View Full Version : Belt tension on older ransomes

mvp landscaping llc
07-31-2011, 05:06 PM
So I just got done tearing down and rebuilding my first engine. An older Kawasaki FB460V. Fired right up and runs great. Problem I am having is now the blades are always engaged. The belt is routed exactly the same as it was when I pulled the machine apart. I believe I put all the pulleys on the shaft correctly. Before I go and start making adjustments to anything I was wondering what could be wrong? I dont understand why I would have to adjust any of the tensioners when I never made any adjustments to get the engine off.... all the rods connected to the tensioner are working correctly. I used the old belt so there is no difference in tightness with the belt... I know it seems like a stupid question and I assume it is something minor that needs adjusting, any suggestions?????