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07-05-2011, 04:57 PM
Any of you guys every send questionaires to your customers? I'm considering it as a way to get some feedback about our work and services. Anyone have a sample one? I was thinking...

Are you pleased with our services?
How does our pricing compare with other companies you've used?
Are there any services you wished we offered?

Those were just a quick brainstorm. I would send it with the next invoice along with a self addressed stamped envelope. It would be anonymous.

There are very few local guys doing apps here and none that really advertise. I do a good job and don't have many drops. It's been a slow process building my business and I rely on mowing to keep things going.


fireman gus
07-05-2011, 05:51 PM
I have never used a questionaire but have often thought about it. A problem I see is that it can't be anonymous because you will know the clients handwriting and they know that. I have thought about getting a P.O. Box using a name of a survey company and have them send it there. I think the people would respond to that especially if a self-addressed envelope was enclosed. However if you have a good relationship with your clients you could ask them directly and hopefully they will give you an honest answer.

07-05-2011, 06:04 PM
I send out nearly all of my invoices each month, via email. I'm not sure (could be a very valid reason...and I'm not thinking of it) why you would want the feedback to be anonymous. If my customers have ANY issues at all (real or not), I want to know about it.....and quick. Whatever may be the case, if it's on their minds, it's real TO THEM.

I always put a line on my correspondence that reads "Please contact me ASAP with any questions or concerns". I also correspond with most of my customers to let 'em know I've been to their property. Most of my customers are a little diff.. My co. is a property mgmt. co.. And, I do most of my work for people who don't actually reside in the property I'm maintaining. So, I'm their eyes and ears for their interests.

I also get a lot of "extra" work, via my correspondence.

Different strokes. I'd never tell you your way wasn't right.

Good luck.