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Lance L
09-13-2002, 02:32 AM
Looking for some help getting started. Im in the dallas area any licensed applictors in that area?


09-13-2002, 09:36 AM
Hi, Lance. I'm not in the Dallas area, but I'm in Houston. To get certified to apply pesticides in Texas, a good info resource to start with is the following URL:


I ordered my books from the extension service and will probably take the exam Oct/Nov

Hope this helps.

09-13-2002, 10:45 AM
Use the link rkbrown gave and go talk to your local county extension agent. I talked to mine and he showed me which books I needed to purchase and was a big help answering questions I had. (now just have to find more time to study!):dizzy:

Lance L
09-13-2002, 06:18 PM
k thanks alot

09-15-2002, 01:47 AM
rkbrown is right I just ordered by books total of $41.00 including shipping. You will have to take 3 tests and obtain insurance.

Licensing Requirements

Must pass 3 exams: General Examination, Laws and Regulations and a TDA exam

Applicants for a commercial applicator license must:

Pass the TDA general examination, laws and regulations examination and at least one category/subcategory examination other than aerial application or demonstration & research pest control;
Provide the required certification of financial responsibility;
Submit an application with a nonrefundable fee of $150; and
Not have been convicted of a felony involving moral turpitude in the last five years

After passing the general exam, laws and regulations exam and at least one category other than aerial application or demonstration & research pest control, the applicator must submit a license application with the appropriate license fee. In addition, commercial applicators must provide certification of financial responsibility in the amount of $100,000 property damage and $100,000 bodily injury per occurrence.


Region 2

North Texas TDA Regional Office
Regal Tech Center
1720 Regal Row, Suite 118
Dallas, TX 75235
1st Friday

TDA Categories are

Ornamental Plant and Turf Control
A. Plant Pest & Weed Control*

*Applicators who license in this category and are hired to apply pesticides to plants, trees, shrubs, grass or other horticultural plants must also have a TDA nursery floral certificate. Contact TDA for more details.

The only question I have is the example test they provide with the indicated study pages... if I just study this would I pass the exams.... The books are extensive especially the legal statements of Laws and Regs????

Also can anybody help out with local (TX) insurance agents for applicators?