View Full Version : Inclosed trailer discussion

Ben's Landscape
09-07-2011, 07:09 PM
Hi im looking at upgrading to a 16ft enclosed trailer. obviously tandem axles, and breaks on both. I am wondering what brands people like etc. I am going to be probably taking the ride down south(im from RI) to buy from a factory to save some money.

I was in a boy scout troop that used haulmark trailers but ive talked to some contractors and say they dont hold up. so i am not sure what is the best bang for the buck. i do not mind spending a little extra to get quality. what are some things i should be looking for.

I am upgrading from a 6*12 ft open trailer. plan on keeping that one for the time that a open trailer would be best for plants etc. I need to upgrade for next year because my equipment wont all fit on the trailer anymore and im tired of unloading it at night, also i go to college so i think that it would be benificial if i had a enclosed to go to work right after school. mayb like change into work cothes in the trailer and have my lunch there or something.