View Full Version : Questions about buying a used walk behind

05-03-2011, 11:38 AM
I have been cutting with a friend of mine for a few weeks and am researching the possibilities of getting my own walk behind. He told me about this site and I figured I would post my questions and read the feedback. Awesome information on this site by the way.

1. I would like to start doing my own yard. (1 acre) I had an old riding mower that my dad gave me a while back that broke down last summer. I started paying someone after that.

2. I have access to 4 rental properties that are roughly .5 acre lots

3. I'm not necessarily looking to start a business or even work full time with him, but I'm thinking that by buying the mower I could save on these properties and maybe have the option to add a few down the road.

What is considered high hours? I have been looking through craigslist and I'm not sure what all I should be looking for. Are there any major red flags to look for? Any necessary questions I need to be asking?

Thanks for the feedback.