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Envy Lawn Service
10-13-2002, 08:20 PM
I'm looking for a new varieties of fescue to try. I live in the transition zone of North Carolina. I've posted this question in other places on the web and have only gotten back Southen Belle, which I can't find and Lesco products. The closest Lesco is over an hour drive one way.

Any other recomendations would be nice. THANKS

10-13-2002, 08:41 PM
Depending upon how much seeding you will be doing, our local Home Depot carries Lesco products. The transitional blend cost $69 @ HD. It only cost $37.50 at Lesco. If you are doing small areas this price might be O.K. Otherwise, check your local landscape dealer for a seed called five star. I have used five star in the past and have great results. Good luck.

Envy Lawn Service
10-13-2002, 08:50 PM
Would you happen to know what seed is in the blend? What about Five Star? Any info would be good at this point. I really want to try something new. But I don't have a lot of shopping time right now. I've got to shop more for a string trimmer and the cooling sysetem is down on the truck. So I got my hands full right now! :(

10-13-2002, 09:25 PM
I just seeded with Exeda turf-type tall fescue. Its supposed to be just for the warmer climates. More heat tolerant and drought tolerant. I planted it 4 weeks ago and Ive already had to cut it once (yesterday).

LawnPro in NC
10-13-2002, 10:41 PM
Look at southeastern survival type www.georgiaturf.com (http://www.georgiaturf.com)

This is the link.

Looks good tried it on 2 lawns.

Envy Lawn Service
10-13-2002, 11:21 PM
That stuff sounds tuff from the reading material! I'll look into it. I gotta find out who carries more than our ordinary seed around here.

LawnPro in NC
10-13-2002, 11:30 PM
What r your normal varities.

I've been using confederate. Ive tired Wolfpack, Penningtons Enviroblend, and plantation.

Have come across some other varities this year. Triple A, Southeast, some others these caught my attention but scared to try them.

I used Confederate, Southeast and bluegrass on my lawn. Could be a mess. There is enough of each that if the other 2 don;t work there will still be plenty. I guess only the strong will survive.

Ever use a perinnial rye. Waiting to see how that will do.

Got the southeast at Ikex In Middlesex. Don't know where u r .

Envy Lawn Service
10-14-2002, 12:10 AM
I live exactly dead straight west of Rocky Mount, way over in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns. Our regular varieties are Kentucky 31, all the Rebels seed, all the Pennington seed, Palmers Pride, Tarheel & Falcon II.

The Falcon II has done well for me and isn't something you can just pick up anywhere. I did however loose a lawn of Falcon II that I planted for someone this spring.

I don't know if it was just bad luck or if seed has been changed some. Come to think of it, I do believe I saw something to do with something new printed on the bag, but I can't remember what.

The Plantation what they make it out to be?