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R & R Yard Designs
07-26-2011, 11:46 PM
I have a gs that has a frame crack in half on me, the dealer has the mower and now the rep for the area wants to just fix the mower by putting on a piece of angle iron instead of doing a new lower frame, now he is replacing the upper frame which is cracked very bad. I brought the mower in last Monday and I.need a mower and the dealer does not have a zero downtime unit. I asked if he could ask the rep if we could use a demo for time that the unit and he said there is no way he would do that. When I was told he just wanted to fix the frame I told him no way that I bought these units for the warranty on the mower and frame. Now if this is how toro deals with it, that is piss poor and wrong, and would lose a good customer over it. Can you please get back to me ASAP or call me at 708-670-8504 thanks russ
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