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07-24-2011, 09:49 PM
I have a Ferris IS1000 that Im trying to remove the spindle for repair. I have removed the 4 bolts from the spindle and have removed the spindle pulley nut and washer. There does not appear to be a set screw for the 1/4 in key. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to remove the pulley? I have tried the pulley puller and have already damaged the pulley (luckily I have a spare) I used a small sweat torch to try and heat up the pulley and have also used PB. Does anyone have any ideas? IS there a set screw Im over looking?


07-24-2011, 10:16 PM
There are 3 or 4 breakdowns on the IS1000 depending on serial number range. Since you listed no serial numbers, I picked one--see link below. This link shows a three web cast pulley with a 1/4" key and doesnt list a set screw. I would think but wouldn't guarantee that all models are much the same on all decks. If the one I picked is not your model, google ferris industries as they have online parts and operators manuals listed under customer support on their main page. I didn't take a look at the operator's manual but there may be some info there.


07-25-2011, 09:38 AM
The best I can tell there is no set screw.....which leads to my next question......how can I get them apart? Do I need to drill holes in the collar of the pulley? :confused:

07-25-2011, 10:31 AM
About the only way to remove a stuck one is with a cutting torch to remove the outer portion of the pulley leaving just the hub ( unless yer really good with a torch) and then attack the hub with a grinder/cutoff wheel to try and split it.
Oh yeah, if ya have a torch, ya might could just try heating it up first, 'course all that heat is gonna do a number on the spindle parts.

07-25-2011, 10:45 AM
I would have to look to see if it is Ferris or not but some of them put Red Loctite between the shaft and pulley so they require heating to be removed.