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TDS Landscaping
04-05-2011, 10:49 AM
Hey all,

I am selling my 2 older JD walk behinds to make room for my new one. I have had these mowers since i started in 2006.

#1: 1999 John Deere GS75, 54" WB, Kawasaki 17hp Engine, 200 hours

-Used this primarily on a cemetery account (was left on-site from 2006-2009), it has no hour meter, my hour log shows 160 hours, bought at dealership in S. Iowa, they claimed it had less than 50 hours on it, it was apparently a trade in. Runs and starts like new, cosmetically good, i apologize the tires and such are little dirty, took it out of storage yesterday, had to drive through the mud to get it to the driveway and load it up. It is a good mower, would make a great starter mower for someone or just a cheap money making machine. Electric start.
$1300 OBO

http://img864.imageshack.us/img864/1900/img00096201104041615u.jpg (http://img864.imageshack.us/i/img00096201104041615u.jpg/)

http://img847.imageshack.us/img847/761/img00095201104041615.jpg (http://img847.imageshack.us/i/img00095201104041615.jpg/)

http://img855.imageshack.us/img855/5816/img00094201104041614.jpg (http://img855.imageshack.us/i/img00094201104041614.jpg/)

#2: 1991?? John Deere 48" WB, "Crank Deck", 12.5hp Kawasaki, 645 hours on meter. Had 200 when i bought it.

-This was my 1st mower, was a work horse.. Not beautiful, but worked great and made me good money. Never was sure of the actual model name, but i always just heard them called crank decks.. Dealership had them in their system as gx1320's or something for parts purposes. Still always starts in 1 or 2 pulls. The tranny does slip, so if you will be mowing hills this is not for you. Not sure the cost of a tranny rebuild, but knowing JD, prob wont be cheap. Has been slipping for 2 years, does not seem to have gotten worse, but not better either. Deck is patched with jb-weld, ghetto i know, but held up for half a season last year without issue. Otherwise everything else is in great shape so if you have one that has a good tranny could make a great parts machine.
$650 OBO

http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/5078/img00097201104041620.jpg (http://img708.imageshack.us/i/img00097201104041620.jpg/)

http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/9170/img00104201104041623.jpg (http://img155.imageshack.us/i/img00104201104041623.jpg/)

http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/4169/img00103201104041623.jpg (http://img94.imageshack.us/i/img00103201104041623.jpg/)

http://img51.imageshack.us/img51/9728/img00099201104041621.jpg (http://img51.imageshack.us/i/img00099201104041621.jpg/)

http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/5155/img00100201104041621.jpg (http://img88.imageshack.us/i/img00100201104041621.jpg/)

http://img59.imageshack.us/img59/4828/img00102201104041622.jpg (http://img59.imageshack.us/i/img00102201104041622.jpg/)

Have something to trade? May be interested depending what it is. I am in south central MN.


TDS Landscaping
04-06-2011, 04:33 PM
$1650 if you take both...

TDS Landscaping
04-07-2011, 03:15 AM
to the top

TDS Landscaping
04-07-2011, 04:36 PM
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TDS Landscaping
04-10-2011, 01:41 AM
Both machines sold.. Thanks