View Full Version : models similar to Exmark Metro 32

05-04-2011, 10:40 AM
I used to own a cheap residential JD63C mower from 2002-2008 and when I sold my house that year, I sold the mower as well. The chute always clogged when the lawn was too tall to mulch. Poorly designed in my opinion.

Now that I'm starting off with a new house very soon, I want to start off with a good mower so I'm starting to do my homework now.

I'm looking to buy a reliable (yet affordable) commercial walk behind mower with a 32"-36" deck for use on a level 1/2 acre property.

I really like the Exmark Metro 32 but would only buy it if I could get a used unit.

Can anyone suggest similar mowers that are decent and cost less than the Exmark Metro 32? Perhaps I would be able to get a new unit if the cost is similar to a used Metro 32.

I just don't see a way that I can justify to my wife spending more than $1500 for a mower.