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cut level
06-04-2011, 02:11 PM
So my dealer threw a Maruyama 8100 on my rig and said try it out. He knew I was needing another blower. Has the Kawasaki engine on it. Everything I have is Stihl except for an echo weed eater. I have to say it is the most powerful blower I have strapped on my back. He said keep it a few days and bring it back and tell me what you think. 5 year warranty, Kawa engine I was impressed. Only thing i don't like is it's a little heavy but all the pro's outweighed the cons. I called him a week later and said "I guess you figured out I wasn't bringing it back"! He laughed and was ppleased he made a good suggestion to me with me being skeptical of the name. The engine made me forget the name.

Oh and the only other thing I don't care for on the blower is how the chute attaches to the machine, it keeps working itself out but has not come undone so no biggie.

Just FYI for any of y'all! Just finished our week an hour ago so now I can do a lil squirt and fert this evening and work in my garden and take the wife to dinner, y'all have a good one it sure is hot down here in west Tennessee!!!!!!!!
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06-04-2011, 06:17 PM
I have the BL8100 for almost 3 years. I love it. Always two pull start. Very little warmup. As soon as you put on your back, it is ready to blow. I have Maruyama HT2321 30" double side hedge trimmer also, same two pull max start and 20 second warmup. Maru looks to be quality built.

You can also check the Kawasaki KRB750. It is the exact same blower. Maruyama make the blower for Kawi using the Kawi TK65 engine. The same engine is used in John Deer big blower and some european brands. The engine is very well proven. Yes the clamp on the tube come loose if you don't tighten it hard. I tighter it with a small pliers and I have no issue.

BL8100 is spec. the lowest noise of all the big blowers. it is rated 73dB and this is reliable comparison because this is EPA standard testing with very specific testing procedure. Company cannot fudge data on this. I noise power, it double the power every 3dB, so 1 dB is a lot. All the rest of the big blowers are 75dB. So it is like 65% more noise power than Maru BL8100....That is a lot. The Hedge trimmer is very quiet also. Only the Honda trimmer come close.

Hope that help you.

cut level
06-04-2011, 06:47 PM
Yep choke and 2 pull start it's ready to go! My dad is 64 next month and he taught me this business,least to say he is old school when it comes to equipment. These new names get him won't even entertain the specs on em lol. He comes to the shop which is in between our houses ithe evenings and cuts up with the guys. He saw the Maruyama and jacked with me until I had to crank it up and show him. He was impressed and that says something to me.
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06-04-2011, 08:10 PM
Also it weights and price like a medium size blower also. I paid $389 for mine those days. It is lighter than the Stihl BR600. I also only paid $389 for the hedge trimmer. I think they keep the price low to get more customers. Over here, Shindaiwa and Echo are big, we never get deals with them.

I can't say too much on the power because I have not use many blowers. But I can tell you I am into hedge trimming and I have 4 hedge trimmers and the Maru is outright the best bar none.