View Full Version : wtb zero turn near chicago

09-10-2011, 12:18 AM
I'm looking for a zero turn to buy for my dad, his mower just broke down about 2 months ago and i think its done this time. He has to mow 5-9 acres a week and latley ive been making the 120 mile round trip with my rig out there to cut it every week. His Birthday was just today and i know it sounds crewel of me but I would like to buy a zero turn to give him as a birthday present so he can cut his own grass and i dont have to drive out there with my truck and trailer every week. i dont care if i have to do minor work to it to get it going. I currently have 250 in cash and no money in savings (my current ztr ate it in new hydro pumps and wheel motors) can anyone help?