View Full Version : Anyone ever use a agri-fab to load leaves in a truck?

J.R. Services
02-25-2011, 11:55 PM
Has anyone used this or something similar to load leaves into their trucks? I thought it might be a neat little tool to use with leaves, hedge clippings and small branches.


02-27-2011, 11:32 PM
bump... I am wondering as well? Maybe not to load..but just to use

J.R. Services
02-28-2011, 10:29 PM
Bump Bump!!!

J.R. Services
03-06-2011, 03:14 PM

wild willy
03-06-2011, 08:28 PM
I believe what you are looking for can be found as the cyclone rake...I plan on getting one this year to use, and use as a dedicated leaf loader

they look way cooler and are collapsible to store when completing a job for transport too....plus the just introduced the largest hp model which whoops competitors asses...no I don"t sell them I just want one real bad

Think Green
03-06-2011, 08:35 PM
The agri-fab isn't constructed too well to handle the misuse and continual abuse of commercial work. I don't recall if the engines are big enough to produce enough draw through that small aperture. This same design is in use on the Walker GHS system but with a lot less volume going through it.

The GHS system is designed to handle more abuse............sorry, Walker!!