View Full Version : W. Stander owners

09-26-2002, 08:02 AM
Which type of blades are u using? I have been using the regular cutting blades, then recently switched to hi-lift for the fall....any other recommendations?

09-26-2002, 11:38 AM
Depends on what you need or want the machine to do...
If you are side discharging during the season, then doubles - regular straight on bottom/Gator on top.
Catching - regular straight blades during the season, high lifts in fall for leaves.
Mulching (with Wright's baffle kit) - either regular straights, high lift Gators or the Exmark Excaliber blades which are pretty much the same if the have the notched airfoils. I would not use doubles or high lifts with the kit - too much blow out.

09-26-2002, 09:37 PM
How do the doubles work?

09-26-2002, 11:31 PM
Well lets put it this way, I do not pick up anything from May thru till probably the second or third week in Oct. If there is any clumps or areras that don't look passable in appearance, I either make another pass with the mower or as I am blowing, I blow that area out real quick to disperse anything that is laying on top.

09-26-2002, 11:37 PM
i sold a few standers to the city here, they've tried a few different types and configurations, but they are sold on "RazorBacks" they are mulching blades like gators, but seem to keep an edge a lot longer.

they screwed a piece of expanded metal over the discharge, and when these things mulch leaves and thick grass they leave no trace.