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04-06-2011, 08:16 PM
new here, if this is the wrong place to post, im sorry. i wanted a little input from you guys about a mower im looking at. its a 2006 scag wildcat lc 26 kawi. it has 500 hrs on it and looks to be really good condition. it has the 60 advantage deck and has zero leaks and looks well taken care of. i will only be able to get a bill of sale on it because thats all he got. they cant find a vin but i assure you its a legit deal. the guy is a standup police officer in my town and through discussion with one of my friends he heard i was wanting a good zero turn. it does not have any baffles in it right now. was wandering if the velocity deck is alot better than the advantage. i know new this machine is $9k and he said he would let me have it for 4500. he said he likes his turf tiger alot better than that mower and thats why he is selling it. i dont have alot of larger yards because i only have a 48 mtd vanguard that is like 10 years old and still cuts good. he also said that the turf tiger cuts alot better over hills because of the rear anti-scalp rollers where the wildcat doesnt. any knowledgeable opinions will be greatly appreciated.

Chevy z71
04-06-2011, 10:02 PM
Velocity decks cut realy good thats whats on my walkbehind.