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soccer coach
09-16-2002, 10:23 PM
Gathering info on a 37" Hustler and see how owners like them. The hands controls sound nice. Thanks for the replys.

09-16-2002, 10:27 PM
Do a search. You've posted about 3 times on similar subjects. I don't think you're gonna get any different opinions on this post as you already did on your other 3 threads.

09-16-2002, 11:09 PM
Hustler has posted the MSRP on a thread here somewhere in the last three or four days.

soccer coach
09-16-2002, 11:17 PM
MSRP means nothing. I don't see anything I have asked that is even close to asking the price of the 37" hustler? I did do a search which came up with all kinds of stuff that has nothing to do with the subject as usual.

09-16-2002, 11:19 PM
Here ya go.....
Hydro WalkBehind, 15HP Kawasaki/37 $5,225
Hydro WalkBehind, 15HP Kawasaki/48 $5,485
Hydro WalkBehind, 17HP Kawasaki/48 $5,695
Hydro WalkBehind, 17HP Kawasaki/54 $5,895
Hydro WalkBehind, 17HP Kawasaki ES/48 $5,950
Hydro WalkBehind, 17HP Kawasaki ES/54 $6,150

Of course this is MSRP check with your dealer for your sale price.
There are a few members that have the Hustler Hydro wb's, though I am not sure if anyone here has a 37" unit.
They are very similar to the 48's and 54's, they have smaller tires and different wheel spacing due to the smaller deck.
Do a search using "Hustler hydro wb" or "H-Bar", you will find plenty of reading on the subject.
You will learn to drive the Hustler in minutes and be very comfortable with it within the first hour.
It is very easy to control, and it is easy on the hands, NO PISTOL GRIPS !!!!


soccer coach
09-16-2002, 11:23 PM
Flex-Deck, Are you going to go to the Exmark show in KC on Monday? We are going to come up and take a peek.

09-16-2002, 11:31 PM
soccer coach - no - I am still an outsider - hope to get with someone soon. Was just in KC at the BBQ - nice place to visit and met a lot of nice people at the BBQ. It is nice to get to put some names with faces.

Thanks, Brad -

09-16-2002, 11:59 PM
MSRP $5,225 . I looked into it today and thats what it si .

09-17-2002, 05:05 PM
Soccer coach, I dont know if you have priced other models? Or are even interested?

I have been shopping for a 36" Hydro WB, and yesterday I got the following prices from my local Scag dealer.

36" Hydro WB with advantage deck, and 15HP twin cylinder Kawasaki.

$4490.00 w/o Tax


Whatever you do get more than one quote. The prices I got varied by $200.00

09-17-2002, 07:51 PM
I bought a 36" eXmark for $4009 + shipping + tax - ended up about $4500/ 7% sales tax. That included an extra set of blades + an extra 2 blades for the Flex-Deck that I mounted on it (60" eXmark blades fit the Flex-Deck) (Got a 5/8" hole, and are flat and are 20 5/8" long.)

I am hoping to have a new video shot by a professional soon. The video I have is of fair to poor quality - shot by my own cheap camera but it does show what it does on the tractor, ft. mount, dixie chopper and eXmark WB 36" in particular.

Thanks, Bradhttp://36X

soccer coach
09-17-2002, 08:08 PM
Brad, Kind of hard to see but we assume that the flex deck moves it's chippings to the main deck and out? Jimbo- I know what you are saying about more than one quote. I have benn told more than 1000.00 difference quoted on the same machine by contacting serveral dealers. It looks as if I'm going to go with the exmark or the new Gravely coming out this November or so. I put a call yesterday and Mr. Ariens called me back himself today. How is that for service! The drvie system sounds like they will have the best in the market. With the money I'll save getting a Gravely I could get the Flex Deck. Not promising anything but that is the way it looks. Brad, have you mounted to a Gravely?

09-17-2002, 10:11 PM
soccer coach - can't tell you if it is possible - have not seen the gravely deck and if there are interferences to allow our double pulley to work- Get up here had demo the 36+18=54 I have before you make a decision. I know it fits the eXmark. not a bad deal all around.http://36X

soccer coach
09-17-2002, 10:33 PM
Brad, who has one in the Joplin,MO area, or the KC area? Does the Flex get the grass to the main deck or does it mulch only?

09-17-2002, 10:57 PM
It shoots the grass right under the main deck to be dispersed as usual-

Thanks, Bradhttp://52X

See the discharge that is subtle but is shooting under the main deck?

09-17-2002, 11:30 PM

Has the Flex-Deck been redesigned? I thought you had posted before that it mulched, and did not go into the main deck?

I must be losing my mind (or getting old)


09-18-2002, 11:02 AM
Jimbo - You are not losing your mind -

1. the previous model #2199 - is a semimulching deck, there is an awning type relief area on the inside just in front of the main deck that allows some air and grass to excape to be processed by the main deck

2. the new 2102 discharges most of the grass under the main deck to be mulched or dispersed, depending upon that decks setup.

3. Nice thing about this new system is now we can mow tall grass right along with anydeck - With the 36" Viking + 18" added by the Flex-Deck, in tall grass I move out and just use the Flex-Deck + the Left main deck blade - this is 36" worth of cut, and this allows the Right main deck blade to be out in grass that was mowed on the previous pass, and now all it has to do is get rid of clippings. It really makes a difference if a blade only has to do one function when mowing foot tall stuff.

4. When finish mowing, I use all 54" and the 15HP is plenty in that case.