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04-20-2011, 09:28 PM
Any one have experience with these people. Seems like they threaten you into believing if you by their products the dept of transportation will overlook many (infractions) minor violations just because you buy their products.

Seems awful fishy to me. I got DOT number shortly after my friend and have bought some stuff from them. NO problems, no 18 month review of paperwork. My friend had such a horrible review of his paperwork he dropped the DOT number and hires his trucking.

04-21-2011, 08:14 AM
keller has been great to me, whenever there is a question regarding regulations i shoot it to them and they answer almost immediately. Fair pricing and good information too....what did they say about your friends paperwork?

04-21-2011, 08:50 AM
The DOT did the review of the paperwork. They told them they weren't tracking enough things such as regular work hours and seemed like they were holding them on a pedistal of expectations. For a 2 man crew that only made about 5 trips a year it wasn't worth it for them. We understood within 18 months of getting a DOT number there would be a review as they had to help understand if you were tracking everything properly. We worked with JJ Keller and no review. Seems like the DOT is a mafia, play by our rules your OK if not beware. I believe if it were truly about safety they wouldn't just focus on commercial. We all know its also a huge money generator for the state.

04-21-2011, 09:46 AM
If your required to keep a drivers log book for hours driven then yes to have to keep records, but if you with in depending on your type of business less than 150 miles then no log book is required.
There are so many exceptions to the rules on how many hours one can drive in a 24hr period. But in this type of business I cant see how anyone could come close to 70hrs in 5 days . Around here Oil is king and they are hiring anyone with a CDL with H,T and X endorsements. I just wanted to see for myself what some of the Oil service companies were paying, Grey Wolf $20hr for driver only $25hr for heavy haul driver rigger, Weatherford $18.50hr for drivers, $23.50 for Frac equipment operators, Schlumberger $15 to start after 90 days then $3. increase. Some coiled tubing outfits are paying $28hr and up. And they provide sleeping facalities, all meals but your gone for 3 to 4 weeks on a drill site, but then your making anywhere from $3500 to $4700 every 2 weeks. And if you got oil field experince im sure one could add another 20% to those starting wages.

04-22-2011, 12:03 AM
so are you saying you expected keller to do the review? i dont think thats how it works, fmcsa does the review and keller is there to help with any forms, programs, and questions you may have regarding being compliant. I got my number in april of last year and it was almost to the day when i got the call that they wanted to do the audit. If fmcsa never contacted you, consider yourself lucky!!