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04-17-2011, 03:40 AM
I have a customer that wants 3700 sqft of red cedar mulch removed, plus weedmatt removed. She wants new woven fabric laid down and white stone install. There are many shurbs that are still there, most in straight lines. So not alot of cutting to do for weedmatt, but still is enough. One bed needs edging installed also (1800 sq ft), Just going to use Black jack on that. They also want spring clean up also, that I figured one full day for that. Pretty big yard. Also 140 sq ft small paver walkway. Using belgard product so around $550 for pavers there. I also live an hr away from job site. I came up with a very rough estimate of about 8500.00. But thats not doing a 20% markup on materials either. My first estimate with markup came to about 10,400.00. I estimated the job mainly for 2 workers.

Just wanted to see what other people would charge. The customer did say she does not want a cheap job, she wants high quality products.

White Gardens
04-22-2011, 03:55 PM
Too vague of a question. Too many variables to compare to.

1.) Local Cost of living
2.) Overhead Costs
3.) Material Cost
4.) Ect.

Even in the same region, company A might be a little lower than company B, but might make more profit than company A.

Your number sounds in the general ballpark though. Could go + - $2000.00 in various areas.