View Full Version : qxpress sales tax question

05-01-2011, 01:10 PM
ok so we use qxpress for our schedueling software, and I really like that we can integrate our billing into it too. We have about 5 accounts on monthly contracts, so we set up a billing installment for them. When we go to generate the invoices, the sales tax does not show up. I went in and checked the customers and all of there tax information is set up correctly, they are not exempt and it has there county sales tax selected. I also checked the service to make sure it was set up as a taxable sale and it is. In qxpress all the boxes are checked to tax it as well. Am I missing something somewhere in this program?

Yes i could just do the total invoice, but then that would be a nightmare come sales tax time. Any ideas as to why it isnt posting the sales tax?