck w/v-box spreader and<br> 11' Flink plow<br>1- 1987 IH 1900 Dump w/12' gledhill plow<br>1- 1999 New Holland LX-885 w/9'western plow<br>1- 1999 New Holland LX-885 w/10' protech plow<br>1- 1974 Michiagn 175B wheel loader w/18'<br> protech plow(on order)<br>1- 6x12 Enclosed sidewalk trailer<br>1- skidsteer trailer<br>2- Snowblowers<br>Lots of salt (bulk & bag)<br>A full shop of tools and equipment<br>

Turf Cutters
04-30-2000, 08:21 PM
My wife and I formed Turf Cutters in 1994. I am a full time firefighter and worked for other lawn services in the area. My wife worked for different companies in upper middle management and wanted to spend more time with our son. This has turn into a full time job for my wife and a full time part time job for me. We are located in Overland Park, KS near Kansas City, MO. We have two fulltime employees (us) and two part time emploees, seasonal. We provide lawn care, mowing and treatments, landscaping, snow removal(driveways only), and pond installation. We are 70% residential and 30% commerical.<br>Equipment:<br>1 1999 Dodge 4x4 Ram 2500 pick up<br>1 1997 Ford 4x4 F250HD crewcab pick up<br>3 21&quot; lawnboy<br>2 Encore 36&quot; hydros<br>1 Encore 48&quot; hydro <br>1 Dixie Chopper 60&quot;<br>1 16' tandem with side and rear ramp<br>1 12' tandem <br>4 trimmers, 3 redmax, 1 echo<br>3 blowers echo<br>1 Troybilt rotortiller<br>1 Westheffer 200 gal spray tank<br>1 Lesco spreader<br>1 Scotts spreader <br>1 Toro snow blower<p>

05-01-2000, 09:35 PM
Hi, I'm Stuart South from Decatur, AL. I just started my own lawncare company in Feb. and it's called TLC, The Landscape Co. I mainly do lawn maintenance ( twelve month contracts only )As far as landscaping, I only get to do it approx. 15 hrs. a week.{wish I could get more landscape work}<p>Compared to all you guys I have a very small inventory of tools which include:<p>48&quot; lazer HP with mulch kit<br>3 - push mowers (never use them)<br>1988 Ford F150<br>6.5' * 16' trailer<br>Echo 2600 weed wacker<br>Echo 2400 edger<br>Echo PB 60 blower<br>Echo ?? hedge trimmer<br>lots of assorted had tools<br>several wheel barrows<br>Echo back pack sprayer<br>an engineers wheel ( invaluable tool)<br> plan to buy a 60&quot; Exmark in fall or early spring with a trac vac.

05-05-2000, 06:13 PM
I am owner/operator/truck driver etc... 2nd year officially. Part time but love the work. Been cutting for 10+ years commercially for 3. I don't have the experience of most of you but I love to do it, I make some bank and my customers are happy. I have 3 commercial, 2 residential ( 2 comm are repeats from last year)This year less contracts but more $<br>10 year old 36 exmark (great machine!!<br>2 toro 21&quot;<br>weedeater trimmer & blower<br>2000 nissan crew cab 4x4<br>8' trailer<br>misc hand tools<br>best of all... PAID FOR!!!!!!<br>

05-06-2000, 12:51 AM
1 Ford F250, 1 trailer,1 ransomes 36, 1 toro 21 two cycle,a 1967 toro sport lawn rear throw power reel (you just can't have a good lawn without one of these babies!!!)1 shindaiwa t 250, 1 sthil fs 85, 1 echo srm 2100,1 mc calane edger,1 chapin backpack sprayer, 1 lily miller sprayer, 1 Billy Goat, 1 husky leaf vac ( works great as a hand held shredder---throwing off! no catch bag!)1 ECHO hedge trimmers on weedeater, misc. hand tools (gotta love the garden claw!!!) 1 486 laptop (runs power point real nice!) 1 P3 550 clone (name brands suck!) 1 mind full of ag knowledge as well as soil science, 1 ryan aerator, and drive to survive! ( don't let the tax man clobber u!!!)

garbage man
05-07-2000, 12:51 PM
Hi , my name is Garbage Man. That is also my full time job. I am 39.<br>I live in SounthWest Virginia, Dickenson county, Town of Haysi (pronounced HAYS-EYE), close to the KY and WVA boarder. We have 0- degree winters and 100+ summers. <br>I am married (#2), 6 months now, to a beautiful 22 yr old babe and hope to have another child in the near future. I already have one lovely daughter, 19 , who is married and given me a gorgeous grandaughter, 9 mths , a son of 15, he says 15 3/4 , who looks forward to getting my beat-up '89 s-10 so he can take over the business. ha ha <br>I have been doing Lawn Care (part-time) since 1987 went full time after a lay-off in '90 , then back to part-time after getting my new county job as a &quot;Residential Evironmental Quality Control Specialist&quot; (er the name; garbage man) in 95.<p>I have the following equipment;<br>(1) Murry 22&quot; push<br>(1) Lowes 21&quot; combo self propeled<br>(1) Mac 100 trimmer<br>(1) Mac 80 trmmer (found)<br>(1) Homelite 135 trimmer<br>(1) Mac Blower<br>(1) Poulan chainsaw<br>(1) Homelite XL2 chainsaw (found)<br>(1) Weedeater 2 cycle hedge trimmer<br>assorted lawn and garden hand tools<p>All this carried around in a 1989 4x4 Chevy S-10. Great gas mileage and it is all paid for. I even find assorted equipment and tools on my full time job (you would be amazed at what people throw away). I haven't bought trimmer string in years. <br>I would love to do this work year round but as some of you may know, the mountains of SWVA are notorious for hard winters. My son helps me out when his schedule permits (girls and fishing/hunting). We, or should I say me most of the time, ha ha , do an average of 7 yards a week some like it only every two weeks or when the grass gets above the tires on the cars in the yard (that was a hillbilly joke). <br>Thanks to this forum I have learned new information on this subject and hope to keep learning.

05-17-2000, 12:55 PM
Hi all!<p>My name is Mike Biskup partner in Greenkeepers Lawn Service & Landscaping. I'm in a partnership with my brother Mark. We are located in Medina County OH. About 20min South of Cleveland. <p>How we started:<br> We started when we were 11 years old cutting for neighbors grandparents etc. The business kept growing and helped my bro and I get though school. In 1998 after I graduated college We sold all our accounts in PA and Moved to OH to start all over. We are still part time until it's beneficial for full time. <br>Our original equipment (don't laugh)<p>(1) 1972 Lawn Boy 19&quot; push mower<br>(1) 1981 Lawn Boy 21&quot; push mower<br>(1) little orange electric craftsmen trimmer (bout 8&quot; cut)<br>(1) Push broom<br>(2) parents who liked to drive their smelly sweaty kids around for 5 years.<p>Pretty elaborate setup huh????<p><br>Our Equipment Now includes:<p>(1) 2000 Exmark Lazer Z Hp <br>(1) 1998 Exmark 48&quot; Metro<br>(1) 1999 MTD Pro 48&quot; WB<br>(2) 1998 Lawnboy 21&quot; commercial push mowers<br>(1) 1998 Lawnboy 21&quot; push mower<br>(2) Weedeater brand weadeaters (t bar type)<br>(1) Stihl weedeater<br>(1) Stihl hedge clipper<br>(1) Stihl Chainsaw<br>(2) Weedeater handheld blowers<br>(1) Lesco backpack blower<br>(1) Lesco 80 # broadcast spreader<br>(1) Lesco Backpack sprayer<br>(1) McLane power edger<br>(1) 16' landscape tandem landscape trailer<br>(1) Little Wonder 8hp blower<br>(1) 1999 Dodge ram 3/4 ton 4X4 w/ e-z dumper bed insert<br>(1) 1998 Dodge ram 1/2 ton 4X4<br>(1) Trenchmaster bed edger<br>(1) Full office setup- computer printers etc. I think this is one that everyone forgets.<p>Many other tools, misc saws, hand tools, wheelbarrows etc.....<p>Have a good one!!<p>Mike and Mark<br>Greenkeepers<p><p>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: GREENKEEPERS<p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: GREENKEEPERS<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: GREENKEEPERS

05-17-2000, 05:15 PM
Hello my name is corey and i'm located in minnesota currently doing lawncare part time and plan to go full time next season if the wife lets me.as for equipment this is what i have so far. <br>2000 Dodge Ram 3500 V10 with a 3 yard tipper<br>1997 Dodge Ram 2500 extended cab<br>1997 haulmark 18ft enclosed trailer<br>1998 snapper 52&quot; gear walk behind<br>1999 snapper 48&quot; zero turn<br>(2) shindiawa T230 trimmers<br>(1) stihl br400 backpack blower<br>toro 21&quot; push mower<br>Trac vac system for walk behind<br>jarco power rake for walk behind<br>16' open trailer<br>(2) meyer/diamond plows<br>i have one employee (my dad) <br>33 yrs old married for 9 years two kids <br>love the site actually my wife found it and we have both learned alot from it this is my second season mowing/landscaping and plan on many more <br>

05-18-2000, 10:28 PM
My name is Dave, I own a full service maintenance company. We have been expanding in the landscaping field for the last 5 years. I've been taking courses in landscape design and have been pursuing this area of the bis alot. We currently serice 42 customers, 70% commercial and 30% resident.I prefer to use Toro equiptment ( if golf courses all over the world do, who am i to argue?). <p>Current inventory includes:<br>Toro Z Master 255 52&quot; deck<br>Toro Pro Line 16hp twin cyl, 52&quot; deck WB<br>Toro Pro Line 15hp 44&quot; deck WB<br>Toro GTS 21&quot; mower<br>Toro 269 with 52&quot; deck with TracVac <br>Troy Bilt 33&quot; mulching mower<br>Shindawa trimmer<br>Toro trimmer<br>Robin hedge trimmer<br>Echo leaf blower<br>88 chevy PU<br>12' trailer<br>10' trailer<br>a bunch of other stuff not worthy of mention

05-21-2000, 02:33 PM
Hello! My name is David and I'm from Frederick County, Maryland. I'm 48 yrs young and will retire from the Govt. after 30 yrs of service. My jobs with the govt. and military I have spent almost 30 years working in an office environment. I love the outdoors and I will never work inside again. While I look forward to retirement, I'm not one to sit at home and vegetate. <p>I live in an estate subdivision where most of the properties are almost 2 acres and above. Living where we do has opened up many opportunities for me to mow and do lawn/garden services where I live. I plan to expand my boundaries and customer base next year. <p>Equipment:<p>1998 Chevy CK/1500<br>Toro Z255 62&quot; w/striping Kit - Nice<br>Trenchmaster F-780H Bed Edger<br>Brinley 48&quot; Core Aerator - Tow behind<br>Crapsman: blower and string trimmer<p>Planned Purchases this year:<p>18-Foot Trailer - <br>REDMAX Blowers - Handheld HB2300<br>SHINDAIWA Hedge Trimmer AH230<br>TANAKA Trimmer TBC-2510<br>TANAKA Edger TLE-550<br>Exmark Viking Hydo Walk Behind w/ 36 Deck<p><br>God Bless!<p>----------<br>--Disneyland on the Potomac<br>www.go-emerald.com

05-21-2000, 09:37 PM
I am from the York, PA area, have been doing this full-time since 1995. I started out part-time in 1986. I am a solo operator with approx. 32 commercial accounts and 39 upscale residential accounts. I only do mowing and snow removal, subcontract everything else out (no time).<p><br>What I started out with:<br>1983 Mazda B2000 truck<br>1986 Toro Landscaper 21&quot; push mower<br>Green Machine trimmer<br>Homelite blower<p><br>What I now have:<br>1997 Ford F-350 Powerstroke 4x4 Dump Truck<br>1979 Ford F-250 4x4 Supercab (used for snow)<br>1996 6'6&quot;x18' 10,000lb. Custom Trailer<br>Meyer 8' commercial poly plow<br>Meyer 8' commercial steel plow<br>(2)Meyer mini-spreaders<br>1999 Buyers Hopper Spreader<br>1999 John Deere F1145 Front Mower with:<br> Heated Cab<br> 72&quot; mower<br> 54&quot; power angle blade<br> 47&quot; two-stage snowblower<br>1985 Case 1845 skid loader<br>2000 Exmark 60&quot; liquid cooled Lazer Z<br>2000 Exmark 72&quot; EPS Lazer Z<br>1999 John Deere 14 SX trim mower<br>1992 Scag 48&quot; walk behind<br>Echo Gt2400 trimmers<br>Stihl BR400 backpack blower<br>Earthway stainless spreader <p>

05-21-2000, 09:50 PM
<p>Mountain View Landscaping ia a full service landscape company located in the central New Jersey area. We have been serving the Somerset, Hunterdon, and Middlesex areas for over 15 years. My father started out when I was Just a kid in the early eighties. So I dont remember what equiupment he started with. I do remember the 21&quot; Snapper's thats about all.<p>Our equipment now consists of:<p>1 83 Chevy Mason Dump <br>1 85 Ford F250 w/Meyer plow<br>1 91 Ford F150 w/Meyer plow<br>1 94 Ford F250 w/Meyer plow<br>1 97 Ford F350 w/backpack & 10' rack<br>3 Landscape trailers 12' 18' 20'<br>16 Lawn Mowers 4-Honda push 3-36&quot; bobcats <br>2-48&quot; bobcats 2-54&quot; bobcats 2-52&quot; Lazers w/vacs 1-52&quot;exmark explorer 1-48&quot; ferris hydro walk 1-61&quot; ferris dual drive hydro<br>1 tihl FS 74<br>2-Stihl FS 80's 2-Kawisaki's 1-Redmax 1-Green Machine 1-weed wacker graveyard<br>1 Redmax stick edger<br>1 Shindaiwa stick edger<br>1 hand held Shindaiwa blower<br>2 Shindaiwa 6200 blower's<br>1 Redmax Eb6200 blower<br>1 Stihl br400 blower<br>4 Redmax eb430 blower's<br>3 Fradan push blower's w/8HP I/P<br>1 Stihl HS75 hedge trimmer<br>3 Redmax hedge trimmers<br>1 Stihl 019T chainsaw<br>1 Stihl 025 chainsaw<br>1 Solo chainsaw<p>

little green guy
05-21-2000, 10:54 PM
My Name is Rich and I am 16. I have my own landscape company in New Jersey. We sevice Sommerset and Morris counties. I don't have my lisence yet so two of my friends who have trucks work for me. I have been doing landscaping for about 6 years and about 3 years commercaily. I do about 90% residential and 10% commercail work. I get my lisence next year so i plan on buying a nice truck and a new trailer before next spring and also a new ztr.I do lawn miantance and landscape contruction work(more landscape than miantanance). I also can't spell.<p>I stated with:<p>-leaf rake <br>-yard cart<br>-electric trimmer<br>-3.5hp 21&quot; mower <br>-1 gal gas can<p>I now have:<p>2-36&quot; exmarks w/two wheel velke<br>1-48&quot; ransomes/bobcat<br>1-52&quot; scag hydro w/two wheel velke<br>2-21&quot; push mowers<br>1-Mclane puch edger<br>1-redmax eb6200 blower<br>1-sthil br400 blower<br>1-8hp giant-vac blower<br>1-5hp blower<br>2-echo srm2400 trimmers<br>1-green machine hedge trimmer<br>1-echo hedge trimmer<br>1-sthl o29 saw<br>1-6.5x12 trailer(whats left of it after a little acident)<br>1-6.5x14 tandem trailer<br>1-earthway spreader<br>-other misc. handtools and wheel barrows and stuff<p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: little green guy<p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: little green guy<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: little green guy

05-21-2000, 11:31 PM
My name is Tim i'm 15 years old and i run a lawn maintenance company. My company is still very small because i have to go to school. I service 7 yards all 4 seasons of the year. At the end of August i'm getting 4 new yards to service because my friend is going to college. My equiptment consists of <br>-'94 36&quot; scag w/14 hp kohler <br>-old 21&quot; flip handle sensation<br>-'99 stihl br400 blower<br>-'00 stihl fs85 trimmer<br>-'87 stihl trimmer<br>-'87 echo pb 400e blower<br>-'89 8hp little wonder wheel blower<br>-'6x8 dump trailer<br>-my father's'86 f-150 because i dont have my license<br>-my father's '89 f-350 mason dump w/ 6ft sides for leaves.<br>I plan to get a 52&quot; scag hydro in the fall along with a 16ft landscape trailer.

05-22-2000, 05:31 PM
My name is Mike Reynolds and my brother and I own GrassRoots Lawn Care in New Smyrna Beach, FL. We started our business in Feb of 2000. We currently have 33 customers. We do 85% maintenance, 10% landscaping and 5% new sod installations. <p>We started with:<br>32&quot; Encore Walk-Behind Mower<br>21&quot; Toro Walk-behind.<br>Two HomeLite trimmers.<br>Ryobi Stick Edger<br>Echo Backpack Blower<br>1996 Dodge Dakota Pickup<br>12'x 8' Open Utility Trailer<p><p>----------<br>Mike Reynolds,<br>Grass Roots Lawn Care (Fla)<p><br>&lt;font size=&quot;1&quot;&gt;Edited by: Grassroots<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Grassroots

05-23-2000, 04:42 PM
Well, I actually started with nothing, (didn't we all???). <p>My first mower was a 60's vintage LawnBoy that a neighbor was throwing out. I repaired it, and started mowing with that in 1989. After I made my first $500, I bought a brand new commercial Lawn Boy. <p>All was carried in a Ford Bronco and 4'x8' trailer/.<p>I used that mower along with a Homelite trimmer, and weed eater blower for the first few years. <p>I then added a John Deere 21&quot; mower, as well as started collecting some other commercial stuff. <p>At this point, I realized that I was in need of a pickup truck. I replaced the Bronco with a Ranger.<p>The next pruchase was a 36&quot; Encore mower. That saved me a huge amount of time compared with to the 21&quot; mowers. <p>I kept pn purchasing and purchasing equipment, adding something to the fleet each season. <p><br>I currently operate with the following:<p>1995 F-250 4x4 (=16)<br>- Meyers 7.5 Plow<br>- Trynex 1/3 yard salter<p>1979 Chevy w/7 yard dump body.<p>1997 INternational 6*12<p>(2) 1998 Toro 36&quot; mowers<br>(6) Lawn Boy mowers, some are for backup only.<br>(1) JD 14SB<br>(2) Echo trimmers, with split boom attachemnts.<br>(3) misc. brand trimmers<br>(1) Lesco Backpack blower.<br>(2) misc. brand hand blowers.<br>(1) Troy built Pony<br>(1) MAntis mini tiller<br>(1) old front tine tiller<br>(1) Ryan Lawnaire IV<br>(1) Lesco blade dethatcher<br>(1) Shindiawa Power Broom<br>(1) Lesco MarkII Stainless spreader<br>(3) smaller spreaders, broadcast and drop<br>(2) 2 stage 7hp snowblowers, (Toro)<br>(1) Toro single stage snow blower<br>(1) MTD 5hp leaf blower<br>(1) Flymo hover mower<br>(1) Echo hedge clipper<br>(4) misc brand hedge clippers, gas and electric<br>(1) poulan Pro chainsaw<br>(1) Sears Power washer to keep it all clean<br>(1) LIncoln Electric mig welder to hold it all together<br>(1) Lesco dedicated blade grinder<br>Add in all the hand tools, wrenches, screwdrivers, sockets, wheelbarrows, rollers, shovels, rakes, and various implements of destruction, and you can see why I need a ton of shop space!

05-24-2000, 03:55 PM
My name is Bryan and i just turned 15. I've had a landscaping business since i was eight. I only have 6 customers this summer because i have a full time job at a summer camp, and i don't have my drivers liscense.<br>I started out with;<br>*my dads old $99 special mower<br>*a black and ecker electric weed trimmer my aunt gave me<br>*various tools in the garage<p>My equipment now is;<br>*a 1999 Snapper 21, 6hp, 6 speed, w/ bagger and side dischard attachment(love it)<br>*a 1996 Toro 4.5hp 21&quot; mulcher(hate it, the handle is too low)<br>*a 1998 echo SRM-2100 (love it)<br>* a used 1994(i think)stihl br 400 (got it used when i first started out, love it)<br>*Giant-vac 8hp blower(love it)<br>*little wonder 5hp(ok)<br>*a 1972(i think) ariens 7hp 2 stage snowblower(love it)<br>* snapper single stage snowblower(ok)<p>I'm planning to get a 36&quot; soon, and a new backpack and push leaf blower. Next summer I'm going to get a pickup. <p>Bryan<br>p.s- you can see a pic of my snowblower in my profile<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.snowplow.web.com&quot;&gt;The Snowplow Homepage&lt;/a&gt;<br>

05-25-2000, 02:22 AM
Hi my name is Greg and im located in central Iowa. This my first year in the lawn care business. My previous life was painting hiways all over the usa and just got tired of working 100 hour weeks makeing somebody else rich. So me and a friend just quit our $60,000 year jobs and started our company ALL CITY'S LAWN SERVICE. We curently have 70 accounts 90% residential 10% commercial. we do all aspects of lawn service and some light landscaping. Our current list of equipment is what i stated with and still use <br>1999 425 aws john deere 54in deck<br>3 14se jd 21in pushers<br>3 14sb jd 21in pushers <br>1 ryan greenaire24 aerator<br>1 ryan iv lawnaire aerator<br>2 sthil backpack blowers<br>2 jd trimmers<br>2 sthil trimmers<br>1 lesco slit seeder<br>1 7x18 trailer<br>1 8x16 trailer<br>1 6x12 dump trailer<br>1 630b vermeer stump grinder<br>at least 10 chainsaws various kinds<br>3 chevy 1 ton trucks 1976 to 1985<br>2 ford snow plow trucks 1985 1986<br>and so much other stuff like backhoes crawlers tracters skid loaders that i have access to {my dad farms and my brother owns an excavating buisness) if i should have a use for them.<br> in the winter i also do christmas lights snowplow and woodworking and of course work on all this equipment.<br>my hobbies are work and work and work and sometimes i fly my ultralight and take a ride down the river in my hovercraft, but most of the time i just work because i love it.<br> 1 wife of 5 years 2 daughters 1 son and a dog rounds out the family.<br>well i would have to say that this site is one of the reasons i started in this business because it was tuff to walk away from a good job but this site made it alot easier to walk away keep up the good work<p> eric if you ever get the chance go find a piolt and fly over some of your nice lawns take a camara because they looke awsome at 500 feet.

05-26-2000, 01:41 AM
Hi my name is Brad. I live in Texas. I am 18 and I own Grasshopper Lawn Service.<p>I started out with:<br> -1984 Plymouth Horizon (yes that's right, <br> go ahead and laugh!)<br> -My dad's 5x10 trailer<br> -6hp Craftsman 21in mower<br> -Weedeater brand weedeater (bought it at<br> K-Mart, still runs!)<br> -Craftsman hand-held blower<br> <br>I now have:<br> -1999 Ford Ranger<br> -My own 5x10 enclosed trailer<br> -32in eXmark<br> -20in Honda hydro<br> -2 Echo trimmers<br> -2 Echo back-pack blowers<br> -Echo hedge trimmer<br> -32 accounts<p>I'm still not sure if I want to do this full time. Some days i do, and then sometimes I'll have bad days and I'll want to quit. I'm about to start college so I don't know if I'll do lawn care for a living, or get a so called real job. Any suggestions?

05-26-2000, 12:14 PM
I guess I'll finally break down and throw my 2 cents at you guys. My name is Dave Famiglietti, (everyone calls me "guido" ) and I'm originally from Waterbury, CT. I became an active duty member of the US Air Force in 98 as a Combat Engineer. I am a heavy equipment operator and pavements specialist. We do everything from build/maintain runways and air bases, to drainage systems, to interlocking walls, to pavers to grounds maintenance, and snow removal. I guess you can say we're the Air Force's construction company. I was staioned in Guam for my first assignment but now I am assigned to a base in Germany. I love the traveling and the education and experiences I'm getting in the service. I ran a landscape/lawn care business (before I came into the Air Force) for a couple of years. I'm trying to keep up with the industry as much as I can, besides helping me with my Air Force career, I plan on starting back up full time in the business (more toward the small construction/lndscape install side, but still some lawn care) when I retire from the military. I am currently pursuing a degree with the Community College of the Air Force in Construction Technology, and an associates degree with the University of Maryland in Business Management. Someday I would like to try to work towards a degree in horticulture also. I have a website up with some pictures I collected that are related to this and the construction industry. There is a link to it in my signature. Feel free to check it out, and even post some pics of your own there! I can be contacted at amnguido@hotmail.com or guido1@surf1.de Thanks to all of you for the great info and a great site!! :)

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05-26-2000, 10:29 PM
Posted on the old forum who,what,where.After lurking on the new forum and reading the Peeing in the bush post had to make sure I get my 2 cents in. <br>From southeast Pa Service primarily Montgomery county.<br>Equipment:<br>89 F-250 with Northman plow<br>10' trailer<br>40&quot; Gravely walk behind<br>60&quot; Gravely Pro-60 rider<br>Echo trimmers, hand and back pack blowers<br>little wonder push blower<br>Echo hedge trimmers<br>John Deere Chainsaw<br>little beaver post-hole auger<br>misc. hand tools<br>And more than enough work.

05-28-2000, 12:00 AM
Bill Bond from Griffin, GA. Started two years ago to provide jobs for my two middle kids (two older ones already married). Now one is getting married and my son and the baby girl hates cutting grass. I however, love it and hope to go to full time (the sooner the better). Thanks to my wife's prompts I started out with great equipment.<p>Started with:<br>XW2500-60 Dixie Chopper (had the famous head gasket replacement two months before warranty ran out)<br>Stihl edger, trimmer, and backpack blower<br>7X16 open trailer with electric brakes, equipment rack, and box.<br>Burned the tranny out of my wife's Chevy Astro van pulling the rig.<p>Equipment added:<p>1976 Ford pickup with 360cid and C-6 tranny (truck only had 38,000 miles when I bought it - still had the original, though dry-rotted Firestone spare). I get lots of looks and comments at the gas stations (which I can't seem to pass without stopping now) and the thing pulls my trailer with all equipment almost like its not there.<br>Stihl pole hedge trimmer and Sthil short hedge trimmer<br>Pull-behind Giant Vac vacuum<br>Pull-behind utility trailer<br>Pull-behind and push type fertilizer spreaders<br>Stihl chain saw (after storms late winter dropped trees in several of my customer yards). Actually had a great old Poulan saw but it caught on fire one day and it took too long to get to a fire extinquisher (great lesson learned)<br>plus many small manual tools<p>I have one account that I call residential though it is more of an estate and is a lot bigger than many commercial accounts. The only other residences I do belong (1) to the owner of my apartments and (2) his property manager. The rest of my accounts are: two apartments, one office complex, one large church, and one resturant. Still grossed over $21K last year.<p>I'll be taking my pesticide test next Tuesday (aren't you proud of me Lawrence?) and have a bid in for a commercial account that will take me to full time if I get it (should know in three weeks)<p>Thanks to all posters for the great info and the many belly laughs I've gotten on this forum.<p>Just wanted to update my entry. As of July 1 I'll be full time. I got the contract I had bid on. To handle the new contract I have purchased a new 36&quot; Toro WB and an 52&quot; Toro WB with sulky. The new contract has lots of hills and several small fenced in areas. The 52&quot; can also act as a backup to the Dixie Chopper.<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: bondlawn

05-28-2000, 10:59 PM
From Spring HIll Fl. Moved here from cloudy Pittsburgh 14 years ago and started business in 1990 with:<p>87 Ford Ranger<br>Wheel Horse Hydro 37&quot; tractor<br>Mclane 3 hp edger<br>Homelite curved shaft trimmer<br>Homelite hand held blower<p>Started with 13 accounts part-time<p>Now:<p>98 Chev s-10<br>12x6 open trailer<br>Grasshopper 725 G2 w/52&quot; mulching deck, Kabuta powered<br>Toro 21&quot; trim mower<br>Stihl BR400 backpack Blower<br>Echo 2601 trimmer<br>Echo 2400 edger<br>Echo 2400 pole pruner<br>Echo Aggressor saw<br>Stihl chainsaw 16&quot;<br>Echo HCA articulating head hedge trimmer<br>Echo Drill engine (for plugging lawns)<br>Lesco S/S Spreader<p>Now servicing 70 accts on yearly contract <br>mowing weekly Apr thru Oct then Bi-weekly Nov thru Mar<p>Anyone wishing to contact me e-mail mowerman@atlantic.net

05-29-2000, 03:30 PM
My name is Tim im 19 and have owned my company for 7 years ,worked with my brother before that,I was home schooled since 3rd grade so that gave me a chance to work from noon on evryday I wanted to.When I started out i had a honda 21&quot; hr214 and a ryobi line trimmer,and a cheap handheld blower.As I picked up more customers I moved up in equipment and now my equipment is as follows:<p>99 F250 diesel<br>2000 60&quot;25hp deluxe dixie chopper flatlander<br>2000 kubota 2400hst 4wd with frontloader,bush hog(slasher),box blade<br>97 36&quot;gravley wb<br>96 40&quot;gravley ztr <br>16ft open trailer<br>99 robin line trimmer<br>99 robin hedge trimmer<br>98 echo stick edger<br>96 echo hedger<br>00 maruama backback<br>97 echo 12&quot; chain saw<br>99 echo chain saw-big<br>99 echo power prunner extendable<br>and some misc. hand tools <p>Tim Campbell,<br>Clean Cut Lawn Care<p>cleancutlawncare@hotmail.com<p><br>

05-29-2000, 03:33 PM
My name is Tim im 19 and I live in Brandon,Florida and have owned my company for 7 years ,worked with my brother before that,I was home schooled since 3rd grade so that gave me a chance to work from noon on evryday I wanted to.I also worked for a service shop on the side for almost a year when i was 17 to build some knowledge.When I started out i had a honda 21&quot; hr214 and a ryobi line trimmer,and a cheap handheld blower.As I picked up more customers I moved up in equipment and now my equipment is as follows:<p>99 F250 diesel<br>2000 60&quot;25hp deluxe dixie chopper flatlander<br>2000 kubota 2400hst 4wd with frontloader,bush hog(slasher),box blade<br>97 36&quot;gravley wb<br>96 40&quot;gravley ztr <br>16ft open trailer<br>99 robin line trimmer<br>99 robin hedge trimmer<br>98 echo stick edger<br>96 echo hedger<br>00 maruama backback<br>97 echo 12&quot; chain saw<br>99 echo chain saw-big<br>99 echo power prunner extendable<br>and some misc. hand tools <p>Tim Campbell,<br>Clean Cut Lawn Care<p>cleancutlawncare@hotmail.com<p><br>

Bush Master
05-30-2000, 01:54 AM
Hey Y'all from down south.<br>ga here.<br>Left my full time job after 13 years<br>and started with:<br>86 mazda b2000<br>4x12 ratty trailer<br>sthil fs74<br> br400<br> McClane push edger<br> push broom<br> shovels<br> 2 21 snapper/1 4cycle/1 2cycle<br>today in my fourth season<br>2 walkers water cooled / 1 for parts<br>1 toro 21'' 2 cycle<br>stihl br400,021,hs80,hl75k,fs74,and there stickedger/general earth argur/e-z trencher with bed shaper attch.5hp preasure washer<br>steel spade and digging shovels/irriagation<br>tools.<br>1989 toro 36&quot; belt drive(avgerage down time per year about 5 hrs.<br>with velke<br>7x12 trailer<br>80 dodge 1 ton walk though van (helps keep all my walkaway toys secure<br>mtd 5 hp tiller<br>loppers/prunners/extended tree prunners<br>and a life saver a water main key,stick welder,power tools .<br>I have been greatly blessed still working by my self and growing,winter months are still a struglle but sooner or later it will also change...i hope....i service /rebuld/clean all my equiptment saves lots of money plus<br>i can chatch a lot of problems before they occur.Good luck to all of us<br>

06-01-2000, 11:25 PM

06-04-2000, 05:07 PM
Grasshopper (Brad)<p>I'll give you my opinion on your questions but this may not be the best place to do it (off topic). Write me directly at bsmith@wimberley-tx.com if you're still contemplating this field for a career.<p>

06-05-2000, 09:53 PM
Hello!! <br>I am a small landscaper in Georgia trying to <br>build a big business in hopes to run several crews. I would like to also branch out and be able to do installations while my crews are doing the maintenance end of it. I hope to share my experiences and knowledge with everybody as well as learn as much as i can from the big dogs out there. Look forward to talking with you all.

06-07-2000, 09:50 PM
WELL HERE GOES,<br>I have been a member for about 6 months.<br>I have been the lawncare business for over five years part-time. The I started the business just spraying lawns and only that.<br>The first year the business was only $9000.00 gross in reciepts. Now in just five years and one part-time man it is over $33,000.00 in spraying alone. I just got into mowing. Can't make much $ around in my area. Too many mowing for $15.00 and $25.00/ yard. Do have one account, big deal. I just acquired a compact tractor and seeder to establish lawns and to reseed lawns. That is where the $ is. Look to go full-time in 2 years. To good of pay where I am now.<p>EQUIPMENT<br>1 GMC 1500 4X4 PICKUP AND LOOKIN FOR A ANOTHER.<br>1 300 GAL TANK & ELECTRIC HOSE REEL<br>1 USED BUNTON 44&quot; HYDRO WALK BEHIND MOWER<br>1 EARTHWAY PUSH SPREADER<br>1 TOW BEHIND FERTILIZER SPREADER.<br>1 USED RYAN WALK BEHIND AREATOR.<br>1 TRAILER 6X9 <br>1 TRAILER 6X18<br>99' NEW HOLLAND TC33D TRACTOR<br>BEEFCO OVERSEEDER 58&quot;<br>BEEFCO TILLER 58&quot;<br>STIHL STRING TRIMMER<br>WEEDEATER BLOWER. <p><br>I KNOW THIS IS NOT SUPER STUFF. BUT THIS BOY FROM CENTRAL KY IS GOING TO MAKE THIS A FULL TIME THING OR MY NAME ISN'T GREEN-N-GROW.<p>----------<br>GREEN-N-GROW LAWN CARE<br>

06-08-2000, 03:53 AM
Hi...My name is Kathy and we hail from the Heart of Texas. My husband (Keith) and I are in our second year of owning and operating our own lawn and landscape company in a town of 175,000. We maintain 75 residential properties, 2 apt complexes and a large ford dealership. My husband, with 1 full time and 2 part-time employees provide full service lawn maintenance, mostly mowing, trimming & edging. I do all the landscape work, mainly establishing beds and planting spring and fall color. I sometimes use part-time help if the jobs are big. We currently focus on adding new clients, both residential and commercial with a four color brochure that we bulk mail using a mailing list we purchased from a local broker. I designed the tri-fold brochure using Microsoft Publisher, it's complete with color photos of our equipment and details a list of our services and other information about our business. We have received over 50% of our business from this brochure. Every lawn company should have one! We have invested our life savings and gave up professional careers to mow grass...what a LIFE! We Love It! I have been visiting this sight for over a year now and the information we have taken has been priceless. I am here reading posts every night. Thanks guys and gals for all your expert advice. And go easy on Stone!! He's not so bad! He adds a little spice to the pudding and writes some interesting Medievel Reading. lol<p>Current Equip List:<p>1 2000 61&quot; Turf Tiger 23hp Kohler<br>1 New 48&quot; Scag WB 14hp Kohler<br>1 New 36&quot; Scag WB 13Hp Kohler<br>2 Troy-Bilt 33&quot; mulchers<br>1 22&quot; Murray Push Mower<br>1 15&quot; Stabilized Multi Line Lawn Trimmer<br>2 Stihl FS85 Line Trimmers<br>1 Craftsman Line Trimmer (Old Faithful)<br>2 Stihl FC75 Stick Edgers<br>1 Stihl BR400 Back Pack Blower<br>1 Craftsman hand-held blower<br>1 Weedeater hand-held blower<br>1 Stihl HS80 24&quot; Hedge Trimmer<br>1 Stihl HL75 Extended Length Hedge Trimmer<br>1 Weedeater 18&quot; Hedge Trimmer<br>1 Chipper/Shredder<br>2 2000 F-150 Ford extended cab trucks<br>1 1999 12ft single-axle utility trailer with 4' ramp gate<br>1 2000 16ft tandem utility trailer with 4' ramp gate with locking trimmer racks<p>Family: We have 4 children, 1 son-29, 3 daughters, 26, 11, 10. We have been married 12 years (grown kids are mine from previous marriage). My husband and I are both 47 years old. Keith was an Airline Transport Pilot for 15 years and I was an accountant for 23 years. We now operate as Lawn Care Professionals full time. The Great Outdoors...man, that's hard to top! We're not getting rich...YET!...but it pays the bills. Last year we had a mild winter and mowed right through december and started back up this year february 1st. Didn't even notice the slack time in January because we were gearing up for Spring. Once again thanks for all your dedication to this forum!<p>----------<br>Kathy Hill<br>

06-09-2000, 10:38 PM
Hi Todd from NoVa. I started out part time in the tree biz with an ElCamino and a poulan s25!Built up to 1 ton dump, chipper , all the gear, then sold it all to keep my job, good pay, benes, new kid. Well thats when they started messing with me after being there 7 years! I quit 2 yrs ago in the spring and cashed out my 401k to start over. I knew i would add mowing first thing so i bought a 36&quot; Metro to start.We do full lawn, landscape+ tree service.We are doing about 65 lawns right now all residential. Now working with:<br>same Metro Belt drive/velke/mulching kit<br>98 Viking Hyro w/Velke/mulch kit<br>21&quot;Murray<br>Old hechinger riding mower(for emergencies only)<br>12Ft homemade trailer w/gate/racks<br>2 Stihl weedeaters<br>2 Stihl edgers<br>2 Stihl BR400s<br>Lesco aerator<br>Billy Goat 11hp leaf vac<br>8hp troy bilt Horse<br>MTD 30 ton Log splitter<br>Rayco super Jr Stumpgrinder w/trailer<br>Asplundh 6&quot; Drum Chipper<br>6-stihl chainsaws from 020-066<br>6- other saws<br>Dr powerwagon(great time and back saver)<br>1976 Blazer w' plow (for sale)<br>1981 D300 12 ft dump<br>1990 F250<br>1996 F150<br>And 2 tons of support equipment and tools!<br>Can't wait to break even and start making money!

06-10-2000, 08:47 PM
hello my name is alex i am 15 soon to be drive in the state of illinois. I have been doing this stuff since i was 12.<br>My dad his partner and me. Mow one gas station district part-time<br>We have <br>1-92 f-250 ford diesel<br>1-00 48&quot; mtd pro walkbehind<br>1-?? 36&quot; bobcat<br>1- 97 echo string trimmer<br>1- old old snapper blower<br>1- 6x14 trailer open air<br>1- 21&quot; self-proppeled lawnboy<br>2-21&quot; self-proppeled craftsmen<br>lots of hand tools<p>hopes to have more to mow by the year 2001<p><p>----------<br>If it works run with it<br>

06-12-2000, 11:20 AM
my names Dan,<br>And i own D.G. Enterprises, which is located near Albany,NY.<br>I started out doing this after working full time as a mechanic for 15yrs. And have been doing it now for five years.<p>When i started out I had:<br>1980 dodge power wagon with 8' plow(meyers) and a tailgate sander(western)<br>1987 S-10 with uni-mount plow 6.5'(western)<br>Wheel Horse B-115 riding tractor W/36&quot; deck & 36&quot;blower<br>(2)21&quot; push mowers <br>one homelite trimmer<p>Now i have:<br>same trucks as above(saving up to buy new)<br>(1) Toro compact Z-master 52&quot;20hp with bluebird bagger new last year<br>(1) Toro Z-master 72&quot; 25hp<br>(2) Toro proline 21&quot; self propelled mowers w/baggers and mulch plugs<br>(2) Toro proline walk behind mowers 37&quot; recycler and a 36&quot; <br>three echo srm-2100 trimmers<br>echo hedge trimmer<br>echo hand held blower<br>echo chainsaw<br>(2) small 2 cyle snow blowers<br>Misc. hand tools<br>(1) Excel hustler 251k with 3250 hrs on it(bought used three yrs ago)<br>1- landscaping trailer 14'<p>I started out doing lawns and plowing to make extra money.<br>Then when my son was born started to do it full time nights and week ends since i was staying home to raise him.<br>Now I have one helper during the summer.<br>My mowing consists of 4 cemeterys, two mowed and trimmed bi-weekly and two weekly.I also have 25 lawns to mow and trim weekly.Some of which are rental property's so they're all near each other.<br>This year I picked up a larger contract with 30 acres of grass to mow weekly.( I'm trying to get away from the cemetery's)<br>I also do some light landscaping but am to busy to get into it heavy right now.I had to turn down approx. $4000 in mulching this yr because its been so hectic, so if anyone up this way needs that kind of work let me know.<br>In the winter I plow 35 driveways and shovel walks etc..

06-13-2000, 12:01 PM
Hello! In 1995 I was going to be married and needed some sort of income to support my wife and I as well as pay for college. I never guessed how profitable or fun this business could be.<p>We started out with:<br>1989 F150<br>1995 16' landscape trailer<br>1995 Bunton walkbehind<br>Stihl FS44 Whip<br>Skag Edger<br>Stihl BG45 handblower<br>20&quot; pushmower<p>Today we still have the above equipent.<br>We have since added:<br>1998 GMC K2500 with 8' plow<br>1999 Chevy K2500 with 8' plow<br>1987 GMC 1 ton Cube van<br>1998 Southwest 16' enclosed trailer<br>1999 Toro 25hp 60&quot; zturn <br>1997 Bunton 25hp 60&quot; zturn<br>1997 Bunton 48&quot; walkbehind<br>1998 Exmark 52&quot; walkbehind<br>3 lawn boy trim mowers<br>2 more stihl FS44 Weedwhips<br>Lesco weedwhip<br>Shindiawa weedship<br>Lesco stick edger<br>300 gallon Hyromite hydroseeder<br>Brown Trenchmaster<br>Plate compactor<br>Laser transit<br>Lots and Lots of Misc tools<p>The weather here in Micigan allows for a summer of hard work and a relaxed winter with occasional snow. Snow has not been a big part of our business due to the low snow amounts the past few years.

06-20-2000, 06:57 PM
Went full-time in Fall of '98 doing leaves and mulching mostly. 2/99 bought 52&quot;Scag hydro walk-behind and Schindawa T-230 trimmer.Inheirted 6.5x16 tadem trailer from man going out of business. Had '93 F-250 4x2 w/300ci six. We now have:<br> 2000 F-250sd 5.4v-8,5spd.& 4:10 rr. NO A/C.<br> 2 Scag 52&quot; hydro walk-behind w/ single wheel Velke 1-18hp Briggs 1-17hp Kawasaki<br> 2 Schindawa T230 trimmers<br> 1 Schindawa T-260 trimmer<br> 2 Husqvarna back pack blowers<br> 1 John Deere 21&quot; push mower<br> 1 Billy Goat debris vaccum<br> 1 8hp Little Wonder<br> 1 Robin 22&quot; gas hedge trimmers<br> 1 Husqvarna 350 chain saw<br> 1 6.5x16 tandem trailer<br>and other misc. equipment

06-22-2000, 05:17 PM
Hello guys I am from Southeastern IN and my business is named Superior Lawn Care. I have 30 residential accounts and 3 commercial jobs. I am a full time dealer at a riverboat casino and I am getting ready to switch to part time.<br>I started this five years ago with a 1991 ford ranger truck and a 12 foot trailer that I still use. I bought a used 48 inch john deere walk behind. A murray push mower from wal-mart and a sears trimmer.<p>I still use the john deere and I still have the same trailer. I did upgrade to stihl trimmers and blowers and bought a better trim mower. I will be at the expo in louisville hoping to purchase a new walk behind for my business. I am new to this forum and this is my first posting, but I have been reading and learning a bunch of good info from you guys. I wish I would have known about this site sooner. Thanks for all the great postings!

Jerrys Lawn Service
06-22-2000, 11:07 PM
Hi, my name is Jerry,we live in Baltimore MD,<br>in a small town called Perryhall. I have been<br>in the lawn service business since 1991. My<br>wife joined me in 1993 when stopped working<br>her fulltime job to help me cut grass. This is just my part time job I'm a railroad<br>conductor fulltime, but the lawn service <br>consumes my life. The equipment I started<br>out with are as follows,<p>1 Jacobson 20inch push mower<br>1 Craftsman 20inch mulching mower<br>1 Craftsman string trimmer<br>1 Craftsman hand held blower<br>1 Ford F150 pickup<p>The equipment we have now,<p>1 Ford F250HD 4x4<br>1 61 inch 25hp Scag Turf Tiger<br>1 52 inch 22hp Snapper hydro walkbehind<br>1 48 inch 18hp Snapper hydro walkbehind<br>1 36 inch 14hp Snapper hydro walkbehind<br>1 21 inch 6.5hp Snapper rear bagger<br>2 20 inch 6hp Yardman mulching mowers<br>3 FS 80 Stihl string trimmers<br>3 BR 400 Stihl backpac blowers<br>2 HS 80 Stihl hedge trimmers<br>1 16x6.5 open trailer<p>I hope everyone has a great 2000!<br>jerryslawnservice@home.com<br>

06-24-2000, 03:17 PM
HI,<br>My name is John Bell and have been in business for two years now. (This is my last year of high school) We service about 70 full service accounts, 200+ fert accounts, and do 20 new landscapes per year. I have the flowing equipment<br>Trucks,<br>1988 Chevy ton p.u.<br>1989 Chevy ton p.u.<br>1999 Chevy ton p.u.<br>1989 ford 1 ton dump<br>1995 Chevy N.R.P (flat front spray truck, 500 gallon, 100 gallon for tree and shrub apps.<br>1998 6x16 open trailer<br>1997 5x10 open trailer<br>1998 6- x16 in closed trailer<p>Mowers:<br>1998 Exmark lazer hp 48<br>1998 Exmark lazer hp 60<br>1999 MTD pro 60 ZTR (nobody here has much good to say about them but it has been just as good as the Exmarks)<br>1987 Exmark 48 W.B. (P.O.S, Maybe I could sell it to Lawrence Stone. Just kidding)<br>One big load of 21 W.B.s<p>Other:<br>1994 Bobcat 763<br>One ton of hand tools<br>Sthil power equipment<p>Office stuff:<br>Clip Pro Software<br>Quick books pro<br>Design image group landscape software<br>Sony fd73 digital camera<br>Nortel norstar phone system<br>3 Computers<p>And 1 TON OF STRESS!<p>No, I did not accomplish all this with my parents bankrolling me; I had $5000 in savings. I landed 4 taco bells that the last guys had pissed off bad, so whatever I did they thought I was god.<br>I feel I have to thank GOD for what I have achieved in my short life of 17 Yrs.<br>I want to give back whatever I can to this group.<p>Thank You, <br>John W Bell<p><p>

06-25-2000, 01:00 AM
doug obryan here from northest ohio akron area this is third year of business mowing and eight in plowing and salting<p>1 1997 k2500<br>western 7.5 w/ wings<br>1 89 k2599 <br>meyer 7.5 w/ wings<br>1 85 blaver<br>meyer 7.5 w/ wings<p>6x12 tandem trailer<br>1 94 20 hp walker42ghs and 54 side dis.<br>1 98 jd wb 48&quot;<br>1 homelite trimmer<br>1 echo trimmer<br>1 stihl stick edger<br>1 husquvarna push edger<br>2 stihl br-400 blowers<br>1 giant vac push blower 8 hp<br>1 giant vac leaf loader 11 hp<br>2 lesco back pac sprayers<br>1 lesco rotary spreader<br>many misc hand tools<br>1 stihl bush trimmer<br>1 craftsman bush trimmer<br>2 stihl chain saws<br>1 truck craft insert dunp in the 97<br>

07-01-2000, 07:45 PM
We are a small company in central Connecticut. I started out with a 21&quot; Lawn Boy push mower, and doing houses around the neighborhood. I have been in business since 1989. I now have four full time year round employees, when they show up and the following equipment.<br>1- 340 Hustler 12' Rangewing<br>1- 340 72&quot; Hustler with collection system high dump.<br>1- 1999 3200 Hustler 72&quot;<br>1- 60&quot; Exmark Turf ranger<br>1- 52&quot; Exmark Turf Tracer<br>1- 48&quot; Exmark Turf Tracer<br>1- 48&quot; JohnDeere Walk behind<br>1- 32hp Ford Tractor with loader, yorkrake, brush hog and spreader<br>1- 1989 F-250 Pickup with 8'Fisher Plow<br>1- 1996 Chevy 3500 dumpwith 9' Fisher plow and 8'fisher spreader<br>1- 2000 Chevy 3500 dump with 9' fisher plow and 8' Airflow sander<br>1- 1981 Ford F800 Dump with 10' plow and 9' AirFlow sander<br>3 Echo Backpack blowers<br>3 Echo Split boom weed wackers with hedge clipper and edger attachments<br>1 Honda weed wacker (just bought days ago)<br>1 72&quot; Powerboss Sweeper with high dump<br>2 Ariens 10 hp snow blowers<br>1 12' Pro-Tech snow pusher( We mount pusher on a loader we lease from Nov-April)<br>Other misc. tools, sprayers, spreaders.<br>Istarted out doing small houses around the neighborhood until I got my license and then I started doing more and more residential until we were up to almost 90 per week. I found that there was much less competition and less headaches with large commerical accounts and now we focus on only schools, airports, large factories, goverment complexes. We now have 30 accounts with the largest one almost 40 acres. I can not say enough about the Hustlers that we run, the dealer is excellent and the productivity we get from the rangewing allows me to have only four employees and still cut the amount of acreage per week that I have to. I am very happy with what I do and am looking into only doing sports complexes in the future. If there is anyone out there who takes care of sports complexes please respond. We currently provide full service to 4 High Schools and have had much sucess and enjoy doing the work at them. Please feel free to contact me. <p>----------<br>Jason Schmidt<br>

07-02-2000, 08:47 AM
OK, here's my brief bio. &quot;We&quot; (assuming I havent fired all employees, or can find help) started business p/t 12 years ago. Located in Asheville, NC area. My wife mowed all 13 properties first season, while I hammered nails. She drove around with 82 Honda wagon, plywood ramp, trim mower, blower and weed-eater. What a gal! Next year we dove in full time, still using only cheap trim mowers and 64 Ford truck. Fast forward to current year. We now mow both commercial and residential...including landscape installations and hardscaping. I have down-sized business from 2 years ago by 30-40%. I currently am burned out/can't stomach employee hassles and expense. I had a 3 year period with the same employees working full time. They have moved on to their own business, although I did convience one to work p/t with me this season. With fewer employees I have invested in more productive equipment and time saving &quot;systems&quot;. We now operate with:<br>92 Chevy 3/4 ton diesel truck<br>7x16 enclosed trailer<br>1 52&quot; Giant belt drive walk-behind<br>1 52&quot; Toro Zmaster(w/Peco bagger for fall)<br>1 61&quot; Wright Stander-just purchased<br>1 21&quot; Yardman trim mower<br>Shin. trimmers, Echo BP blowers, Echo hedge clippers, Sthil articulating hedge clipper on pole, Ryan aerator, Giant 5&8hp blowers, Billy Goat walk behind vac, assorted BP sprayers and spreaders.<p>That's my &quot;brief&quot; bio. Look forward to using and contibuting to this forum/resource.

07-03-2000, 01:28 PM
Hi Everyone.<p>I started out part time 4 years ago out of boredome with an office job. I had always loved landscaping and the look of a manicured property.<br>I started out with:<br>72 Chevy C-30<br>36&quot; bobcat WB<br>21&quot; sensation <br>old echo trimmer<br>Redmax 6200<br>4.5x9 open trailer<p>I have since sold the trailer to buy a<br>6.5 x 12 semi enclosed with 4 foot sides<br>48&quot; bobcat WB<br>another RedMAX 6200<br>Echo 2100 trimmers<br>Little wonder push blower<br>Echo 30&quot; gas hedge clippers<br>Little Wonder 5 hp edger<p>Although hectic, I am having a great time with the whole deal. I look forward to learning from all of you and hope I can give my 2 cents here and there as well. <br> We could all use some answers from those who have preceded us and learned from their mistakes and successes...no matter how much experience they may or may not have.<p>

07-03-2000, 04:58 PM
Well here is my stats. My name is Gil and I live in Goldsboro NC. I work full time for the city of Raleigh as a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator. I have been retired from the Navy Submarine Service for 8 years now and I am tired of working for people. I currently do not have any accounts or mow. I want to do it part time to start and if my health can handle it go fulltime and say good bye to the city. I am going slowly trying not to make too many mistakes. This forum has made a difference in my plan and choice of equipment type.<p>I expect to start within the month. <p>I have ordered and am waiting for delivery of a almost new Bunton 48&quot; walk behind (paid for)<br>I have the following:<p> Honda hrs-21 mower<br> homelite weed eater to be replaced with stihl equipment.<br> 7x 18 trailer<br> L2900 Kabota tractor with loader and a lot of equipment. All paid for.<p>To haul it around I have a 99 Ford F-150.<p>Well that is about it. Guess I am what several people have called a scrub. It is like when I joined the Navy when called the new guy or worse. Someday I'll be an old salt like the rest of you.<br> <br>

07-04-2000, 06:58 AM
Hi my name is Tim. I live in Orlando,Florida. I currently service 42 res. accounts.<br>I started with:<br>32&quot; ancient bobcat with 13 hp honda engine(sold it later, the thing is like 16 years old will cut through anything)<br>21&quot; toro commercial mower<br>Ryan(remember those?)string trimmer<br>Sears electric edger(can you believe that?lol)<br>Homelite handheld blower.<br>5'8&quot;trailer<br>82'Toyota Tercel lol:)<p>Now I am currently using:<br>36&quot; Scag belt drive with jungle wheels<br>Echo 2400 trimmer(I have a top of the line Shindaiwa, It will last forever but weighs a ton compared to the Echo. If I want to workout I lift weights.:)<br>Echo stick edger<br>Stihl Backpack 400<br>Scott's lawn spreader<br>Solo backpack sprayer<br>91 Iszusu v-6 pick-up 4wd<br>I have a backup of all my equiptment,except the mower I have several buddies in the business who have bigger biz going and will gladly lend me their 36's.When you only service 42 accounts and service your equiptment, breakdowns rarely occur.<p>I really enjoy this forum and have learned a lot of information. I try to follow the lead of all the regulars and post answers when I can.You guys are great. It is so cool to get to know and talk about our industry instead of the 2min talk at the pump or the 2sec.wave on the road(if you get one) I gladly sent my check into the vacation fund.(although a little late) I am basically a full timer from April-Oct. from Nov. to March I live in Costa Rica.I have a good friend who takes over in the winter. It has worked out great for the past 3 years. I import and sell various merchandise throughout Panama and Costa Rica while there. Oh and surf as much as possible,hence my name lawnsurfer.;)I plan on upgrading everything this year. I want hydros, a larger trailer, bigger truck. etc. I'll update when I get it all probably a $15000 upgrade. I have been doing lawn care pretty much since I could mow my families yard. I have only serviced 42 yards for about 5 years. I plan on offering more services this year and adding about 15 to 20 more accounts. That's it. Thanks , Tim

07-04-2000, 11:04 PM
Hello, Alan Nadeau here, from Northwestern Vermont, right in the Champlain Vally.<p>Started by accident in 1993. I was disabled at that time and had the chance to mow the local diner grounds. Asked my son (14 at the time) if he was interested in doing it with my old JD 110. He was, but the 110 was not up to it. About a month into it the transaxle went sour and the 110 was replaced by a JD318 w/50&quot; deck and away we went. <p>The next summer I went back in the workforce and Ray stayed with mowing. We would drop equipment off in the morning and he would bicycle between local jobs during the day, then either my wife or I would move equipment for him for the next day. He turned 16 in September of that year and that ended the moving hassles.<p>I found that I had had my fill of the BS that seems to run rampant in too many places of employment and decided to try to make this work full time for both Ray and I. For the next two years we worked as a 2 man crew. Not a good setup, too much friction between father and son to make that a happy relationship.<p>In '98 we started to break up, Ray got a job late that summer and I finished out the year alone. Did most of the work alone last year and this, Ray helps when he has time. So far that has been working otu OK, but next year I will have to become an employer, too many 70 hour weeks working alone.<p>'94 saw us get into snow removal and that has grown to be a major part of the business. Ray has made it clear to his employer that when it snows he has to plow. No debate on that subject. We will be adding another plow, and maybe two, for the coming winter. We have one part time driver and will have to find one who can be available any time for this year. <p>Equipment has grown over time as well. Currently running:<p>98 Exmark Lazer, 25 hp/60&quot;<p>94 Howard Price Hydro walk behind, 17 hp/52&quot;<p>Still got the JD 318/50&quot; which rarely mows now. The tractor is our main &quot;sitework&quot; tool, and has a fleet of stuff to go with it:<p>46&quot; JD snowblower<br>JD Tiltdump collection system (mostly for leaves)<br>5' Cat 0 landscape rake<br>Homemade front blade which mounts on a homemade hydraulic lift &quot;quick hitch&quot; that also carries a Sweepster broom and snowblower. This blower and broom are both hydraulic drive, again, the drive system is homemade. (I spent years in fabrication so I build a LOT of my own stuff.<p>'97 14' trailer Homemade, with tool racks and stuff to make life easier<p>'98 12' trailer which currently carries the Hydroseeder.<p>Echo trimmers and blowers<p>2 Powerbrooms<p>2 2 cycle, 21&quot; snowblowers, 1 Snapper, 1 White (MTD,, JUNK!!)<p>2 8' Sno-Way Predator plows<p>Plans to add a Snow-Way Lobo Vee plow this year.<p>'97 Chevy K2500, our heavy plow truck<p>'91 & '88 Chevy S-10s (they get to share the second plow)<p>'71 GMC 5500, 5 yd dump with central hydraulics and tailgate spreader. Real pretty, restored old truck.

07-08-2000, 10:24 AM
We are located in western Virginia. We now have around 50 accounts. We do a little of everything... from mowing, landscaping, pressure washing to sealing driveways. Also snow removal.<br>We started out about 5 years ago with:<p>2- Snapper 21 inch<br>1- Snapper rider<br>1- MTD rider<br>2- Homelite weedeaters<br>1- Weedeater blower<p>Now we have:<p>2000 Dixie Chopper<br>2000 Great Dane Hydro Walkbehind 48<br>1999 Snapper Hydro walkbehind 52<br>1999 Scag walkbehind 36<br>1995 Snapper LX2000 Rider 48<br>2000 Snapper 26<br>Two Toro 21<br>Four Sthil weedeaters<br>Three Sthil Blowers<br>Landa hot water pressure washer<br>Landa cold water pressure washer<br>1988 F350 Dump Truck 4x4<br>1978 Chevy Pick up<br>1999 Mid Atlantic 18' Trailer<br>1986 12' Trailer<br>1999 Leaf Vac system (mounted in trailer)<p> <br>

07-14-2000, 08:21 PM
i strarted a few months ago in central florida. commercial lawns so far.<br>dixie chopper 2000 50in deck<br>scotts self propelled mower zero turn<br>2 t260 shindaiwa trimmers<br>1 t260 edger<br>1 tanaka wheeled edger<br>1 shindaiwa 6300 blower<br>1 shindaiwa pruner <br>1 shindaiwa flex head edge trimmer<br>1 chain saw<br>

07-14-2000, 11:18 PM
I am from mid. Ga.,started lawn care as way to recover from child support expenses,that was 9 years ago.<br>started with, nothing..put out flyers and bought as I went.<br>hedge trimmers(hand power)<br>crfts man 21&quot; sp mower<br>crfts man 17&quot; weedeater<br>crftsman hand blower<br>and toy 4x4 pickup<p>I now have:<br>20 ft customers(still work ft as eng in factory)<br>ford f150<br>snapper 48&quot; 14kohler WB<br>K-grow 42&quot; rider (yeah I know)<br>Redmax Blower<br>shin t230<br>sthil weedeater <br>sthil stick edger<br>2 toro 21&quot; per. pace mowers<br>2 mac weedeaters(back ups I never need)<br>weedeater hedge trimmers <br>homelight chainsaw<br>5X10 trailor with storage and trimmer holders<br>1 PT helper(how to I write him off)<br>thats about it except lots of hand tools<br>Enjoy lawn work,but not sure health is good enough for full time,Lots of hard HOT work.<br>

07-16-2000, 04:54 AM
Started my business after dealing with idiots who were trying to help me get my lawn established. Found a way that works, grew good lawns, and like the business. <p>Started with:<br>96' Dodge Ram 1500 Truck<br>Leonard 6'x12' enclosed trailer<br>48&quot; Bobcat used belt mower<br>Sthil BR 400 blower<br>Sthil FS85 trimmer<br>Back pack sprayer<p>Now Have:<br>1999 Ford F250 Super Duty Crew Cab w/PSD<br>Haulmark 7'x16' enclosed trailer<br>5'x6' open trailer<br>98' Great Dane Chariot<br>99' Great Dane Scamper<br>Honda 21&quot; push<br>Husky chainsaw<br>Sthil BR 400 blower<br>Sthil FS85 trimmer<br>Sthil trimmer extension<br>Sthil hedge trimmer<br>Sthil edger<br>2-3 gallon back pack sprayers<br>Ryan 28&quot; core aerator<br>Honda cultivator<br>Lesco 200 gallon sprayer<br>Lesco spreader<br>Lesco deep-root injector<p>WooHoo...I was number 100, do I get a prize?<p>Ray<p><br><p><font size="1">Edited by: KirbysLawn

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07-17-2000, 02:53 PM
From Southern NH. First year starting out officially and only doing so PT at this point.<p>I started out with:<p>1993 Ford F150 4X4<br>Weed Eater 22&quot; push mower<br>Craftsman trimmer<br>Various and countless hand tools<p>I now have:<p>Same truck<br>10'x 6'6&quot; open trailer<br>Scag 48&quot; WB (belt drive)with 17 hp Kawasaki<br>Bobcat 21&quot; 5 hp trim mower<br>Homelite trimmer<br>Still have Craftsman trimmer<br>Same various and countless hand tools<br>

07-23-2000, 09:29 PM
I started in 1985 here in Ohio. We had humble beginnings. We mowed some grass and did some plowing.<p>Today we have 1 1/2 mowing crews, use:<p>Great Dane Surfers <br>Echo trimmers and stick edgers<br>Stihl trimmers and backpacks<br>Fradan blowers<br>Wells enclosed trailer<br>Dodge trucks<br>Kodiak stake dump<br>Various other trucks<br>Boss V snow plows (there is no substitute)<br>V box salt spreader<br>Mini spreader<br>New Holland skid and attachments<br>Ames hand tools<p>Less than 10 employees<br>a CPA

07-27-2000, 01:53 PM
I am Terry Slade from Norman, Oklahoma. 44 years old. Worked on computers for about ten years after working in restaurants for a long time. Had a decent-paying job for the last five years, although the computer world was a bit of a nightmare. Then I had to lay off my whole department of 8 technicians over a couple of years before they let me go.<p>Started in April 2000 with a 69 GMC pickup I got for $750.00 and a Sears mower. Trashed the Sears mower real quick and like an idiot I bought another one. Then I got a commercial Honda HRC215SXA. Started with an Echo 2100 trimmer. Later got Shindaiwa T230. Still using both. Started with an electric chainsaw, which hasn't seen much use. Later got a Stihl 021, which I use a lot. Favorite hand tools are Felco loppers ($100), Florian Ratchet Cut loppers (over $150 but I found on eBay for $50), and a mattock. Didn't know what a mattock was before I started doing this. It is way easier to dig with a mattock than with a shovel (garden beds, etc). Started with Black and Decker Hedgehog electric hedge trimmers. Still using them but very anxious to get gas-powered. Thinking of Echo HC2100. The extra reach would have been very useful on many jobs. Have a toolbox on the truck with all kinds of little tools. Pruners, rope, grass shears, hedge clippers, crowbar, sledge hammer, bow saw, etc.<p>I advertise mowing, yardwork, garden work, weeding, hedge trimming. I charge by the hour and put my rates in my ads. $25/hr for 1st hour and $15/hr for additional hours on same day. So there is no negotiating. People know what I charge before they call. I think both the hourly rate and the fact that the rate is advertised appeal to a lot of people. I enjoy getting paid to weed garden beds. It is very cool to do a variety of work rather than just mowing. Things have gone pretty well this spring and summer. I think I will do very well next year. A bit worried about the winter and tax time this year.<p>Don't intend to ever hire employees. Would like to avoid getting a trailer. Would be nice to get a newer truck, backup mower, and maybe a larger mower.

07-30-2000, 01:32 PM
I am now currently doing all aspects of Lawn care , from falling trees to cutting shrubs , grass , edging walks , you name it . <p>I started out with a Lawnboy push mower and a Ryobi weed eater and a homelite blower. <p>Current equiptment :<br>Walker GHS system bagging mower <br>Exmark Lazer Z 60 in cut 25hp <br>3 echo String Trimmers <br>1 echo hedge trimmers <br>All sorts of hand tools <br>2 echo blower/vacs <br>1 2000 FORD 350- custom dump bed <br>2 16Ft 6Ft. wide dual axle trailers <p>

08-03-2000, 04:42 PM
My name is Evan. I have been doing landscaping and lawn maintenance for 7 years now. When i first started i did mostly lawn care but in the past 2-3 years ive gotten into alot of landscape installations and maintenance. <p>Started with:<br>Lawn boy 21incher<br>homelight trimmer<br>echo blower<br>black and decker hede clippers<p><br>I now have:<br>2000- f-250 extended cab xlt<br>12ft trailer<br>2000- toro z master 62inch 25hp<br>1995- 36inch gravely walkbehind<br> redmax 23cc trimmer<br> echo srm2100 trimmer<br> Echo pb210 hand blower<br> echo 60ht back pack blower<br> stihl 16inch chainsaw<br> 5hp little wander push blower<br> 8hp new style push blower (whatta beast!)<br> 3.5 hp little wader push edger<br> 21 inch lawnboy<br> bluebird 20inch(?) aerater<br> 30 inch little wander hedge clipper long reach hedge trimmer attachment for my redmax trimmer<br> earthway spreader<br> 4.5hp toro snow blower<br> 8hp toro snow blower<p> Im done spending money for a while!<br> <p>

08-06-2000, 12:21 AM
My name is Jim Wheeler and I am owner of C and J Lawncare in Northeast Ohio. I have been in business for 2 1/2 years now and currently service 20+ accounts on a part time basis. I am a full time Firefighter/Paramedic for the City of Independence and a part time Lieutenant for my local fire department.

We started out the first 1/2 year with a Murray 21" mower, Poulan weed trimmer, and a broom - operating out of the back of a hatchback car.

We now work with an 89 Ford F150, a 5X8 tailer, a new SCAG Ultimate 52" Hydro, an Echo 2400 trimmer, and an Echo backpack blower. For fall cleanups I use a Giant Vac 8hp blower, tarps, and part time employees. I am happy with everything but the trailer - made a mistake on size and should have invested in at least a 6X10.

We offer mowing, spring and fall cleanups, mulch, and hedge/bush trimming. No snow plowing - I need time off over the winter to enjoy my family.

My family consists of a wife, 2 boys (1month and 3 years), a dog and cat, and some fish.

08-08-2000, 08:57 AM
We really started out last year with a 7 HP Massey Ferguson (converted to a 10 HP) with a 34" mower, that was in AWFUL shape, and a 12 HP Lowes (MTD) 38" cut (now about to be retired). We also had a Homelite curved shaft trimmer, and a couple of OLD push mowers. Now we have,

Textron Bob-Cat ZT219 19 HP 48" cut ZTR
Gilson YT11E 42" cut lawn tractor
Snapper 8.5 HP (now 10) 28" rider with bagger
1 22" 3.5 HP push mower with large back wheels
2 Strait Shaft trimmers, 1 EasyReach and 1 K400 trimmer/brushcutter
1 6'x10' trailer towed behind our '87 Suburban or our '81 Chevy pickup.

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08-11-2000, 11:25 AM
Started out with a friend back in highscool cutting for extra cash on Saturdays. This was his business and when he left for college I kept about six accounts that paid the best. One Sonic drive in and numerous middle class residences. My original equipment consisted of the following:

1- 20" MTD with bagger and mulch kit purchased from Ace Hardware for $189
1- Weed Eater hand held blower $109
1- Weed Eater curved shaft trimmer (borrowed from dad)
1- 1991 Chevy extended cab 1/2 ton truck
I worked out of the back of the truck till I saved enough to buy a 6.5' by 12' landscape trailer the follwing year.

Current equipment:
1- 1998 Ford F350 (crew cab)
1- 1996 Chevy 3500 (single cab)
1- 1994 Ford Ranger (x-cab)
1- Grasshopper 62" Diesel w/arevator and leaf collection system
2- Toro 44" w/b with (jungle wheels)
1- Toro 32" w/b with (jungle wheels)
1- Lawn Boy 21" 6.5hp
1- Toro 21" 5.5hp
2- Snapper 21" 5hp (High Vac)
2- Husky (string trimmers)
4- Red Max (string trimmers)
1- Husky (backpack blower)
3- Red Max (backpack blowers)
2- Husky (chain saws)
3- Husky (hedge trimmers)
2- Tillers
1- old Bobcat (ford gas engine)
1- Kubota tractor w/shredder
1- Trailer mounted sprayer unit
3- 4gal Backpack sprayers
1- 16' cage trailer (for mowers)
1- 18' gooseneck (landscape trailer)
1- 24' gooseneck (flatbed)
1- 16' gooseneck (dump trailer)
+ Many misc tools you can't find when you really need them but swear you know where they are!

As for my friend he never completed college and dropped out.
Then he tried to work for me and we couldn't get along so he started his own landscape company. In less than six months he was out of business and now is a successful Firefighter/EMT.

08-13-2000, 05:14 AM
Hi. My name is Erik from Alexandira, MN. I started mowing lawns when i was 15 for my 3 neighbors, then my dad thought that it would be good for me to try to get another couple jobs. He put an ad in the paper for me and...Well 4 years pasted and now i have near 45 accounts, i have weeded out the time consuming ones, and kept the more profitable ones. It's wierd that a kid can build a business all by himslef.

Heres what i started with:
84 buick lesabre
a 4' by 4' trailer
1978 lawn boy 21" mower
an old john deer trimmer
and thats it!!

Heres what i got- 4 years later.
95 dodge Dakota
7' by 12' trailer
97 airens 21" self propelled mower
2000 exmark metro 48" w/ sulky
99 echo trimmer
2000 echo blower

Heres for next year-
98 dodge dakota-swear by these baby's
all the same equipment as above
2001 Exmark Lazer Z 60"
2001 echo trimmer
a back pack blower, not sure on what brand yet, any help ou there as to whats the best?

Yes this means i will be hiring another guy, but i need the help right now, but dont want to lose the money, so i'm working my tail off. Next year should be a little easier on myself, but i already am putting in bids for much larger accounts. I never thought that i would have my entire 4 year college education paid for before i even set foot on campus, but hey, i'm not complaining!

08-16-2000, 12:26 AM
Hi, my name is Joe from 35 miles north of Fort Wayne Indiana. I am 21 years old, and a senior at Purdue University. I started mowing in high school when I was a junior to save up money to go to college.

I started with the following:

1988 Dodge D150 with a 3.9L V6
12' tandem bumper trailer
Stihl FS68(?) weed eater
Lawnboy 21" self propel 4 cycle
2 John Deere 212's with 47" decks

I had 7 accounts the first season all residential.

I now have:

2001 Dodge 2500 4X4 Quad cab LB, baby cummins
1992 Dodge D250 2wd
16' tandem bumper trailer
25' 12k tandem goose neck
2001 Grasshopper 721D^2 W/61"
1999 John Deere 455 AWS w/60"
1999 John Deere F935 W/72"
6 Self propel Lawnboys
3 Huskavarna 322L's (I GAURANTEE the most powerful light weight weedeater made) AWESOME machines!!!!! I LOVE them
1 Huskavarna 225H hand held blower
1 home made 55 gallon pull behind sprayer with 8.5' boom

I now have 50 accounts, 60% residenatial, 40% commercial plus two 5 acres cemetaries every week!!! I love the work and mantaining the equipment. Our JD mowers have loged over 800 hrs in two years, and we haven't been down one day.
Grasshopper, well Kuboto isn't so hot on warranty guys.
Thanks Joe

08-18-2000, 10:09 PM

08-26-2000, 08:06 PM
I am located in Ames Iowa and am in a host of businesses.They are Excavation,snow removal,Parking lot sweeping,and some mowing.I have been in the excavation and snow removal business since I was twelve, I am now 33. I work with my father and before that both he and my grandfather. I spent four years in New York at boarding school and would work snow at home during my breaks.In the last 3 years we have added sweeping and some mowing.The sweeping and mowing came about as an idea to present the client with a total maintenance package and has been going fair,the idea may be a little ahead of its time. We employ about 15 part and full time people. They handle everything form the excavation to snow removal to the management of or 100 apt units. Our lawn care consists of about 20 private and comercial lawns,Our excavation does every thing from grading to demolition to utilty work. our sweeping does approx 10 locations from 1 to 3 times a week. The snow removal last year was 183 individual commercial addresses(no residential)plus the local airport with 1.5 mile of run way 100 ft wide plus the same in taxi ways 50 ft wide,apron and 3 hanger isles.We will expand this year some. Our equipment consists of:
93) chevy 1/2 ton 8'2" boss
92) chevy 2wd with hyd sander
92) chevy blazer 8'2" boss
90) chevy 1/2 ton v6 9'2" boss
89) chevy 3/4 ton 9'2" boss
90) dodge 1/2 ton beefed front sus.8'2" boss
92) dodge 1ton single rear wheel 9'2" boss
91) dodge 1 ton single rear wheel 9'2" boss
90) ford 3/4ton ext cab 8'2" boss
89) ford 3/4 ton gas sander

00) mack rd 400hp 17' dump w/ cheater will have 11'reversable
99) mack rd 400hp 17'dump w/cheater has 11' reversable
96) mack ch 612 13'dump single axle w/ cheater will have 11' reversable.
97) gmc topkick 366 gas 10' dump has 11' reversable
90) c60 low pro 366 w/auto short wheel base 5th wheel truck w/10' western and gas sander
80)ford two ton w/3208,11'reversable,10ft hyd sander
69) oshkosh 12'oneway , will have 11' reversable 10ft sander

99) cat 938 g 3yd loader w/ ride control,quick tach bucket,traction control,has 11' plow and 16' protec
00) 416cit cat w/4in1,11'quick tach plow,14'protec on 3yr lease
99) 416c/928 The 416c is used summers and traded winter for the 928 which has a 14'protec
90) jd 770a road grader 14' moleboard, fixed v plow
00) case 90xt with snow bucket ,6ft broom,7.5ft plow(hoping to put a blizzard on it this year)cab,heat/air,ride control hyd bucket coupler,regular and high flow hyd,two speed(13mph)

96?)ford 1620 4x4, hydstat cab heat,6'plow,rear broom,rear box blade,60" belly mower
99) jd 4100 4x4 hyd 4' blade,modified 400 series 2 stage blower to fit quick tach coupler 5' anglable rear blade
90) agco allis 80hp 4x4 tractor cab,heat/air(burn I bought will have done by winter ,i will put 11' blade on front and 8' hyd angle rear blade on it)
89)318 cab heat 4' blade
99)toro 56" walk behind w/ 30"? wheel horse snow blower modification
?) various other blowers amounting to about seven
many) spring steel shovels and plastic snow pushers from 20" to 4'

other equipment:
99 exmark 72" ztr
5 weed wackers
3)stihl backpack blowers
98) cat 320bl 40,000# hyd excavator
96) cat 313 bsr 29,000# hyd excavator
99) fiat 145 crawler loader
?) cat 955l crawler loader
89,90)vans w/10 and 16ft trailers
85) jeep cherokee 4x4 and trailer

97)w4 chevy w/nighthawk vac sweeper
96) ford cab over w/ elgin eagle broom sweeper
88) ford f 600 with tymco 350 vac sweeper
We have to shops and a part time welder

08-29-2000, 11:36 PM
Location souther Maine, Years in business 6 years young. Our business name is Ideal Landscaping we provide profesional ground maintenance too residential, commercial and municiple facilitys.

Our equipment

25hp Walker GHS mower 48" deck with tail lock
20hp Walker GHS mower 48" deck with tail lock and power dump
Walker 52" side discharge deck with mulching kit
Walker 42 GHS deck
Toro Pro-line 52" walk behind ( love that t-bar stearing)
Toro Pro-line 48" walk behing Ditto
3 Echo 2601 trimmers
1 Shindawa power broom (one of my best investments)
1 echo Hand held blower
1 Echo 52cc back pack blower
1 Echo shredder vac
16' international trailer with trimmer traps, gas and loose equipment holders.

Not enough rakes, shovels and other tools ( they tend to disapear)
Next purchase is a 11hp truck loader due to endless fall and spring cleanups here in Maine.

08-29-2000, 11:46 PM
Hello my name is Brian from Ideal Landscaping Property Services. We are located in Southern Maine.
Summer equipment
25hp Walker 48" GHS tail lock big bagger
20hp Walker 48" GHS tail lock big bagger
Walker 52"with mulching kit, 42"GHS deck
Toro Proline 52" love that t-bar
Toro Proline 48" ditto
3 Echo 2601 trimmers, 1 Echo shredder vac, 1 Echo 52cc backpack blower and 1 hand held held Echo blower,
1 Shindawa power broom best investment!!!
assorted other equipment.

Winter maintenance
1 1997 Ford F350 powerstroke diesel 8' plow 22mpg summer
1 1996 Ford F350 Powerstroke diesel 8' plow 19mpg weird huh
1 2.5 yard sander and a toro sno-blower

09-07-2000, 02:31 AM
I'm Eric, I have a small business in Memphis. I started full time this spring, got tire of my job as a Retirement Plan Consultant (401k & profit sharing plans). I do have a degree in accounting, but the reason was to be able to run my own business. I have about 50 clients, 95% residential and 5% commercial.

1998 F150
1999 48" Encore hydro walkbehing with sulky
2000 36" Exmark walkbehind (unbelievable mower)
1982 21" Honda commercial and still starts on 1st pull.
2000 Stihl trimmer, blower, hedge trimmers, chain saw
2000 Rock Solid Plugr 30" aerator

Within 3 weeks:
Either Exmark Z or DC

09-08-2000, 07:32 PM
Hello all, you are what I hope to be within the next few years. I am currently working for a compnay in my area and slowly trying to build a client base from side jobs. The major difference that I am noticing between everyone else and myself, is that I am trying to concentrate mostly on construction (patios, retaining walls, etc.). I live in southern Wisconsin and currently have very little equipment. The best I can do right now is rent a lot of the specialty equipment and just use my wheelbarrow, shovels and other hand tools.

09-23-2000, 10:29 PM
Hey everyone

I'm 14 years old and am located in Chelan Washington.I started mowing this year to earn some extra money and just to do it because I liked it. Little did I know I was getting into something great. I did have 8 jobs but it has shrunk to 2 due to cheap people (again).

What I started with:
Toro Recycler (awesome mower)

What I have now:
Toro Recycler
Homelite Trimmer
Stihl BR320 Blower (can't beat it)

Within the next 5 months:
Honda Commercial or Toro Commercial 21"
Sthil FS80 trimmer

Not much for equipment but it's a start. For all of you out there that don't mow yet that want to, go for it. I had alot of fun doin' it and makin' people's lawn look great is an awesome feeling. You're thinkin' when you get done with a lawn, "god, that does look good!" So go for it. And for the rest of you guys mowing already, KEEP IT GREEN!

Pauls Mowing
09-24-2000, 10:01 AM
Hello Everyone I'm Paul in Sioux Falls, South Dakota I'm a locomotive engineer by trade, got into the lawn service quite by accident. Had bought a 98 Sears 18HP garden tractor with 46" deck to keep the yard looking nice, then bought a piece of industrial property for an investment. Used the Sears to mow that also. My wife manages HUD properties, so I do the lawn work and snow removal.

Currently have:
1998 Chevy X-cab 4x4 pickup
2000 DCT trailer, 6x10'
1998 Sears 18HP Garden tractor, 46" deck and 36" tiller
2000 DR Field and Brush mower, 15hp Kaw., 46" lawn deck on order
1995 Sears 10HP, 32" tracked snow blower
1990 Poulan trimmer
1990 Poulan 20" chain saw
various hand tools

We currently mow 14 properties, and mainly concentrate on weed mowing and right-of-way mowing. The DR Field and Brush mower is an excellent piece of machinery, pulling lots of work in an area few people will get into. We decided to keep the industrial property, and have a 30 x 48 foot shop going up on it shortly.

09-24-2000, 05:37 PM
Hi, my name is Bobby and I'm 35 years old from New Orleans, Louisiana. I worked at a bulk cargo transfer terminal on the Mississippi River for about 8 years, and started cutting grass for some extra cash about 3 1/2 years ago. I Quit the river and have been full time for about 2 1/2 years now. I cut solo except during summer vacation and my 16 year old son helps out 2-3 days a week until school starts back up.

Started with:
87' Isuzu p'up
murray residential mower
homelite string trimmer(small curve shaft)
weed eater brand hand held blower.
I eventually bought a Dixon ztr 2301

Now have:
98' Dodge Ram Pick Up
97' Texas Bragg 5x10 open trailer w/jungle jim gear caddy
98'Scag 48" WB w/14 hp pro kohler
21" toro 22040
21" snapper
echo pe 2400 stick edger
echo srm 2400 trimmer
Husky 145BF backpack blower
and misc. tools.

Some interest:
this forum, football (pro, college, and high school)
my familly, and up until about 2 years ago was heavy into body building, which I'm trying to start up again.

I love pulling up to a yard that looks "O.K.", and pulling away from a "perfectly manicured lawn".

I'm learning alot from this forum and am just about addicted.
Thanks Chuck and Eric for a great site.
Have a great day!!

09-29-2000, 12:14 AM
Hi! I'm a paid Firefighter and do lawn care part-time. I've been in the lawn business 6 years.

I started with:
Simplicty Regent 36" rider
Snapper HiVac Self-Propelled
Weed Eater Blower(Junk)
Ryan Trimmer
5x8 trailer

Have Now:
Toro 36" Gear Walk Behind
Snapper HiVac Self-Propelled
Lawn Boy Self-Propelled
Husquevarna Trimmer 120R
Stihl Blower BG75
Echo 24" Hedge trimmer
5x8 trailer
Craftsman 5hp Blower
Cub Cadet 2155(broke)

Love the work and outdoors. Have water will fish, ski, or paddle. Wish You Well.

10-01-2000, 12:58 AM
My name is Joey Audirsch,age 26,from West Monroe,LA.i used to be a machinist,quit that in the beginning of 2000 to go into the lawn care business.I currently have 58 residential and 3 commercial accounts,several which are year round,but i need more commercials.For right now I am working by myself doing 8 - 10 yards a day,next year i plan to hire someone full time to help me.I would like to pick up about 40 more accounts for next year so i will have around 100 accounts.Equipment as follows-

98' chevrolet c1500
00' scag turf tiger-61"/25hp
00' john deere lx277 with 48" deck
00' john deere self propelled 21" mower
00' exmark 36" metro with jungle wheels
stihl-hs45 hedge trimmers/hlk75 hedge trimmers
stihl-br400 backpack blower
stihl-fs85 weedeater, fs83 weedeater
stihl-fc75 edger
mtd edger
mtd yardvac
mtd reartine tiller
homelite chainsaw
troy-bilt mini tiller
troy-bilt trimmer mower,brushcutter
craftsman 42" lawn sweep
craftsman hand held blower
various hand tools

i wish anyone in this business goodluck -it is hard work, but the profit potential is definately there

10-08-2000, 11:30 AM
Hello My Name is, Dana Costello

I am from the philadelphia suburb area. I work at ups part time and do landscaping and tree work. Here is a list of start out equipment, and then the equipment that I acquired over time.


48" bobcat walkbehind (older model with new motor)
homelite string trimmer
craftsman hand blower
craftsman pushmower
craftsman hedge trimmer
craftsman chainsaw
craftsman trimmer
1977 chevy pick-up (bad condition)
8x5 home made trailer (made from a small boat trailer)


61" zero turn Scag (with jungle wheels)
52" gravely walk behind with changable 60" deck (with jungle wheels)
48" bobcat walk behind
32" bunton walk behind
61" 3 wheel scag rider (just bought and needs work)
61" grass hopper (also needs work)
21" lawn boy push mower
21" craftsman push mower
2 red max weed eater
1 homelite weed eater
1 echo hand held blower
2 pb 4600 back pak echo blowers
1 craftsman handheld blower
1 little wonder push blower
1 red max stick edger
1 little wonder push edger
1 solo back pak sprayer
1 hand held sprayer
1 craftsmen snow thrower
4 chainsaws (1 24" husky, 1 14" stihl climb saw, 1 20" homelite, 1 20" crafstman saw)
All climbing rope saddles and etc.
96 ford f-250 with meyer plow
77 ford f-350 dump truck
1 16' trailer
1 12' trailer
1 8' trailer
and a slew of hand tools

10-08-2000, 12:27 PM
Well i've been doing the on a part time basis for 7 yrs now

I started with a 21"Lowes brand push mower
15"homelite bent shaft trimmer
weedeater hand blower
87 nissan pickup
Now i've still got the 87 nissan (best trucks ever made)
5x8 trailer
John Deere 36"walk behind w/jungle wheels
Redmaxx 62oo backpack blower
John Deere t2700 trimmer
snapper 21"commercial mower
lesco push spreader
countless hand tools
an can't forget this p.c. best tool for any trade!

10-10-2000, 06:26 PM
Well i've been doing the on a part time basis for 7 yrs now

I started with a 21"Lowes brand push mower
15"homelite bent shaft trimmer
weedeater hand blower
87 nissan pickup
Now i've still got the 87 nissan (best trucks ever made)
5x8 trailer
John Deere 36"walk behind w/jungle wheels
Redmaxx 62oo backpack blower
John Deere t2700 trimmer
snapper 21"commercial mower
lesco push spreader
countless hand tools
an can't forget this p.c. best tool for any trade!

10-10-2000, 11:00 PM
My name is Toni Kuusela, 14 years old and live in Utah. i started two years ago and am still gettin more accounts, i already have 6. my bank acount is goin up. i only charge $10.00, is that too small of a price? oh well, i bought all my own equipment so thats pretty cool. well, heres my equipment-

1. 1997 mtd 11hp. 32"cut mower/tractor

2. 1997 lawnboy 21"cut 2cycle (my prized piece of equipment)

3. 1999 homelite trimmlite string trimmer

4. 1996 mtd wheeled edger 3.5hp.

5. 1999 homelite tiller/cultivator

6. last but not least
1999 mccullock blower (added gutter cleaner/blower) works great)

mdb landscaping
10-11-2000, 07:48 PM
my name is matt. i am from glastonbury connecticut. i am 18 yrs old and am currently in my last year of high school. i plan on attending the university of connecticut to try and get a degree in horticulture. i worked for a local landscape company for two years and then i decided to start my own business. i purchased a 48 inch scag belt drive walkbehind and a big tex trailer 5 by 10. i currently own an echo split shaft 26 cc trimmer with the following attachments: line trimmer, power broom and edger. i also have a stihl br400 backpack blower and a grass gobbler catcher. i plan on purchasing a 7 by 14 enclosed trailer in the spring and a turf tiger. i currently have around 10 accounts, but i plan on getting a lot more in the spring. i also own a 21 inch honda trim mower. i currently tow my trailer with a 1998 chevrolet 1500 extended cab short bed pickup with a spray in bedliner.

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Just Cut
10-20-2000, 11:21 PM
My name is Ron I am 39 . My son and I just started in the lawn care business this year. We currently have 7 customers. We started with a Craftsman 19 hp Lawn Tractor with a 42 inch deck, 21 inch push mower, Ryobi string trimmer, Echo blower, 6x8 trailer, MTD power edger and a 1982 Ford F-100. We are located in the Grand Rapids Michigan area and hope to go full time within the next year.We are currently looking for a used and reasonably priced Exmark turf tracer with a 52" or 60" deck for next year

10-21-2000, 09:05 PM
1977 Started with:
Ford 2000 Tractor
Hand Tools
Oldsmobile Station Wagon

2 1999 Ford 150 P/U
1 1999 Ford 250 HD 4x4 with Boss Plow
1 2000 Chevy 2500 with Meyer Plow
1 1997 Chevy 2500 with Meyer Plow
1 1996 Chevy 3500 with Boss Plow
1 1994 Ford 250 P/U
1 1990 Ford 250 P/U
1 1995 Chevy 3500 HD Dump
1 1992 Chevy Kodiak Dump
1 1992 International Dump
1 1994 GMC Topkick Dump
1 1996 Chevy Kodiak Dump
1 1987 843 Bobcat
3 Grasshopper Riders
10 Scag Walkbehinds
5 Pushmowers
1 Giant Vac Vacuum
2 Ryan Lawn Aire Airator
1 Olathe Slice Seeder
1 Billy Goat Goat Vacuum
1 Parker Lawn Vacuum
Hey Now!

Craig Jones
10-22-2000, 08:32 AM
Tim' Lawn Service was started by my son in 1995 to earn college money and also spending money. Since my son is now 18, he is currently in college and works the business on breaks and in the summer. My younger son, wife and myself cover the accounts while he is away. I am an accountant by trade and work full time and help on this part time which is not easy since we have about 50 accounts currently. However many are small lots but we also have some very large properties as well. I really enjoy getting outdoors after spending all day in an office and in traffic which is very bad here. Usually it takes me 1 1/2 hours to get to work. We are located in Northern Virginia.
In 1995 we started out with:
Toro 8-25 rider
Snapper 21 inch
Homelite HT-16
Black and Decker Edger
Poulan Electric Blower

We currently have:
Toro Proline 36 inch WB (Floating deck)
Toro Proline 21 inch Commercial 2 cycle
Toro BBC 21 inch 5 hp
Toro 8-25 Rider
Snapper 5 hp 21 inch Commercial 2cycle
Snapper 6 hp 21 inch High Vac commercial
Snapper 5 hp 21 inch High Vac
MTD 21 inch high wheel trash mower
John Deere 626 Tiller
Bluebird Seeder
Bluebired Dethatcher
Hahn Aerator
2 Billy Goat Lawn Vacuums
1 Troybilt Lawn Vacuum (Hose kit for beds, etc)
1 Sears Shredder (For Leaves)
Little Wonder Push Edger
John Deere E-35 Push Edger
Stihl FS 66 Trimmer
Stihl FS 86 Brushcutter
Stihl FS 46 Trimmer
Homelite HT-16 Trimmer
STihl BG 75 Blower
STihl BR 400 Backpack Blower
Homelite Blower (Given to us)
1986 Toyota Pickup
4x8 trailer

For the future:
Bigger pickup
5x10 landscape trailer
Either Walker or Toro Mower Rider
Leaf Loader and/or Trailer for leaves

We hope to go to 75 accounts and learn to work smarter using more productive equipment. We also want to cull some of the lesser accounts and stick with the more high end ones.

10-25-2000, 12:44 PM
My name is Bill, I own Universal Lawn & Landscape, Inc., we are located in Central Florida. I started my business in July of 1992. I work for a company that manufactured Laser's for light shows, medical, and law enforcement for 10 1\2 yeras. Became dissappointed with the company and purchased a business for $25,000.00, for this I recieved 55 accounts and equipment that I had to make payments. Within the first week, I had 35 accounts and was realizing the income was just enough to pay the bills. I worked for UPS that December as a helper and have struggled ever since. Today, we maintain commercial and high end residential clients. Do landscape and irrigation installations. We completed 2 RaceTrac convienence Stores this year. We grow slowly as the debt I incurred in the beginning scared the crap out of me and I prefer to keep a low debt load. I began with:
1987 Toyota
1971 GMC 1500
6x12 Open Trailer
50" Gravely walk behind
36" Gravley walk behind
Echo edger, weedeater, & blower
35 accounts (I no longer service)

Now, Still have all the above, as well as:
1997 Ford F250 Heavy Duty Supercab
1998 18 x 8 Enclosed Trailer
1985 Chevy 3/4 ton
(2) 16 x 6 open trailers
2 Dixie Choppers
Alot of hand held equipment
And About 40 clients, that bring in 4 times the amount the 35 customers I started with.

In 2001 our goal is $250,000.00 in revenue and a profit margin that will lets us grow in the future to over $2,000,000.00 in sales.

10-31-2000, 05:39 PM
Well, I started working for a friend of mine, off and on, a couple of years ago. We both are Firefighter/Paramedics in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. So I got a taste of what was involved, and what I needed. The next year, I moved to Aurora, and decided that as this area was BOOMING in terms of newer upscale residential developments, that this is the time and place for me to start my own business.
So when I got my income tax return, I invested about 2000$,
and this is what I got to get me started :

1991 12.5 hp 32" Bobcat ( repowered somwhere along the way)
New Echo 2100 line trimmer
New Ryobi hand held blower
New McLane 3 hp edger
used ( VERY ) 4x8 trailer- open
Tow vehicle: 1991 Ford Aeroster ( Family truckster )

I started out by having 500 fliers printed at local print shop, and then my son and I walked the streets in my subdivision, and the one next to me.
Ended the year with about 15 customers. I was happy with this !

Bought a new 48" gear drive Lesco. Boy did I get productive
quickly ! I never knew you could RUN behind a mower !
Reworked my trailer, so that now all new wood, and made into
a 4 x 10 , so I could fit both mowers onto trailer.
Finished this year with about 23 customers.
Also, traded in Aerostar van on a new 1999 f150 4x4 Extended cab truck. No, I am not going to plow, but I have a lengthy trip to Firehouse every 3rd day, and I like the cushion of safety it provides. Also tow a camper, so this worked out well.Good to get to those hunting & fishing spots too !

Bought a Lesco aerator ( 19' Honda powered ) . Good money maker, but what a clumsy machine to operate !
Ending this year with 27 customers ( all residential ).

Goals for 2001.
Dump my trailer, and get a 6x12 enclosed.
Consolidate my accounts to a smaller geographical area
Replace the 32'' bobcat with a 36' something ( probably lesco )

rob m
11-10-2000, 12:06 PM
hey, my name is Rob and I'm the grounds supervisor at a large retirement community- 80 acres total. 50 of those acres are a newly finished expansion- the other 30 are small houses from the 50's and 60's.I have a full-time crew of 3 plus myself- a number figured out by a consulting firm during the set up of the new construction. We are responsible for all lawn maintenance, leaf removal, irrigation system repairs, pest control, road work including snow removal, planting,pruning, fertilizing of shrubs and trees- if it's outside we do it! We have a John Deere F1145 (older model)with 60" deck and brush attachment(works great on light snows),F150 with plow and salt spreader, Exmark Metro 36" deck, 2 Honda 21" self-propelled mowers, 2 stihl backpack blowers, a new trac-vac system that attaches to the JDF mower deck, a kawasaki mule with plow and many hand tools.We know we're understaffed but we do our best and enjoy the work. We are located in the mountains of western north carolina so we never know what to expect - altho these days nobody does. I enjoy this forum and plan to use it more regularly

11-16-2000, 11:57 PM
Brent's Lawn & Landscaping Service has been in service since 1994.

I Started Off With:

A 1992 Ford F-350 Pickup Truck
A 12 by 6 foor trailer
A John Deer Commercial 36" Riding Mower
A John Deer Trimmer

with only 30 customers

I Now Have:
A 1992 Ford F-350 Pickup Truck
A 1999 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck
A 1999 Ford F 250 Pickup Truck
A 1998 Ford F Dump Truck 20 ton
A 12 by 6 foot trailer
A 20 by 6 foot trailer (2)
A John Deer Commercial 36" Riding Mower (2)
A Troy Built 33" Mulching Mower
A Lesco Viper Plus Zero Turning Mower (2)
A John Deer Trimmer (5)

with only 295 customers

I started out being told by other services they would put me out of service! But they where wrong, I worked hard of six years to build up a great service and customer database!

Also for the winter of 2000 I will be plowing for the first year!

Paradise Yard Service
11-17-2000, 02:23 AM
Great site! I've learned alot and reinforced my determination to stay involved after 15 years in lawn buisness. I'm Kevin McKenzie and live in Hawaii and have 35 accounts that keep me in shape. My equipment:2 Honda HRC216 WB, 1 21'Lawn-Boy (staggered wheel), 1 Pro-Master 10 blade reel-mower w B&S 5hpI/C (used for southern turfgrasses/top-drawer big bucccos accounts), 1 Shindaiwa T-27, 1 Shindaiwa T-270 (just bought), 1 Honda GS31 trimmer (not too happy with - live and learn then go back to Shindaiwa), 1 40' Echo hedge trimmer, 1 Echo es-2100 vac/blower (set as designated vac), 1 Shindaiwa 230 hedge trimmer, 1 Echo Bacpac (the quiet one), 1 Shindaiwa backpac (the original noise monster buck-maker), 1 Shindaiwa sprayer (used to spray Cyclo-Cel growth regulant on my rosa-hibiscus hedges)my #1 money maker/time saver! Regulates the green foliage growth for months on end, allowing for lots of blooms since you don't trim them off. The property manager don't know I'm using Cyclo-Cel! He just keeps commenting on how nice the hedges look! And yes, all this expensive equipment is regularly hauled around on my 1986 Mazda B-2000 runnin amsoil synthetic since I bought her new 190,000 miles and 3 timing belts/water pumps opened the valve-cover once to adjust the valves after the Weber Conversion, also runnin a centerforce clutch since the stock one gave out. My moto for some time - 'Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything'. Keep the sun screen on and take your vites. Aloha, Kevin

11-17-2000, 02:59 PM
Hi Im 14 years old in live in st.louis missouri. I currently have 13 lawn acounts charging $20or $25 dollars each.i started out with a toro 5.5 hp recycler and momlite trimmer and blower.

I now own a Exmark Metro metro and paid $3,000 for it is that to much? Any way i also have an echoe 2100 echo trimmer and a stilh hand held blower. Lawn buisnes is great this year i made over $7,000 but with expenses it around $4,000 next year im going to probbly get a velky for the ExMark.

My lattest news is that my house burned down my equipment is okay but it is harder to cut my neighbors grass.

I love this buisness and i might to this the rest of my life.

12-17-2000, 08:29 PM
larry, from southcentral alabama. spent 19 years in the transportation (trucking) industry b4 having all i could stomach in early '99. started this business with nothing and still have some of it left.
what i have left:
'99 chevy silverado
'99 52 " turf tiger. l/c kawa.
'95 cub super garden tractor w/peco vac. (fine machine, all hydraulic, 54" deck....b4 mtd turned them into junk)
'00 721d 52" grasshopper w/collection system. (started out as 61". jury still out but has potential)
16X8 open trailer
21" cub trim mower
4) echo trimmers
1) stihl trimmer
echo b/p & h/h blowers
echo sTiCK (niNE!!) edger
echo hedge trimmer
25 gal. pull behind sprayer
3 power saws, 2 bushooks, 1 machete & a pruner in a pear tree (bradford)
and my most valuable piece of equipment..................

a great wife with a GOOD JOB.....allows me to do what i enjoy & sleep late when the weather is ugly!!!!!!!! i count my blessings.......

12-18-2000, 11:55 AM
We started in 1991 with:

1983 Chevy 4x4 pick-up
1984 10' Open untility trailer
1979 YanMar 4 4wd tractor
48" Bush-hog finish mower
Robin curved shaft weedeater

We started with one major account (I was unmarried and living at home at the time)

We now have:

1997 Chevy 1 ton w/ 9' dump
2000 7x16 landscape trailer
1983 Chevy 4wd p/u
1984 10' Utility trailer
1995 4 x8 utility trailer
2000 Turbo-turf 100 gallon skid sprayer
1994 Walker model C
2000 Husky 48" walk behind
4 Robin trimmers (straight shaft)
2 Husky back pack blowers
1 Power pruner
1 Articulated hedge trimmer
1 Robin hedge trimmer
1 Stihl H85 vacuum/blower
1987 Finn T-50 hydroseeder
1979 YanMar 4wd tractor
2 small 5 hp push mowers
several 3 point hitch attachments for tractor
Billy Goat 11hp leaf loader

We maintain about 60-65 homes, 2 private resorts, 1 industrial property & 1 bank.

12-28-2000, 11:10 PM
Well, I thought since I'm benefitting from all the good info on this site I'd have the decency to post my bio. I am a full-time firefighter for Cols.,Ohio. I started my mowing business in 1994 to help the wife stay at home with the kids. since then I have stuck to around 35 mowing accounts plus some mulch work and aeration in the spring and fall. New for this year I plan to get into the fertilizing side and let my 1 reliable employee handle most of the mowing.

Equipment when I started:
1984 chevy 1/2 ton
1980 Sears craftsman 20" mower ( for about 2 weeks!!)
1984 mcCulloch trimmer
weedeater handheld blower

Equipment 2000
1996 chevy 1/2 ton 4x4
5x12 landscape trailer
2000 exmark 52" lazer hp w/ 23 horse kaw.
1998 exmark 52" turf tracer w/ 16 horse briggs vanguard
1994 scag 48" belt drive walk behind
(2) shindaiwa t230 trimmers
Homelite bp-250 backpack blower
1999 ryan lawnaire v aerator
2000 blue-bird tow behind aerator
Green Velvet granular spreader

New equipment needed for 2001:

100 or 200 gallon skid sprayer for hopefully successful fert. expansion.

plow kid
12-29-2000, 02:19 AM
Hi all , I am Nate, 18 and i started off with a 8 hp ridermower and a electric trimmer when i was 13. I
havent been too successful until this year when i landed 10 new commercial accounts,last year i bummed 2 grand from my grandparents for new equipment i didnt get too far...
then i came along a auction where i bought my newer equipment and that is as follows:

1997 6x12 enclosed haulmark trailer
3 newer lawnboys
a 36" jacobsen walk mower
a 48" jacobsen walk mower
2 stihl trimmers
old echo backpack blower
and a 029,and 066 chainsaw

not bad for $1300.oo isit?

and i pull it with a dodge dakota

next year i want to get a new(er) truck and maybe even a grasshopper

if you are in north ohio or southeast michigan and have junk mowers or trimmers leave me a e-mail, i am always looking for parts equipment

12-31-2000, 04:14 PM
well had to join in.Started out as a twelve year old fascinated with equipment took itapart fixed it,had lots of training and experience.Took on different factory jobs then got back into lawn and garden at age 21 because of alayoff.ran two different repair shops for total of five years the boss offered me a ten cent raise,gooooood bye i will try my own thing,well store cost too much capital.Started landscaping with: lawn boy (out of store trash hopper i am a mechanic) ford 1978 1/2 ton 4x4 lawnboy weedeater,lawn boy hand held blower dads rakes and shovels My current equipment:
1994 Super Duty dump
1986 F250 4x4 w/Meyers plow
1986 Nissan 4x4 w/plow
1978 F150 4x4 w/plow
1978 F350 12ft. flatbed
1990 4x4 Kubota w/loader
1997 Exmark 60" Hydro
1996 Scag 52" Hydro
1991 Snapper 48" belt
1991 Bobcat 36" belt
1999 Lawnboy 21" SP
Bagging equipment for all mowers
track vac 5hp.
12 ft. leaf vaccum box 16hp. self contained
16 & 12 ft. open trailers
2 Stihl back pack blowers br 400
2 Stihl hand helds
1 Shindiawa backpack blower
4 Shindiawa trimmers
1 Shindiawa edger
1 Shindiawa chainsaw
1 8hp Little wonder push blower
3 different types fert. speaders
tons shovels, racks, pruners
300 tons compost made yrly. ( customer yard waste!)
probably forgot something but who cares.
7 lg. estates
35 residentual
10 commerical accounts
We do mostly maintenance and what ever installations customers need as time goes on. Just starting into water features. My favorite aspect. 15 yrs. and LOVE IT!
Hobby: Riding quads, watching bald eagles
wife 12yrs. boys 11 and 9. daughter 4 going on 21. haha
That's it!

Bob's Lawn Care
01-05-2001, 01:03 AM
Hi all, I thought I would tell you a little about myself.
I work full time as a Correction Officer working the 3-11 shift. About 5 years ago, a friends dad (a retired state police officer) asked for some help mowing with his lawn business. Unfortunately 2 years later he got sick and decided to sell everything, he gave me the first option to buy it. So in September of '97 I went to the bank and got a 4 year business loan and I bought everything. It included the truck, trailer, mowers, trimmers, blowers, even all the accounts. I paid the loan off this last fall (a Year early) so its time to go back in debt. This spring I plan on buying my first commercial mower, an Exmark Lazer Z 60" deck, 23hp liquid cooled Kawasaki with the UltraVac. I am also seriously considering hiring someone to help out. I have 25 accounts that I was barley able to keep up with, hopefully with this mower and some help I might be able to enjoy some of this next summer. At least that is the plan, we'll see. This is something that I really enjoy, it's a great feeling when I drive away from a lawn, look back and say " That lawn looks great". It's even better when the customer walks out and says the same. This fall I decided to ad snow removal to my services, I was tired of refering my customers to someone else. I took on 1 plowing account this year to get my feet wet, but not to much that it will interfere with snowmobiling.

Current Lawn Equiptment:
1987 Ford F-250
6x12 open trailer
John Deere LX188 with 48" deck
John Deere GT275 with 48" deck
Toro 21" push mower
Stihl trimmers
Stihl back pack blower
Grass collection bagger for mowers

Current Plowing Equiptment:
1993 GMC 1500 Z71 4x4
7 1/2 foot Fisher Minute mount Plow

Future Equiptment:
2001 Exmark Lazer Z 60" deck 23hp liqiud cooled Kawasaki motor
2001 13.4 bushel UltraVac (3 bag)
a walk behind yet to be determined.
2002 Dodge 2500 4x4
8 ft Fisher Minuter Mount Plow

01-05-2001, 02:59 PM
Junior Member

Registered: Jan 2001
Posts: 36
im not in bisness yet.plan on starting in spring 2001
i have 85 3/4 ton chevy truck....still look & runs nice
61 inch great dane chairiot......love it less than 100 hrs.
36 inch snapper geardrive........wish it was hydo
21 inch lawnboy..................2years old no regrets
still weedeater curved shaft.....want to try strait shaft
br400 still blower.......love it no leaves in my yard
jungle wheels.............loved them before i got ztr
35 by 45 pole barn...................................
next phurchases will be trailor and edger.
this lawnsite is the best!

Eric ELM
01-06-2001, 12:25 AM
If you guys add your post here in This Thread instead of starting a new THREAD, it is more likely to be seen. When you start a new discussion by itself, it won't be pulled up unless someone's got their puter set to find all discussions. Just go to the bottom of this Thread and at the lower right you will see POST REPLY, click on that to make your post here.

If you guys that have started new threads or posted any of the other threads in this forum would please copy and paste them to this Thread and then email me so I can delete the old one. Thanks

Fantasy Lawns
01-07-2001, 09:51 PM
Hello my name is Steve and after working for others up in VA decided to "go where the chilly winds don't blow" and after seeing so many "lawn monkey's" around here got started for myself

Then: 85 Ranger, 6 x 10 trailer, belt drive 36" Snapper and used 2 cycle equip

Today: 95 Dodge Ram 2500 & 90 Ford F-250 added an extra trailer 6.5 x 16

60 MTD (I like the Chopper, but this one is much cheaper and she goes about 10, with the 25 hp)

54 Cub (Nice on flat stuff, but god is she slow)

(2) 48" Walkers GHS & Mulching Decks( Best "Versitile" Mower made, not super fast but can do it all great for the smaller jobs like condo fronts & back yards)
36" Snapper Hydro

(2) 21" Cub & Snapper which I don't load on the trailer any more as I just don't to jobs that require a push mower...I can "weed wack" a postage stamp fast than it takes to unload

(3) Husky Back Pack Blowers which are super lite and just a strong as any Ecco

Lots of Shindaiwa & Ecco stick edger's & weed wackers

Stihl Power Pole Saw (paid for her in 1 week of Palm trimming)

Anyways I have a business partner & am an S corp...lucky my partner and I are best of friends and enjoy the same things...so when we go on those "business trips" it's all covered .....anyways just got back from a "business seminar" in CO to take "stress management" relief while sking ......and getting ready for our anual "officer's meeting at the Daytona 500......gotta get those receits


01-15-2001, 12:30 PM
Who: Mike owner/operator of Mikes Landscaping/Snowplowing Service


Where: Utica,NY (Upstate Ny)

Years in buisness:7 months(had a few lawns since 18 for a side job)

What i started with: 2 accounts
>1983 ford f250
>fisher conventional style plow
>20 inch push mower
>poulan weed eater
>poulan blower
>red max bush trimmer

What i have now:
>1997 chevy silverado
>Fisher minute mount plow
>Exmark viking hydro 48inch cut
>(2)Weedeater brand weedeaters(featherlight)
>Homelite blower
>poulan chainsaw
>red man bush trimmer
>2000 5x10 trailer
>self propelled push mower
>2000 craftsman 42inch 17hp tractor
>2000 craftsman 4hp snowblower

What i expect in 2001:
>Twice as many accounts!
>Expand my services with:
weed control
get rid of all the cheap people!

01-18-2001, 12:52 AM
i am 18 years old, first year of legal business over and done. started at 12 years old. i do about 15 properties. my customer list ranges anywhere from united states congrewomen and a former president of national semiconductors to retired teachers and mafia thugs. i do mostly tree work if you are gonna go by $$$ but in volume it would be lawn maintenance, just got my nys 3a pesticide certification. gonna be a blast with the 48 hr deal...
started with:
1) sears curved shaft trimmer (lasted 1 yr.)
1) craftsman push mower (belonged to a neighbor who would let me use it for other properties)
1) forrest gump lawn mower (snapper)
-this was when i was 12

at 18:
1)scag wb 48" w/velke
1)95 ford f150 xl 2wd (beaten the crap out of it)
1)16' parker trailer
1)echo srm2100 - trimmer
1)shindiawa t230 - trimmer
1)stihl pb400 - blower
1)echo pb400e - blower
1)redmax eb431 - blower
1)billy goat 5 hp. pb
1)fradan 9hp. pb
1)stihl 066 magnum 3' bar chain saw
1)stihl 044 25" bar chain saw
1)020t 16" bar chain saw
1)029 20" bar chain saw
1)ht75 power pole saw - good investment for 200 extra you can put on a hedge clipper that goes up 11 feet or more.
1)husky 41 18" bar chain saw
1)honda commercial 21" push mower - paid 1,100 temporary insanity?
1)echo gas hedge clipper
plenty of ropes, saddles, other assorted tree and landscape gear.

01-29-2001, 05:47 PM
Originally posted by bsmith
Grasshopper (Brad)<p>I'll give you my opinion on your questions but this may not be the best place to do it (off topic). Write me directly at bsmith@wimberley-tx.com if you're still contemplating this field for a career.<p> i would like your opinion on lawn care as a career. what to do to start a business etc,....

01-30-2001, 05:27 PM
My name is Steve and have been mowin for about 5 years in The great city of Las Vegas Nevada. I have gotten alot of usefull business info from this site and just want to thank Lawnsite for the motivation to keep it in gear. I bought 30 residential accounts at first and have grown to about 50-60 all residential. I have a hard time trying to relate to most of the opperations on this site from back east because my largest property is about 7000 sq ft. and I don't think i would even have a use for a 60" mower but anyways this is what i started with

1988 Mazda pu
8ft trailer
21" honda
21" snapper
Kawasaki line trimmer
Bandit Blower
Hand tools

5 years later

1989 Chevy 34 ton P/u
Same 8ft trailer
same 21" honda
same 21" Snapper
2 New kawasaki line trimmers
Echo 2100 handheld blower
Kawasaki backpack blower
Echo Hedge trimmers
3 Mac(CRAP) Chainsaws
Tons of hand tools

Thanks again for all the info

02-03-2001, 03:00 PM
Dave, i started out landscaping and maintenance in 78' in/around New Orleans. Did it full time til 83', part time since. Worked in the gulf, went on oceangoing tugs from Nova Scotia to Brazil. Now, I'm a Captain on a Riverboat Casino in Iowa (full time), I deal Walker Mowers, Ramrod mini-skids and various used equipment. I maintain approx. 26 different properties ( commercial and residential)

Equipment then:
1978 Isuzu p'up
16' trailer
1 - scag
1 - Walker
Various others (gettin' old, bad memory)

Equipment now:
1 - 2000 Chevy extra cab Z71
1 - 1975 GMC 4x4
2 - 20' United enclosed trailers
1 - 20' Texas Bragg car hauler
1 - 12' skid steer trailer
1 - 2000 Ramrod 904tg
3 - 2000 Walker GHS 26hp EFI's w/ 48" ghs's & 52/62 SD's
1 - Dixon 42"
1 - Craftsman weedeater (gotta luv it)
2 - Echo's
1 - Stihl
3 - Stihl chainsaws

Always looking to buy, sell and trade stuff!!!

Should have called my company A.F.A.B.!!! ( Anything for a Buck)