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09-22-2002, 11:12 AM
We were talking about work shoes a few days ago and I mentioned that I had a pair of Redwings on order. Well they finally came in. I was able to put them to the test for the first time yesterday. I must say that these are the most comfortable work shoes I have ever worn. Anyone considering a new pair of work shoes should at least try these out. They are relatively new to the Redwing lineup. They're called the "Muscle Shoe" (I think). They're kind of a cross between a sneaker and a hiking boot with a steel toe. They are a little expensive (about $139) but you do get what you pay for. Without much effort, I was able to get the dealer to give me 10% off.
Two things sold me on this shoe. 1) I've owned Redwing boots in the past and their quality is unmatched. 2) I have a narrow (and flat) foot and have spent numerous hours on the web trying to find steel toes in narrow (B) width and Redwing is the only manufacturer that I have found that offers this.
After working all day yesterday in the new shoes I was not the least bit fatigued that night. I told my wife that it was the best money I had ever spent on shoes. My wife agreed….she said it was worth it to her because she didn't have to listen to my whining about my feet hurting.

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09-22-2002, 11:49 AM
I just bought my second pair and I have to agree, they are the best. I don't know the name of the boot but it was expensive but they last. I still have the first pair as a throw down pair when my new ones get wet. I rather wear my boots then any of my other shoes because they feel so good but my wife gets on me about wear them because they look pretty bad after a day of cutting.