View Full Version : 3 point (tractor) or ATV attachment for rocks?

04-13-2011, 12:29 AM
I have a property that I do the lawn maintenance on. They have a railroad track coming onto their property (it's a commercial account....industrial). The railroad recently installed some new tracks, there. When they "cleaned up", they used some sort of rake, pulled behind an ATV. What they ended up doing was dragging all the extra rocks from around the tracks out into the area that I maintain.

So....what's the best way to get all these rocks up? Is there a s point hitch implement that I could pull behind the tractor? An implement I could pull behind my ATV?

This isn't really a finished "lawn". But, I do need to get it done well enough that I can run my ZTR over it without risk of damage.

Thanks, in advance, for your recommendations.