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03-18-2011, 07:45 PM
2001 Exmark Lazer Z HP, 48Ē Trivantage deck, 22 hp Kohler Command. About 1600 hours on machine, 1200 hours on engine. Bridgeton, Missouri. $1750.

Everything works except the operator presence safety system. The time-delay module has been unplugged; I tried to debug the switches, then, finding them working with them taken off the machine, I replaced the time delay module, but I canít get the safety system to work. I think one of them isnít fully depressing on the machine. The seat switch and parking brake switch both work (you canít start the mower without the brake engaged and weight in the seat). While the mower works as is, for safetyís sake it should be repaired.

Approximately 1600 hours. Hour meter stopped working at 1200 hours, but the mower is still on itís second set of tires, the first set was replaced at 800 hours, and you can probably get another 100+ hours out of the current set. It might have 1800 hours on it max, but I doubt it. The meter died about a year and a half before I retired it to backup duty two years ago, and I was putting about 250 hours a year on it then. Iíve mown only about 1 acre every two weeks with it for the past two years. All tires have Slime sealant in them to prevent flats.

Engine was replaced at about 400 hours with the more powerful 22 hp Kohler (original engine was 18 hp Kohleróthe first owner forgot to tighten the oil drain plug). It burns a little oil, like most Kohlers, but no more than my other Kohler Command, which has 560 hours on it.

New parts within the last 50 hours: Electric PTO clutch, PTO switch, hydro drive belt. Also, the hydraulic oil was replaced with new Mobil 1 15W-50 two years ago, when I replaced an o-ring which was leaking on one of the hydro hoses. It hasnít leaked any hydraulic fluid since.

New parts within the last 200 hours: Ignition switch, deck drive belt, the deck idler pulleys, and the hydro belt drive tensioning spring.

Comes with 3-4 good sets of good Gator blades, mostly dull, plus a couple of nearly worn out ones. The spindle bearings are original, but were extra heavy duty (1.75" diameter) on these units. I cracked the seat by climbing over it, and repaired it with heavy-gauge sheet metal and pop-rivets.

I can deliver the mower locally if necessary.

03-20-2011, 07:51 PM
Mower is sold.